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ASUS ROG Strix Go BT review – mobile gaming headset on the test bench

ASUS ROG Strix Go BT – ASUS has launched a Bluetooth headset with a focus on mobile gaming under this title. It promises compatibility with all common consoles and smartphones and is supposed to score with a light weight and excellent noise cancelling. You can find out how it performs in the following test.


Application Multimedia / Gaming
Interface Wireless (Bluetooth), AUX, USB-C (battery charging)
Weight 300 g
Officially supported devices PC, MAC , PS4, PS5. Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/Series S/Series X
Driver Size 40 mm
Headphone impedance 32 Ohm
Headphone frequency range Wireless : 20 ~ 20000 Hz, Wired : 10 ~ 40000Hz
Microphone frequency range 100 ~ 10000 Hz
Battery life 45 hours
Price € 152.59 *

Scope of delivery

In addition to the headset itself, there are some accessories. In the box you will find a protective case for the headset, a charging cable, an airplane adapter and a 3.5 mm AUX cable.

The packaging is visually appealing and appears to be of high quality.

Design and workmanship

  • Simple design
  • Lots of ROG Strix branding
  • Rightly light weight
  • Practical carrying tray

The headset is kept very simple visually – no RGB, no over-the-top gaming flair, just plain ROG looks. This pleases, but is of course a matter of taste. The “ROG” lettering can be found on the ear cups, or the ROG symbol on the second side. The ROG lettering can also be found on the suspension of the ear cups.

The “Republic of Gamers” slogan is written out on the faux leather padded headband, rounding out the branding. The ROG logo inside the ear cups looks good in photos, but is always obscured.

The workmanship looks convincing. The chrome-colored plastic elements on the headband look high-quality. The ear cups are not infinitely adjustable, but it snaps in small-step fitting.

The inside of the headband is made of plastic-reinforced aluminum and makes a durable impression.

On the bottom of the ROG Strix Go BTs are ports and some buttons. USB-C is used to charge the headset. Furthermore, the On/Off/Bluetooth pairing/ANC mode button is found on the other side. This button is – obviously – used multiple times. Another button is the Play button, which can also be used to skip songs. A toggle switch is also found here to control the volume. To round off the bottom side, there is also an AUX port to connect 3.5 mm jack plugs.

The carrying case holds enough space for all the accessories and will protect the headset when traveling – it is quite sturdy and also convincing in terms of quality.

Sound quality – playback and microphone

  • Very bass-heavy
  • But basically solid sound
  • Microphone very modest

The next important point to evaluate is the sound, because what good is a nice headset without good sound?

In short: bass, bass, bass. But in this case, no oppressive bass, as you are used to from other bass-heavy headsets in this price range, but simply deeper sound. This somewhat distorts the higher and mid tones when playing music with decent bass. In quieter music, the highs and mids are clear and seem balanced. If you use an equalizer here, you can be happy with the sound.

You can see that the ROG Strix Go BT is aimed at gamers – in most games, the soundscape is more impressive when there is more bass.

In summary – for the price, it’s not outstanding sound-wise, but it’s perfectly solid. You shouldn’t expect any miracles here, but the headset is equipped with a few more features.

Another point to mention is the microphone. Well, it’s invisible, but it’s there. Sound-wise, it’s very weak, and that can’t be argued away. Honestly, we expected more in this price range. The sound is thin, it reverberates as if you are in an empty room, you are very quiet – but listen for yourself:

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Practicality – ANC, battery life, wearing comfort

  • Very comfortable
  • Convincing ANC
  • Long battery life

To finally evaluate the headset, we have worn it for some time in everyday life. In advance: the other features are convincing.

Even with its 300 grams of weight, the ROG Strix Go BT is comfortable. The ears do not get excessively warm and even on a fairly large head, the headset does not press uncomfortably on the ears or head. The pads are soft and no pressure points form.

The ANC modes can be switched through with the main button. Transparent (ambient noise amplified), ANC Off, Heavy ANC, Light ANC, these are announced acoustically. These modes are convincing. If you want to be responsive, the transparent mode serves its purpose – speech can be perceived, and you can also understand the other person at normal volume. If you are outdoors or on a bus or train, the active noise cancelling provides the necessary peace and quiet. Even in quite exhausting noise, it is possible to relax or concentrate on work, for example. There are no conspicuous features like distorted music or the like.

In our practical test with moderate music volume, the stated 45 hours of battery life could actually be kept. Charging is also surprisingly fast; 15 minutes is actually enough for several hours of music.

Gaming runs without noticeable latency. aptX completely fulfills its purpose here – great, an important basic requirement for a gaming headset.


It could have been a convincing headphone. Yes, headphones – the microphone clouds the overall impression. For a headset in this price range, you expect decent recording quality, not the sound of the headphones you got with your phone a few years ago.

We also have to note the price here. For over 150€, the sound quality is at most mid-range. Workmanship, ANC and wearing comfort are very good, but we expect a bit more for the price. We award the Bronze Award at this point – those who like the sound characteristics and absolutely do not need the microphone can be happy with the ASUS ROG Strix Go BT.


Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


Weak microphone, mediocre sound, convincing features - Overall solid, but quite expensive

ASUS ROG Strix Go BT price comparison

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ASUS ROG Strix Go BT – ASUS has launched a Bluetooth headset with a focus on mobile gaming under this title. It promises compatibility with all common consoles and smartphones and is supposed to score with a light weight and excellent noise cancelling. You can find out how it performs in the following test. Specifications … (Weiterlesen...)

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