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Deltaco GAM-101: Monitor table mount in test

For those who spend several hours a day at the PC, ergonomics becomes the main thing. Monitor mounts like the GAM-101 from Deltaco Gaming not only make it easier to attach a monitor, but above all allow for quick realignment depending on individual needs.

Specifically, it can be used to mount a single VESA-compatible monitor to a suitable tabletop. Once mounted, there is no lack of freedom of movement with it, because it can be moved at a total of 7 points and also comes with some mechanical refinements that make readjustment more convenient. The mounting is again facilitated by a removable mounting plate.

We tested the GAM-101 on the electric height-adjustable DT410 table, also from Deltaco Gaming. Through its Deltaco Gaming brand, Swedish manufacturer Deltaco has been selling PC peripherals and furniture for price-conscious gamers, among other products, since 2017.


Apart from a few small parts, the GAM-101 monitor mount comes already largely assembled. Fortunately, the packaging consists mainly of cardboard, yet all parts are once again packed in plastic bags.

Since the GAM-101 can be attached to a tabletop in two different ways, once at the edge of the table and once by drilling a hole in the tabletop, the package includes parts for both methods. We used the table edge mounting for this test.

Also included are four VESA-compatible screws and washers for mounting the monitor, and two hex wrenches for mounting and then adjusting the swivel arms.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x GAM-101 monitor mount
  • 1 x instruction
  • 2 x hex wrench
  • 4 x VESA compatible screws and washers
  • 1 x table edge mounting hardware
  • 1 x mounting parts for table hole

Technical features

Product type Monitor table mount
Suitable for displays of size 43.2 cm (17″) – 81.3 cm (32″)
Number of displays 1
Type of mount Rotatable, Tiltable, Swivel
Apple compatible No
Max. Load capacity 8 kg
Pneumatic technology No
VESA Standard 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm
Tilt range (bottom) 40 °
Tilt range (top) 40 °
Tilt range (left) 90 °
Pivoting range (right) 90 °
Factory color Black
Material (details) Steel
Price € 70.00 *

Design and finish

Design-wise, the visible parts of the GAM-101 have been worked with a mixture of acute angles and beveled surfaces, which come to the fore in the form of plastic cladding on the upper boom. In terms of color, this is decorated with red accents, while the rest of the parts are kept black.

The surfaces of the plastic parts are finely textured, metal parts are painted smooth. The metal fastening elements, for example a screw clamp, which are later located underneath the tabletop, were largely left in their raw state.

Functionally, the GAM-101 can first be rotated around the base attached to the tabletop via its lowest rigid arm. At the top of this first arm rests an extension arm, which can not only be rotated around the Z-axis, but also moved up and down. An adjustable spring inside the arm not only acts as a counterweight to the monitor, keeping it in position, but also facilitates its height adjustment.

Finally, at the end of the boom is the suspension for the monitor, which in turn can be rotated around 3 axes. Thanks to a mechanism, when the boom is moved up and down, the resulting rotation of the monitor suspension is compensated for, so that the monitor attached to it maintains its orientation.

Removable VESA plate and cable management

The monitor mounting plate is based on the VESA standard and is suitable for monitors with a hole spacing of 75 to 100mm. The plate can be removed, locked with a lever and in turn can be rotated.

For cable management, a cable shaft is hidden behind a removable plastic panel in the lower arm. The cables can then be threaded into a holder at the end of the arm.

The build quality of the plastic parts in our review sample ranged from very good to satisfactory. The untreated metal parts were not pretty to look at, but they have to be stable in the end and are out of sight anyway. The remaining metallic elements were mostly cleanly processed. However, minor quirks that we noticed here did not play a role in actual use.

Mounting the Deltaco GAM-101 monitor mount

The assembly of the GAM-101 turned out to be mostly unproblematic. We were able to perform most steps with the included hex keys. As already described in the packaging section, the monitor mount can be attached to the table edge as well as through a 10mm hole in the tabletop. We used the non-invasive mounting method via screw clamp on the table edge for our test. The distance from the base at which the screw clamp is mounted to the base depends on the thickness of the tabletop.

According to the assembly instructions, the GAM-101 is compatible with table tops made of wood, fiberboard and chipboard. Cheap paper honeycomb tabletops and similar hollow chamber designs, on the other hand, do not provide the necessary stability. For our test, we mount the bracket on the DT410, an electric height-adjustable desk from Deltaco Gaming with 1.8 cm thick chipboard, which we also tested extensively.

Attaching the screw clamp under the tabletop was a bit bumpy, as the clamp’s plate rotated along with it on the one hand, and we had to apply a lot of force to turn its relatively unwieldy handle on the other.

In contrast, we found the removable mounting plate with VESA holes particularly user-friendly. This can be practically screwed to the monitor beforehand and then reinserted into its mount, where it is quickly locked in place via a lever. It’s the easiest way we’ve ever experienced, and it reminds us of the many fiddly monitor mounts in the past.

For cable management, we only used the top cable holder due to short cables, which alone was a big help.

Functional test of the Deltaco GAM-101 monitor mount

Ideally after attaching the monitor, the resistance of some joints and the upper suspension of the GAM-101 can be increased or reduced by hex key. Especially the adjustment of the suspension to the weight of the monitor facilitates later lifting and lowering of the boom.
Once this is done, the mounted monitor can be aligned as desired. To demonstrate this, we have left out the cables for once.

Both arms, the lower and the upper one, can be rotated freely around their Z-axes. This already gives you a lot of freedom in positioning the monitor. Nevertheless, it is advisable to try out the most suitable position for attaching the GAM-101 to the tabletop. This plays a role when the freedom of movement of the arms is restricted, for example, by walls or other pieces of furniture.

On the one hand, the height of the attached monitor can be adjusted by a total of 25 cm via an extension arm.
The monitor itself can then be rotated 40 degrees around the X-axis, 180 degrees around the Y-axis and 90 degrees around the Z-axis, and that in both directions. Depending on how the arm is mounted and how long the monitor cables are, these ranges will be reduced.

Some of the adjustments here are harder to make than others. This depends on how tightly the associated screw is tightened and can be adjusted by hex wrench in each case.

Summary of the test of the Deltaco GAM-101

With an MSRP of 74.90€ according to the manufacturer, the GAM-101 does not fall into the lowest price category of monitor mounts and since the prices in stores at the time of testing are partly above that (currently € 70.00 *), the purchase wants to be considered for very price-conscious gamers.

Anyway, after our test, we were satisfied with its performance and quality. The removable VESA plate made mounting our monitor immensely easier, and the suspension with balance function of the boom allowed for quick alignment of the screen to many situations and needs.

The build quality of the parts ranged from very good to satisfactory in our review sample. Here and there we found a few minor quirks on painted metal parts, and even some of the plastic parts were not as nice as they might have been. However, these were only minor visual flaws that were out of sight and did not negatively affect function.

We could not determine any serious mechanical or functional defects in this respect. The mounting of the holder via screw clamp to the tabletop was perhaps a bit laborious. Once attached, however, this is quickly forgotten in view of the ongoing relief.

In the end, Deltaco Gaming’s GAM-101 provides a sturdy yet flexible solution for its intended purpose.

Deltaco Gaming GAM-101

Value for money


Thanks to many adjustment options, our monitor could be quickly realigned with the help of Deltaco Gaming's GAM-101 single desk mount. Minor visual flaws and the slightly higher price therefore did not detract from the otherwise flawless function and build quality.

Deltaco Gaming GAM-101 price comparison

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For those who spend several hours a day at the PC, ergonomics becomes the main thing. Monitor mounts like the GAM-101 from Deltaco Gaming not only make it easier to attach a monitor, but above all allow for quick realignment depending on individual needs. Specifically, it can be used to mount a single VESA-compatible monitor … (Weiterlesen...)

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