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Cheap or low-priced? The Sharkoon Shark Force ll gaming mouse in test

How expensive does a mouse actually have to be? The price range of mice varies greatly. There are mice for 10 € and there are mice for well over 120 €. How much do I have to invest and how much can I expect in terms of quality and additional functions? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re taking a closer look at the Sharkoon Shark Force II for just €10 today.

Design and Features

When you have the Sharkoon Shark Force 2 in front of you, you won’t notice at first glance that this mouse is pretty cheap. With the sleek design and ergonomic features, it looks chic for starters. The two main mouse buttons are separated from the lower part of the mouse by a black stripe, in which the two thumb buttons nestle. Likewise, this pattern is also used to separate the left from the right mouse button, and so the mouse wheel and the RGB illuminated button for DPI switching are also well integrated into the design. The thumb side of the mouse has been ergonomically improved with an extension so that the thumb also finds a place to rest. On the back of the mouse, there is then only the illuminated lettering “Shark Force”.

The Sharkoon Shark Force II is available in three different colors: black, white and gray. However, the gray color looks more brownish. Still, it’s quite cool to have several colors to choose from even in this price range. The three additional buttons allow for DPI switching and additional back-and-forth movement. There is no software to customize the button assignments, though. There is also no way to configure the DPI settings and matching backlight. Next, let’s take a look at the technical specifications at a glance.

Technical specifications

Connection 1.8 m USB-A cable
Sensor PixArt PAW3519
DPI 4200
DPI display LED
Color Black, Gray, White
Sampling rate 1000 Hz
Buttons 6
RGB lighting Yes
Shape Right-handed
Weight 120 g (without cable)
Price € 9.89 *

Workmanship and technology

The overview already shows that the technical data is anything but high-class, but we don’t approach this test with that claim, after all. We want to see what is necessary for a gaming mouse, not least because of the price. It should be clear to everyone that the best and newest sensor is not installed at a price of 10 €. However, with the PixArt PAW3519 sensor, you actually have everything you need. With a maximum of 4200 DPI and 6 preset levels (400, 800, 1600, 2400, 3200 and 4200), everything is covered, especially in the lower range. As a rule, the 4200 DPI is also completely sufficient and is therefore not a drawback. The query rate is on the same level as in expensive gaming mice, namely 1000 Hz, and thus also offers no disadvantage. A total of 6 buttons are available, which is of course not a huge amount, but enough for everyday use and a variety of games. RGB lighting is an essential feature nowadays, which is why the Shark Force II also has one. However, this cannot be controlled via software, but only changes depending on the activated DPI profile.

The possible color selection between black, gray, and white is a very cool feature, which is especially lacking on some higher-priced models. As for the build quality, unfortunately there are spots here and there that need to be addressed. The case of the mouse offers many places with transitions between two materials and therefore, precise work has to be done here to avoid edges. However, this didn’t work out one hundred percent well. There are noticeable bumps in many places. However, this is hardly or not at all noticeable in practice. Otherwise, as far as the installation of the keys is concerned, Sharkoon has done a good job and thus offers a good feel and we’ll now take a closer look at that.

Ergonomics and practice

As mentioned above, the Sharkoon Shark Force II is specifically designed for right-handed users, which means that you can better take care of an ergonomic posture. It is not exactly light with its 120 g, but offers a good adaptation to the natural hand shape and thus lies very comfortably in the hand. Furthermore, the thumb rest is another ergonomic feature that doesn’t seem essential at first, but has very positive effects. However, it should be added that relatively large hands will probably not be able to work with a Palm Grip anymore, but should rather use a Claw Grip.

In practice, the supposedly cheap 10 euro mouse also shows what it’s made of. It easily keeps up with its big brothers beyond the 50 euro mark in terms of mouse movement implementation and doesn’t show any weaknesses.

Summary of the Sharkoon Shark Force 2 review

Now what can we say in conclusion? After initial skepticism due to the very low price, we were definitely taught better. Of course, not the newest sensors and not the newest buttons have been installed and the fact that no software is available is of course also not a plus point. We also noticed certain flaws in the workmanship, but we are still positively surprised.

For such a low price, Sharkoon has launched a mouse with a pretty cool design that can do everything you need. It features RGB lighting, extremely good ergonomics, and proves to be a reliable and precise tool in your right hand. For just under 1/6th of the price, I can absolutely do without individually-controllable RGB lighting and customizable DPI numbers, and if you don’t want to dig too deep into your wallet, you should definitely take a look at Sharkoon’s Shark Force II.

Sharkoon Shark Force ll

Value for money


Pretty cool design and sufficient technology for everyone at an absolute TOP price.

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