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Backforce versus Vertagear: Number one versus the shining chair

Not only German companies play in the super league of gaming chairs, but also some from the US. In this comparison, we are talking about Vertagear in particular. The gaming chair manufacturer has three unique series on offer, each of which has its own special features. However, some models cause a stir because of their design or the RGB lighting. Yes, that’s right: gaming chairs with RGB lighting. The idea is so obvious and simple.

If you Google Vertagear, the result is directly titled “The Leader in the Best Gaming Chairs”. Those are big words in a highly competitive ranking. But if our Top 5 list is anything to go by, Backforce is at the top with its One and One Plus chairs.

So let’s take a look – away from any rankings – and directly compare the top models from Backforce and Vertagear to find out who is the true #1. Let the games begin!

Corner data about the companies

Backforce Vertagear
Foundation 2019 2015
country of origin Germany USA
Market segment Premium Premium
Target group (size) 150 – 192 cm Up to 188 cm
Target group (weight) 45 – 130 kg Up to 200 kg
Price range of all chairs 499 – 629 euros 259 – 899 euros
Warranty 10 years Up to 10 years depending on component
Special Features 5D armrests, flexible lumbar support, distinctive back shield, customizable extras RGB lighting, easy assembly, unique Triiger series design, wide range of accessories

Backforce: Young and Revolutionary

Just a fresh two years old, Backforce is already the talk of the town. How did the brand rise so quickly and grab a place in the Olympus of gaming chairs? The answer is simple: Backforce belongs to the chair manufacturer Interstuhl, which can look back on more than 60 years of experience. And that’s exactly what went into the Backforce One, which was first introduced in 2019.

In the meantime, a second generation has been released, the Backforce One Plus, which is equipped with far more special features than its predecessor. In the process, interstuhl has not only focused on ergonomics, which is one of the most important things in gaming chairs, but also dedicated itself to looks and durability.

Since interstuhl has been producing exclusively in Germany for years, and that by hand, it was no big question for the company from the Swabian Jura that it would do the same with the Backforce chairs. This offers the manufacturer the opportunity to give a full 10-year warranty on its gaming chairs. A number that no other supplier can match. Does Vertagear make it?

What distinguishes the gaming chairs from Backforce

Anyone who gives a 10-year warranty without any ifs and buts naturally relies only on the best materials and perfect workmanship. We can underline both. No seam is crooked, nothing wobbles or squeaks. The materials used are Alcantara leather – very breathable (even in summer at 40°) -, aluminum for the base, and two-foam components to give every part of the back the ideal resistance.

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But the best part, in our eyes, is the fact that a molded wood panel is built into each Backforce. Nothing better can happen to a back than sitting in a chair with one. Wood has the advantage of being able to “move”, while steel frames are stiff. But installing steel is cheaper and safer for companies in terms of warranty. Backforce makes an exception in this case and can still deliver on promises. Steel is still used, of course, but only in the function of scaffolding.

What also promotes comfort is a flexibly adjustable lumbar support – horizontally and vertically – seat depth as well as seat tilt adjustment and 5D armrests on the Backforce One Plus. The latter can even be folded away completely so that you can get closer to the desk if you’re only 10 centimeters away from the screen when you’re busy gaming.

But after comfort and durability, Backforce just doesn’t stop there. A multi-layered, futuristic-looking plastic shield covers the back of the backrest. A point that is usually disregarded by most gaming chair manufacturers. In addition, the Backforce chairs stand out with a unique design featuring wide shoulders that can be superficially customized with patches. The Gamer Pulse, an LED light on the back, puts the icing on (in our opinion) impeccably designed gaming chairs.

By the way, collaborations with BIG Clan, Paluten and Friendly Fire, as well as numerous other positive reviews, testify that we are not the only ones raving about Backforce. But enough praise, let’s move on to the challenger Vertagear.

More details of our reviews of Backforce chairs can be read here:

Check out the Backforce One Plus!

What sets Vertagear’s gaming chairs apart

When it comes to Vertagear chairs, it is also impossible to keep us brief; they have so much to offer. First of all, it should be mentioned that the manufacturer has not only two models to offer, but three whole series. This is definitely also due to the fact that Vertagear has been on the market since 2015 and thus had a bit more time to develop gaming chairs than Backforce.

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There are a total of nine models in the S-Line, P-Line and Triigger-Line series. Each of these has a different focus. The S-Line can be understood as a budget series that is particularly aimed at beginners. Typical racing seat looks, long-lasting comfort thanks to well-chosen foam, and a submarining hill on the SL4000 stand out here. The P line, on the other hand, specializes in taller people and pro gamers. Here, a similar look to Backforce stands out, with the only difference being that there are holes in the backrest – as seen in many gaming chairs.

We will go into details in the direct comparison of the top models (One Plus vs. PL4500). But this much is already said: The PL4500 as the flagship of the P line is not only capable of RGB, but the surface has also been covered with coffee-soaked fibers. Yes, that’s right: “coffee-soaked”. This is to neutralize any odors – such as from sweat. Instead of a molded wood panel, as in the Backforce, only a steel frame has been used here. Together with the aluminum base, the gaming chairs in this series can hold up to 200 kg. Unfortunately, Backforce is left behind.

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But the most eye-catching chair isn’t even Vertagear’s RGB chair, but the chairs in the Triigger series. They live up to their name: they trigger! And they do it with a look that’s hard to put into words. How lucky we are to have photos.

Everything about the Triiggern chairs screams ergonomics, resilience, durability and design. The latter is formed from industrial steel frame, calfskin elements and breathable mesh cushion cover. Even the rimless casters make a tidy impression. Height and angle can also be adjusted as you like. The series is delivered without a headrest, but this can be ordered separately in Vertagear’s online store.

Just like numerous other goodies, which also gives the manufacturer a certain unique selling point in the industry. Here, in addition to casters and cushions, turnstiles with under-cabinet lighting and RGB kits for chairs other than the PL4500 can be ordered.

In addition, we can also highlight that Vertagear uses only high-quality materials, 3D or 4D armrests and customizable tilt mechanisms in all of its chairs. We don’t know where Vertagear manufactures their chairs, but each one is outstandingly crafted. That’s why we can understand why Vertagear’s warranty also extends to 10 years in some cases – just not on complete chairs (except for the Triigger 350 Special Edition).

In addition, all Vertagear chairs in the S and P lines feature the patented Slide-In technology. This allows the chairs to be assembled in no time at all.

Top models: the Backforce One Plus compared with the Vertagear PL4500

Let’s pit the respective bandwagons of the two brands against each other. It’s definitely hard to find a suitable opponent in Vertagear’s case, as the Triigger and S-Line are difficult to compare to the One Plus. But not because they are necessarily inferior, but because a Triigger chair in particular is a completely different concept. So with that in mind, the duel between the One Plus and PL4500 should be taken with a grain of salt.

Backforce initially builds up the advantage with the molded wood plate in the back, against which a steel frame simply cannot compete. In terms of upholstery, stability and workmanship, however, there is a draw in each case. We were particularly impressed by the HygennX technology, which uses coffee-soaked fibers to neutralize unpleasant odors. A great extra, which earns Vertagear a point.

In terms of ergonomics and adjustable seating position, Vertagear doesn’t need to hide either, even if Backforce’s synchro mechanism is even more back-friendly. However, the P4500 can lift more in terms of weight and size. Backforce only clearly wins when it comes to lumbar support: The Vertagear chair only comes with one cushion. However, if you compare the One Plus with the Triigger 350, it would be a tie.

The best way to see the similarly good quality and built-in functionality of both manufacturers is the value for money. While the Backforce One Plus changes hands for 629 Euros, the Vertagear PL4500 only costs 439 Euros. In both cases, you get decent performance for the respective amount. If Vertagear would improve where they “lag behind” the Backforce One Plus, it would also be 629 Euros and there would be a draw.

We have left out customizable extras like RGB in Vertagear and the patches in Backforce in a direct comparison. Personal taste is always the deciding factor here.


You have to admit that Vertagear has thought through points to the end, which often come up as a point of criticism with other manufacturers. On the one hand, there is the RGB lighting, which probably appeals to many gamer enthusiasts – just like in PCs, headsets or other peripherals. And on the other hand, the construction has to be mentioned. While all other manufacturers – including Backforce – don’t make it an absolute breeze to set up a chair, Vertagear does.

Of course, neither of these are points that determine whether a chair will be comfortable for long, ergonomically correct, or customizable to the body. Nor does it say anything about materials and workmanship. But all the points that decide whether a gaming chair is top or flop in our eyes have been mastered by Vertagear. Even in terms of warranty, Vertagear can keep up with Backforce. True, the 10 years don’t apply to an entire model (except for the Triigger 350 Special Edition), but only to parts, but even that is more than most other manufacturers have to offer.

In all the comparisons we’ve made so far – noblechairs, Gamechanger, SecretLab, Recaro, etc. – Vertagear is the first manufacturer that can be mentioned in the same breath as Backforce. Although it’s still behind on details, spreading features that Backforce combines in one chair across three series.

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Not only German companies play in the super league of gaming chairs, but also some from the US. In this comparison, we are talking about Vertagear in particular. The gaming chair manufacturer has three unique series on offer, each of which has its own special features. However, some models cause a stir because of their … (Weiterlesen...)

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