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Fitness wristband or smartwatch? – The Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch in test

What is a watch for you? Well, for me the watch was for a long time a companion that I only needed during exams and examinations. Others have worn watches as pieces of jewelry and part of their outfit. But in the age of smartwatches, watches are becoming more and more. But what does a smartwatch need to do and when is it perhaps “just” a fitness tracker after all? Well we took a closer look at the AmazFit Bip U Pro smartwatch and explore the question of what makes this smartwatch really smart and what other features it comes with.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the watch is very limited. Besides the watch, including the wristband, there is only the charger in the box. But the charger is not complete, because it lacks a power adapter, into which the USB Type-A port is plugged. This either has to be purchased separately or an existing one has to be used. More about that later. However, that’s about it for the scope of delivery, so we’ll move on to the design.

Design and workmanship

Design-wise, you don’t really have any special features on the Amazfit Bip U Pro. It is actually only encased in a completely black plastic case and is therefore nothing special, but the smartwatch does not have this claim either. However, it is noticeable that the screen is quite small in relation to the entire case. This makes the case look very large. The wristband itself is also simple and completely black. It does not look particularly high-quality, but it serves its purpose well. However, the connection of the wristband to the actual watch also corresponds to the standard, which makes a change or exchange very favorable.

Technical data at a glance

article name AmazFit Bip U Pro
Colors Black, Green, Pink
Operating System Compatibility Android from 5.0, iOS from 10.0
Connectivity Bluetooth, GPS
Sensors Accelerometer, blood oxygen sensor, heart rate sensor, magnetometer
Display LCD 1.43″
Battery 230 mAh
Dimensions 40.9 x 35.5 x 11.4 mm
Weight 31 g
Price 59,90 €

In everyday use

Now let’s get to the actual test. How does the smartwatch perform in everyday life? Well, the purpose of a watch it already fulfills, however, it depends heavily on what you are used to. A quick glance at the watch to read the time is not always possible. Sometimes the sensor seems to have problems, which is why you have to press the button to actually look at the clock. Then, when it comes to functions of the smartwatch, we quickly find out that you are well informed about messages and calls, but you cannot answer them well. The display of messages also gets confusing very quickly. Furthermore, a call cannot be answered, but only rejected. That also makes sense since the watch does not have a microphone, but it also disabled the call notification on the lock screen in the Huawei P20 Lite that was used, so no call could be answered in time.  Other functions, such as heart rate measurement and oxygen measurement, work very well and can also be executed manually when needed. Unfortunately, there is no automatic detection that sports are being played or that you are going for a walk. There are also many activities, but only 4 can be started via the quick selection. The extended sleep monitoring has to be activated, but this also leads to a faster battery consumption. Nevertheless, this function works relatively well, although not all waking phases are really recognized. You should also be aware that different watches deliver very different sleep results.

Special activities

The watch has had to put up with quite a bit during our test. During the test period, an apartment was being renovated, so there was a lot of dirt and sweat involved. Here, the watch really had no problems and all the dirt can also be removed again without water penetrating the case. What is also noticed during bouldering, however, is that the watch very quickly also gets quite deep scratches and scratches. If something like that bothers you, you should probably refrain from wearing a watch for similar activities. The Bip U Pro shows its best side in sports like running or cycling. Thanks to the GPS, all training units can be recorded well and viewed via the app. The GPS does consume a lot of power, but it is quite good for that. What you should consider, however, is the compatibility with other apps, more on that later. Also to mention is that during an activity the use of the clock is nevertheless quite strongly limited and always only the activity screen is displayed.


The data of a manufacturer can be falsified yes already times under real conditions something. Therefore a comparison should be made. The Bip U Pro was set to measure the pulse every minute, which is why it was already added as a hint that the battery life could be lower. Apart from that, no additional apps were installed and no special GPS-related activities were recorded. Under these conditions, the smartwatch was able to survive eight full days and ran out on the evening of the ninth day. Thus, it offers more than enough runtime for everyday use.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The initial connection to the smartphone works quite easily, even if an update must then be loaded first, which does take a relatively long time. Subsequent updates are less large, however, so that usually only a minute passes. It should also be noted that the connection to the smartphone is not maintained all the time. However, this means that you have to wait until the watch has re-established a connection to synchronize data. We also had problems with the Huawei P20 Lite, so it was necessary to restart both devices here and there. The smartwatch itself can only be used with the Zepp app. There is virtually no compatibility with other apps and thus other features. This is a bit of a shame, as it means that the previous use of apps has to change or activities even have to be transferred manually.

Zepp app

As mentioned earlier, the watch is connected to the smartphone via the ‘Zepp’. When the watch is basically connected, all data is first synchronized when the app is opened. This can take a few seconds, but in that time the rest of the data and settings can already be made. The app itself is very clearly structured and you can actually find your way through the flood of information. The structure of the individual data can unfortunately also not be changed, so that generally quite a lot of emphasis is placed on the PAI value and sleep.

Conclusion of the Amazfit Bip U Pro Test

If we summarize everything from the test once and take a closer look at the question from the beginning again, we find the following: smartwatch is not really smart in everything. The Bip U Pro offers many functions that work very well, but they often belong to the fitness sector. But it should also be noted that the watch can do more than just be a fitness wristband, since displaying messages and calls is possible, even if there are hurdles here and there, like displaying and answering. Activities that also sometimes stress the case will quickly put quirks on the watch, but the case still offers very good dust and water protection.

In terms of connectivity, the smartwatch offers good options, such as GPS already, but in terms of compatibility, the watch can only be used with the Zepp app. All in all, there are many features, but on the other hand, there are also some shortcomings, which, however, move a good bit into the background again when you look at the price at the latest, because the watch is anything but expensive for what it can do.

Amazfit Bip U Pro

Value for money


Despite some "smart" features, it simply lacks that certain something and compatibility for a smartwatch. Nevertheless, it offers good sensors and high quality for the price.

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