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Flexispot E7 in test – how does the electrically height-adjustable desk perform?

During the pandemic, numerous people have moved to a home office – and found that their home desks or even kitchen tables are hardly suitable for longer periods of work. Tension, back pain and ultimately a drop in one’s own performance are the result. The Flexispot E7 is designed to remedy this situation. The desk, which is height-adjustable by motor, can be used not only while sitting but also while standing, which is considered to be a particularly back-friendly way of working at a desk that is beneficial to the posture. But how well does this work in practice? Is the new standing desk really the longed-for solution to the ergonomics problem in the home office? We have tested it!

Technical details

Model E7
Hub columns 3
engine 2
Load 125 kg
Speed 38 mm/s
Height adjustment 58-123 cm
Weights 31.5 kg
Frame width 110-190 cm
Fit for table top 120-210 cm (W) ×60-80 cm (D)
Color Black (RAL9005), White (RAL9016), Gray (RAL7045)
Keyboard Premium
Memory control
LED Touch Screen Keyboard
Parental lock
Anti-collision system
Packing dimensions Package 1: 28.4 kg, 114.5×25×20.5 cm

Package 2: 8.29 kg, 85×14.5×10.5 cm

Price € 429.99 *
€ 429.99
Buy now* Flexispot

Design and finish

The desk can be ordered with or without a table top. We have chosen for our test for a model with table top. Accordingly, one was found in the package, along with a gray table frame and two electric motors. The tabletop itself – we ordered the Black Walnut color variant – looks like an average, comparatively inexpensive tabletop. Measuring 180×80 cm with a thickness of 2.5 cm, it is comparatively large, perfect for a tidy workspace. If necessary, the tabletop can of course be replaced with a smaller or larger one. The frame and motor are compatible with tops up to 2.10 meters wide.

Externally, the Flexisport tabletop looks respectable and it also weighs quite a bit, but of course it is made of pressed wood. Whether the quality is better or worse than a table top from the hardware store, I do not like to judge, you can probably see only after a few months or years of use. Practical, however, are in any case the pre-drilled holes, which simplify the assembly. If you want a solid wood top, however, you’ll have to look somewhere other than the Flexispot store.

The metal frame looked very stable in our test. It also brings a certain industrial look to the office. The workmanship is impeccable.

Overall, this makes the desk look great. It’s well made, takes up relatively little space, and looks comparatively light – though, more on that in the next section, we shouldn’t be fooled by that.


Before use, the desk must first be assembled. In terms of craftsmanship, this is easy to do even without prior knowledge. It is only complicated by the enormous weight of the desk, which is not to be seen. Once assembled, it looks like a real lightweight, but it actually weighs 31.5 kilograms. It’s therefore a good idea to assemble the desk in pairs so that you don’t have to work with maximum physical effort.

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Once the frame and tabletop have been assembled, all that remains is to connect the electronic control unit to the two electric motors. This step is done in no time at all. Overall, the assembly in our test thus succeeded uncomplicatedly, with a screwdriver and the included hexagonal wrench. After about 20 minutes you are done, after which the table and motors are ready for use.

Operation and functionality

The control of the two motors worked surprisingly easily in our test. The control element has a small display that shows the current height, two buttons for adjusting this same height, four buttons for storing specific heights, and a safety button. After pressing the up or down button, the motors start up and move the tabletop relatively smoothly up or down. The noise level is kept within limits and is consistently below 50 decibels. Once a comfortable position is reached, the key simply has to be released. If the position is now to be saved, only one of the memory keys has to be pressed. These four keys can be used to set a sitting and a standing position as well as any two positions, which can then be called up at the push of a button. We found this function to be very practical in the test. Especially people who want to switch between working in a standing and sitting position should benefit from the memory functions. This gives the desk – in addition to the general comfort brought by the motors – another decisive advantage over desks that can be adjusted exclusively by hand.

The M key, meanwhile, serves a dual function. It is used in conjunction with the memory keys to save certain settings and also locks all other keys. Thus, it fulfills an important security function. The so-called anti-collision function is integrated as a further safety feature. If the up and down keys are pressed for five seconds, the anti-collision menu opens, in which the sensitivity of this function can be set in three stages. The function ultimately ensures that the table’s movement is stopped when obstacles are detected. This is especially useful when moving downwards – otherwise, sensitive objects or children could be damaged if they are under the tabletop and the movement mechanism is accidentally started. In our test, this safety feature worked flawlessly.

Even away from the motor functions, the Flexispot E7 was able to convince us. Thus, the table presented itself as extraordinarily stable and could withstand numerous loads. The load limit is specified by the manufacturer at 125 kilograms – so it is possible for most people to lean on the table without causing it to collapse.

We found working on the table pleasant in the test. Due to the flexible height, which ranges between 58 and 123 centimeters, most people can find both a comfortable sitting and a comfortable standing position. Another positive aspect is that the size of the tabletop can be selected when ordering. This allows the table to be adapted even more to one’s own needs. In addition, the motor and frame are also compatible with third-party tabletops that are within the specified width range, which creates even more possibilities.


Overall, the Flexispot E7 was able to convince us! It represents an excellent solution for ergonomically sensible work in the home office, contributes to the relief of one’s own musculoskeletal system and is also extremely comfortable to use. Both the set-up and the practical use succeeded without any problems in our test. The price of 429 euros (without top) is totally reasonable, considering the stability and function of the table. Of course, there are also cheaper height-adjustable desks, but these then have to be operated manually or have fewer functions. Competing models can usually be found at a higher price. We give our recommendation for the Flexispot E7 and can recommend it to all those who value comfort and health protection in the home office!

Flexispot E7

Design and workmanship
Handling and functionality
Value for money


An extremely comfortable motorized height-adjustable desk that ergonomically enhances any workspace.

€ 429.99
Buy now* Flexispot

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During the pandemic, numerous people have moved to a home office – and found that their home desks or even kitchen tables are hardly suitable for longer periods of work. Tension, back pain and ultimately a drop in one’s own performance are the result. The Flexispot E7 is designed to remedy this situation. The desk, … (Weiterlesen...)

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