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Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X Review: powerful USB and XLR microphone

In addition to the affordable Ngale R USB microphone, Cherry Xtrfy also offers a higher-quality version that is not only available via USB but also via XLR connection and is therefore also aimed at demanding content creators. Of course, discreet RGB lighting is also included. Our test reveals how good the Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X really sounds.

Technical data

Product: Ngale X
Connection: USB Type-C; XLR
Microphone diaphragm: 25 mm (condenser)
Frequency response: 50 Hz – 16,000 Hz
Sampling rate: 96 kHz / 24 bit
Polar pattern: Cardioid
SPL: 130 dB
Dimensions (incl. stand): 150 mm x 91 mm (height x depth)
Weight: 510 grams (with stand)
Connections: USB-C; 3.5 mm jack; XLR
Special features: RGB lighting; Mute button; Multifunctional control button; Low-cut filter
Price: € 167.63 *

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X Review: design and workmanship

  • successful, round design
  • strong reference to Shure SM7 B
  • convincing workmanship

The Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X follows the design of popular microphones and its elongated body is strongly reminiscent of the almost legendary Shure SM7 B. It has a simple, black design with a 20.5 cm long, round body. The front half is taken up by the foam pop cover, which is removable and features the manufacturer’s logo.

The rear half has a rubber coating on the left and right that allows the mic to be easily adjusted in terms of angle. The fork from which the cable runs into the microphone is also strongly reminiscent of Shure. The Ngale X can be screwed into a microphone boom using a 5/8-inch thread, and the manufacturer includes a sturdy small table stand in the scope of delivery, which should be absolutely sufficient for most purposes.

The XLR connector is located in front, while the USB-C port can be found at the back. There you will also find a 3.5 mm jack connection for connecting headphones for mic monitoring and a ribbed metal rotary knob that is responsible for the monitoring volume. With a click, it mutes the microphone or switches between the various effects of the RGB lighting, which extends over a thin ring on the back of the Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X.

An EQ control allows you to switch between the full sound and a low-cut filter. The design should of course appeal to all those who appreciate the Shure microphone but want to spend significantly less money. The workmanship is also very high quality and robust, only the rotary control on the back is a little wobbly.

Quick to set up, even without software

  • Plug and play
  • good operation on the microphone
  • Switching off RGB lighting is cumbersome

The Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X can be connected either via USB-C or XLR. In both modes, the microphone scores with plug-and-play connectivity: plug it in and get started straight away. There is no accompaniment software, so with the exception of the EQ control, there is no way to influence the sound.

I don’t quite understand why the labels on the back are upside down, but it’s not a big deal. The two control elements on the back are very easy to feel and reach.

You can switch between different RGB lighting effects by holding down the rotary control for two seconds. Unfortunately, it is not documented anywhere which effects are actually available for selection and if you want to switch off RGB completely, you have to click through all the other effects first.

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X

It should be noted that it is not possible to operate or connect USB and XLR at the same time and the RGB lighting is only active in USB mode. As a dynamic microphone, the Ngale X relies on a 48V phantom power supply when used via XLR. Your audio interface should therefore provide this.

Impressive sound of the Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X

  • detailed, warm but natural sound
  • convincing via USB and XLR
  • high dynamic range

The Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X features a 25 mm capsule and achieves a sampling rate of 96 kHz at 24 bit and covers a frequency response of 50 Hz to 16,000 Hz. Both in USB mode and via XLR, the microphone produces a very fine, clear sound with plenty of volume and also tames sharp S and plosive sounds very well.

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X

The sound is far less warm, especially compared to the SM7 B, but is much more natural. The microphone is pleasantly low-noise, but due to its design, it needs to be picked up exactly from the front. Even a slight movement to the left or right noticeably reduces the audio quality. However, this is by no means a point of criticism, but it is important to know.

As a result, the Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X picks up very little ambient noise if it occurs next to or behind the microphone. Accordingly, the low-cut filter, which reduces unwanted low frequencies, is hardly worthwhile with this model, especially as it noticeably cuts off space and detail from the voice and reduces the volume enormously.

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In general, I really like the sound of the Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X and have no cause for criticism. In XLR mode, the microphone is noticeably clearer and tends to overdrive much less quickly, which is quickly audible in our test recording – even though the position and volume were not changed between the two recordings.

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X microphone reference recording USB:

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X microphone reference recording XLR:

Cherry XTRFY Ngale R USB Microphone Reference Recording:

Shure MV7 XLR Microphone Reference Recording:

Of course, the sound of the Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X in XLR mode also depends heavily on the audio interface used. Nevertheless, I really like the sound of the microphone both via USB and XLR and it doesn’t have to hide behind microphones that are 2-3 times more expensive.

Compared to the Shure MV7, the sound is a touch warmer and significantly less susceptible to sharp S-sounds.

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X Review: Conclusion

With the Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X, the manufacturer delivers an excellent and versatile microphone that meets both advanced ambitions and professional requirements very well.

In addition to the coherent, albeit noticeably inspired design and the successful workmanship, the mic scores particularly well where it counts. The sound. The sound is already pleasing in USB mode, but increases noticeably when connected via XLR.

The Ngale R filters out sharp S and plosive sounds very well and the sound image scores with a pleasantly warm, detailed and natural reproduction. The microphone is also very attractively priced, while its plug-and-play connectivity makes it quick and easy to use.

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X Test: Gold Award

Cherry Xtrfy Ngale X

Recording Quality
Value For Money


Enormously powerful-sounding USB and XLR microphone with a familiar but convincing design and successful workmanship and practical plug-and-play connectivity, which should convince beginners and professionals alike.

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