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Corsair T3 Rush: Gaming Chair with Fabric Upholstery In Review

In 2017 Corsair released the T1 Rush, its first own gaming chair. In 2018 the T2 Rush followed, and in 2019 the T3 Rush will also be available, another new model from Corsair.

In contrast to the two previous gaming chairs from Corsair, the T3 Rush uses a fabric cover instead of imitation leather. In line with this, the company is advertising with a particularly low heat generation: this should not be a problem with the T3 Rush. Another special feature is the high-quality castors – apart from these, Corsair offers the usual complete package of numerous adjustment options and 4D armrests.

The T3 Rush costs 280 Euros to start with and is therefore the cheapest gaming chair currently available from Corsair: the T1 costs 300 Euros, the T2 340 Euros. In the meantime, the real prices are mostly somewhat lower than recommended by Corsair.

With the T2 Rush one has thereby the choice between the color variants Charcoal, Charcoal/Gray and Gray/White. At the moment the one for € 239.00 *, € 239.00 * or € 239.00 * is available in stores. The following test will show how the gaming chair performs in practice.


frame construction: Metal, base: plastic with metal insert
Reference material: Fabric
armrests: 4D (top/bottom: 8 cm, left/right: 1cm, front/back: 5 cm)
Ergonomics Backrest can be tilted, height adjustable
gas pressure spring: Class 4
Maximum load 120 kg

Scope of Delivery and Construction

Like other gaming chairs, the T3 Rush is supplied in individual parts. The cardboard box contains the seat and backrest upholstery as well as all other necessary accessories such as the base, the necessary screws and an Allen key. As additional extras, Corsair supplies a neck and lordosis cushion as well as covers for the side hinges.

The construction of the T3 Rush is very simple: The armrests are already screwed to the seat upholstery at the factory and therefore no longer have to be attached themselves. For mounting, the rocker mechanism must be screwed to the underside of the seat cushion and then the backrest fastened. The seat is then placed on the floor cross, which is fitted with the castors and the gas spring.

The construction of the gaming chair goes quickly by hand and should be finished in about half an hour. If you’re a couple or if you already know how to assemble it, it’s even faster.

Design and Workmanship

A novelty of the T3 Rush is the fabric upholstery: Corsair used imitation leather for the two predecessor models. The cover of the gaming chair is tight, has a pleasant feel and is neatly sewn. There are no protruding threads or significantly varying edge distances.

Of course, the upholstery has a significant influence on the look of the chair. Instead of a cover trimmed to a modern look with a 3D effect or the often used imitation leather, Corsair uses a normal fabric cover for the T3 Rush that has a soft and pleasant feel.

The basic construction of the chair makes a very stable impression, even if a metal base would have been more beautiful. Instead, the T3 Rush has a thick plastic base with a metal insert for the gas spring. After all, the plastic makes for a somewhat more extravagant look.

The 4D armrests, which Corsair has succeeded in producing, are again quite stable: They have a lot of play, but in comparison to other models to a very small extent. In addition, the angle adjustment offers enough counterpressure to prevent unintentional adjustment. The armrests have a smooth and patterned contact surface, which makes them very comfortable.

The workmanship quality of the T3 Rush is consistently good: the chair is sturdily built and stands securely, the covers are neatly sewn and the metal surfaces are coated throughout. Although there are some inclusions and a few plastic parts that could theoretically have been worked better, Corsair does not need to hide behind the competition.

Practical Use and Ergonomics

In practice, the T3 Rush proves to be a rather purposefully designed gaming chair: Due to the lateral casing, it is not perfectly suitable for every user, but it is all the more pleasant if you belong to the target group: Those who are not just over 1.90 m tall and do not have too wide shoulders will be very well “picked up” by the chair and sit extremely comfortably.

While the cover of the T3 Rush is quite soft, the upholstery underneath is firm: If you are looking for an armchair feeling, this is not the right place, but the chair is designed to be comfortable but rather upright. The seat of the T3 Rush – between the elevations – is 37 cm wide and 28 cm wide on the backrest, which measures 25 cm (inside) to 35 cm (outermost point of the sides) in the area of the lower back.

In particular, the lateral bulges of the backrest determine the feeling of sitting on the chair: in the case of the racing seats taken as an example, these are there to stabilise the driver laterally in the bend. With a gaming chair this scenario is of course unrealistic – whether you prefer the lateral support or not is simply a matter of taste.

Corsair offers the usual standard package in the price range for adjustment options: the backrest, seat height and armrests can be adjusted. The adjustable seat height offers an adjustment range of around 9 cm. The backrest, on the other hand, can be adjusted in stages; the maximum adjustment levels can be seen in the pictures.

In addition, there is also the usual rocker function, with which the entire seat can be tilted backwards – the resistance is adjusted, as usual, by a rotary wheel at the bottom of the seat mechanism. Fortunately, the T3 Rush is quite stable, so that you don’t have to be afraid to tip over, even when you’re in the maximum flat position or when you’re rocking strongly – very good.

The built-in 4D armrests offer the usual options: They can be adjusted in any direction and can also be rotated in three stages. The adjustment margins measured by us can be found in the specification table on the first page. Corsair has succeeded in implementing the 4D armrests: Although this implementation – like all other 4D armrests, unfortunately – also wobbles, at least the armrests can be adjusted without quirks and offer enough counterpressure not to be adjusted unintentionally. In addition, the height of the armrests also fits reasonably well: The height difference of our sample is only about one millimeter.

For the lumbar support, Corsair relies on a relatively high cushion that is simply placed in the backrest. There it can be pushed upwards and held in position by the backrest – but when you stand up, the cushion slides down again. Corsair therefore offers an above-average lumbar support, but this must be used every time you sit down in order to bring it into the correct position.

The neck cushion, on the other hand, uses a standard belt. According to the manufacturer, the neck cushion should actually be attached to the bulges in the backrest, alternatively it can be buckled around the upper end of the chair – then it is also suitable for tall people.

As a final feature, Corsair advertises the floor castors, which allow the chair to glide easily over the floor. In fact, we can confirm this: In comparison, the T3 Rush moves very smoothly over surfaces – but not too easily either. Compared to many other gaming chairs, the chair is much easier to move from the spot, although we consider this advantage to be a nice extra: If you have it, you’ll be happy – and if you’re used to the heavier castors of many other chairs, you’ll still be able to cope with them.


At the beginning Corsairs T3 Rush will cost 280 Euro, at the moment the chair will be sold for € 239.00 * (Charcoal), € 239.00 * (Gray / Charcoal) or € 239.00 * (Gray / White). For the starting price, the company’s currently cheapest model is a good choice that hardly allows itself any weaknesses: the T3 Rush does a lot right, the points of criticism are small.

You have to keep the gaming chair in good hands for the pleasant, soft cover in combination with the quite hard padding underneath. Of course, the look is a matter of taste, but the use of fabric instead of artificial leather has a practical advantage: fabric is cooler and doesn’t tend to “stick” in summer.

The ergonomic functions of the T3 Rush are well implemented throughout, and the chair is stable enough to stand securely even in a flat position. However, a metal base would still have been a better choice.

There is also some slight criticism for the lack of fastening options for the lumbar support: it must always be inserted by hand if you want it to be a little higher. In return, it is very comfortable, just like the neck pillow.

Whether the Corsair T3 Rush is the right chair for you can only be decided by a trial seat: Whether you like the rather hard upholstery and the side upholstery of the backrest is simply a matter of taste. If this is the case, however, then you get a good gaming chair without much criticism – especially if it is available under the RRP of 280 euros.

Corsair T3 Rush

Stability & Workmanship
Value for Money

If you are not too wide, the T3 Rush is a very comfortable and well made chair.

Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair CF-9010029-WW schwarz black Gamer Stuhl Gamingchair price comparison

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