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SilentiumPC Regnum RG6V EVO TG ARGB – RGB, Mesh, Affordable, Good?

The Polish manufacturer SilentiumPC offers a wide range of CPU coolers, fans, AiO water cooling systems, power supplies and cases. Peripherals such as headsets, keyboards and chairs are also sold under the name SPC Gear. Today we are testing for you the Regnum RG6V EVO TG ARGB – a case with a large mesh front and a nice RGB lighting. How it performs, you will find out in the following test.


Mainboard compatibility E-ATX / ATX / mATX / ITX
Dimensions (L x W x H) 443 x 221 x 470 mm
Ventilation front: 3x 120 mm (3x included)
Cover: 2x 120/140 mm
Rear: 1x 120 mm (1x included)
Radiator compatibility front: 360 mm
Cover: 240/280 mm
Rear: 120 mm
Max. length GPU 360 mm
Max. length PSU 175 mm
Max. height CPU cooler 162 mm
Drive positions 2x 2.5″, 2x 2.5″/3.5″
Price Price not available *
Regnum RG6V EVO TG ARGB, Tower-Gehäuse
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of delivery

Well packed, the case arrived in a brown cardboard box printed with the usual specifications and product pictures. In addition to the normal styrofoam around the case, the tempered glass side panel was secured with another piece of soft plastic – so it is protected from stronger external influences.

The scope of delivery is not surprising. Beside the actual case all necessary screws are included, as a small addition you get a fixed RGB splitter and controller, if you can’t or don’t want to connect your lighting to the mainboard.

Outside impression

As already mentioned in the title – the case is characterized by an airy mesh front. A dust filter is located behind the metal mesh. The front piece can be easily removed by pulling the handle at the top – it is hooked in at the bottom and held in place with magnets, in everyday life it sits securely.

The SilentiumPC logo, which is embedded in the middle of the mesh, is also eye-catching. Three 120mm RGB fans are preinstalled behind the mesh, which shimmer through the mesh and are clearly visible – in contrast to the Fractal Design Meshify series, for example. There the mesh is much more opaque.

The next thing to look at is the front-IO. With two USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks, power, reset and RGB button, this is missing relatively close. In the spirit of the current time we would still wish for USB Type-C, but this is bearable. In addition, there is a large ventilation area in the upper area – if necessary, you can add more fans and get an even better airflow. To protect the case from dust, a magnetic dust filter is mounted here.

There is nothing unusual on the side walls. The tempered glass and the metal panel are fixed with knurled screws. In the rear you can already see another RGB fan from the outside, so there are four included fans. This is strong in this price range. The slot panels for plug-in cards, such as graphic cards, are reusable – even if it looks simple, this is not necessarily standard in low-cost cases.

Under the case there is another dust filter, so that the power supply can suck in air from outside. Especially with a separate power supply slot this is very useful to keep cool air permanently. The dust filter is also magnetic and therefore easy to remove and clean.

Inside impression

Inside, the power supply slot is directly visible – so cables can be hidden. This allows the case to be trimmed for optics in addition to the lighting, since cables are hardly visible. The power supply slot is very well ventilated – besides the possibility to let your power supply draw air from the floor it would be possible to do this from the inside of the case. For example, if there is no other possibility than to put the computer on a carpet, you get options to avoid problems. A nice detail is the possibility to run cables through this area. If you want to power your graphics card from below, you can use this way.

In general, the cable bushings are well solved. There are openings in all required places, almost all of them are provided with a rubber opening to make them look neat. Compared to higher priced cases, these do not look extremely high quality, but they do serve their purpose. The only exception is in the lower area.

Another small bonus is the inscription of the standoffs. So you can see very quickly which ones you have to add or remove for mATX, for example. In the right picture this is visible in the upper area.

On the backside we have some cables that are quite clumped in the cable guide. Besides the RGB splitter, there is also a small controller here – with RGB cabling, a mass of cables can hardly be avoided. Basically the cable routing is good, there are already cable clamps. As a small point of criticism – why does this path have to sit directly above the cable ducts? Also the mounting of the 2.5″ HDDs or SSDs is located at this point. So you have a neat cable path, but there is still a lot in one place and therefore a lot of bruising.

As already mentioned, the slot covers are removable. They are screwed into the outer part of the case. Basically there are no defects in terms of quality. In some places one would like to have some thicker material, but the overall picture is not clouded by this. With the features at this price you have to save money in some places.

However, no savings were made on the fans. The case is clearly designed for lighting and shows this also with its four RGB fans. These are mounted neatly and the cables are already led to the backside.

System installation

As a test system we used an older gaming system. Consisting of an Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 on an ASRock Fatal1ty H97 Performance, equipped with 16 GB RAM and a GIGABYTE R9 380 Windforce. For the memory requirements a Crucial MX500 is available.

Basically it can be said that the installation is very pleasant. The space of the Midi-Tower was used very well – despite the relatively small outer dimensions the offered space feels big. The cable guides are in the right places and in a comfortable size.

For the installation of hard disks one has two possibilities. The 2.5″ mounting points are on the left side, the installation is done without slides or the like. Small rubber knobs are screwed into the SSD, then you can slide them into the slot. Alternatively, or for 3.5″ HDDs the same principle works in the power supply slot. If you don’t use this space for HDDs, you have a lot of room to store excess cables.

The overall lighting in the case is coherent. Also other “foreign RGB” products can be connected, because the standardized 5V headers are used. Our Scythe Mugen 5 ARGB Plus could easily be connected to the RGB controller.

With the LED button in the Front-IO you can play through different modes, so you can choose between different colors, gradients etc. Alternatively the compatibility with the mainboard software like MSI Mystic Light, ASRock Polychrome Sync etc. is given.

The mesh front and top ensure a very good supply of fresh air. To test this, we simultaneously heat the GPU with FurMark and the CPU with Prime95 – then the temperature is measured. Here we achieve a very good 52 °C for the CPU – at 100% PWM the fan. This gives us quite a bit of play – after an adjustment we get a sufficiently cool system with hardly noticeable fans. The graphics card also benefits from the fresh air – so the fans have to turn slower, resulting in a lower overall volume. In general the fans are very quiet and do their job perfectly – big plus!


In summary, we get a good airflow, nice lighting and clean quality at a solid price. However, the Regnum RG6V EVO TG ARGB does not reinvent the wheel. A mesh front with RGB fans and a glass side panel is nothing unusual, but SilentiumPC goes its own way with the look.

The cable management is good, even if the positioning could be optimized a bit so that it doesn’t run directly over the feedthroughs. There is also some potential for optimization at the position of the 2.5″ SSDs behind the mainboard tray – but these are not all big points of criticism. In our opinion SilentiumPC convinces with the case, especially in the budget range. Deservedly it receives the Gold Award!

SilentiumPC Regnum RG6V EVO TG ARGB

Value for money


Nice and airy mesh case at an attractive price. Quite solid quality, no major criticism. Super!

Regnum RG6V EVO TG ARGB, Tower-Gehäuse
This product is currently unavailable.

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