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Corsair iCUE LT100 – RGB even outside the case

Corsair has created its own RGB system with iCUE – and is completely in line with the trend. In addition to fans, RGB strips and memory, there are also peripherals with RGB lighting to create an attractive setup. With the iCUE LT100, Corsair has launched light columns including headset stands. This set consists of two light columns with 46 RGB LEDs each – in addition, you can purchase further light columns as an expansion kit. We have tested the basic set for you in detail.


Size 422 x 95 x 95mm (with headset holder)
423 x 95 x106mm (without with headset holder)
Number of columns / RGB LEDs 2 (46 LEDs each), with extension kit up to 4 (total maximum 184 LEDs)
Scope of delivery 2 Corsair iCUE LT100 light columns
USB-A to micro-USB connection cable (sleeved, 1.5m)
RGB connection cable (flat ribbon, 1.5m)
Power supply cable (1.8m)
optional headset holder
Compatible software Corsair iCUE
Price € 148.76 *

Scope of delivery and workmanship

At this point Corsair must already be praised. The unboxing feeling is great, it is nicely packed and you are happy when you open the package. Even if they are small details – the premium price is noticeable in such places.

In addition to the columns and stands, three cables are included – one for connecting the power to a normal power outlet, one for connecting between the columns and lastly the USB cable for connection to the computer. Here we use micro-USB – USB-C would be nice as a new standard. This does not cause any problems, but in a future-oriented way it would be the more sensible connection. On the main column there is a single button to control the RGB functions. If you don’t want to use the PC for controlling at the moment, you can also change the lighting with this button. You also get an attachment to convert a column in addition to the headset stand. The headset stand is put on the column from above, additionally it can be fixed with pre-mounted adhesive tape.

The workmanship and choice of materials is convincing throughout. The aluminium columns fit perfectly into the prefabricated holes, the cables can be simply inserted. The logo on the front of the feet gives the whole thing a high-quality look – but the headset holder stands out clearly. This is a simple plastic part which is glued – from the feeling it looks very forced and not considered in the original product concept.

The assembly is so easy that Corsair even explains it without pictures in the enclosed instructions. The columns are plugged into the feet, the cables are plugged into the appropriate ports – that’s it. The columns can be removed from the foot at any time and turned if necessary.

Corsair iCUE

Corsair uses its own iCUE software for control. The software contains ready-made light profiles, but there are also options for controlling the LEDs individually or creating your own profiles.

A big highlight of the environment is the “video lighting” option – with this the control is dynamically linked to the contents of the monitor. This creates an immersive feeling as the lighting adapts the environment to the game or video. In the test this was the most impressive and pleasant option.

In addition, you can use it to standardize your RGB lighting. In order to create the necessary compatibility here, one should of course also use other products from Corsair – but even the LT100 individually already make a solid impression.

Lighting – direct & indirect

The free alignment of the columns allows us to let the lighting shine directly in our direction or towards the wall. This is purely a matter of taste, but we personally think that it makes more sense indirectly. Although direct lighting is much more noticeable and brighter, it is difficult to integrate it adequately into the overall picture.

If you use the set indirectly, however, it is relatively dark. The great effect of the video lighting is thus lost as soon as the surroundings are not completely darkened. Even then, the effect would be even more impressive if you could increase the brightness a bit more.

With direct lighting the brightness is sufficient in any case. It’s not unpleasantly bright even at the highest brightness, but it’s still nice to have the possibility to lower the brightness. But the sense of it can be questioned. In contrast to indirect lighting, this has little or no influence on the direct surroundings and the desired effect is not achieved. But as it is with all RGB products, this remains a matter of taste – the pictures should show the effect well.


It is a little difficult to draw a conclusion here. The lighting, especially indirect, is a bit weak and the big advantage over RGB strips on the back of the monitor is missing. Using the columns as headset stands is a nice gimmick, but even this doesn’t objectively justify the rather high price. The workmanship is otherwise very convincing – the product is not bad at all. But the concrete “I must have!” feeling is unfortunately missing.

Those who already use products from the iCUE series can of course integrate and use the light columns very well. A complete setup from the iCUE products looks impressive and works well together. But even under ideal conditions the cost factor is a big point of criticism. As a niche product, the set receives the Bronze Award from us – whoever likes the functionality and the design and whoever has the spare change will have fun with the product.

Corsair iCUE LT100

Value for money


Nice gimmick to enable discreet backlighting. Unfortunately, the price is set very high and the cheap looking headset holder reduces the impression of workmanship a bit

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