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Genesis Holm 510 RGB Gaming Desk – Now also RGB in the desk?

While gaming chairs seem to be standard and no one really pays attention anymore when they hear that they are not sitting on a normal office chair but on a gaming chair, the situation is still different when it comes to the desk. Genesis is one of the companies that want to change this and combines the desk we know with mounts for speakers, headset and a pinch of RGB. Can this work?

Spec sheet

Height 75 cm
Length 160 cm
Width 75 cm
Accessories Speaker risers, headset holder, cup holder, cable management
Functionality Wireless Charger, USB Hub (3x 3.0)
Material MDF (table top), steel (frame, feet)
Color Black (surface carbon foiled)
Price 288,67 €

Packaging and accessories

The package, which reaches one, is yet relatively large and bulky. Since the table top offers a length of 160 cm, the package is still a good bit longer and accordingly difficult to handle. The carton leaves a mixed impression. The printed features clearly set the product apart from others, but the natural cardboard packaging does not look particularly high-quality. The packaging is functional, but does not match what the spoiled gamer, who gets his products delivered in elaborate glossy packaging, is used to. This is quite a pity, since the product video on the Genesis site looks quite high-end and the expectations are accordingly high – but the packaging then unfortunately rather exudes DIY market charm.

However, the individual components are well and safely packed. No scratches or damages were found during unpacking. Accordingly, it has to be said that the packaging isn’t pretty, but it serves its purpose. Only the barely 1 mm thick foam, where the protective effect may be questioned, is a small annoyance. If you don’t pay attention, this will tatter at the slightest touch and the room where the package is opened will be covered in foam flakes.

The accessories, which consist of speaker risers, cable management, headset and drink holders, should be emphasized positively. At the same time, all parts are modular. None of it needs to be assembled if you don’t need the accessory for your own purposes or don’t have the space.

The assembly

The assembly was basically very unproblematic and is also feasible alone. The table top is connected to the base and this in turn to the feet. The instructions are kept short, but gives the steps clearly. For the assembly you should estimate 20-30 minutes and have enough space to lay out the table top. The accessories are also assembled in no time. However, you should keep in mind that they limit the available space. Headset and drink holders widen the table, and the speaker risers take up space on the table. A setup of two 27″ monitors gets very cramped and is clearly dependent on how wide the frames are and the associated width of the monitors. Placing the case on the desk also tends to be out of the question when using the speaker modules. However, those who are used to having their case on the floor won’t be bothered by this and will appreciate that the speakers can be placed on an elevated position. The cable management is also quite rudimentary, but it serves its purpose. It looks tidier than if it wasn’t there. However, the cables do not disappear either.

Design and workmanship

The design of the Genesis Holm 510 RGB certainly knows how to please at first glance. The foiled carbon surface gives the table a modern look and appears classy, with a touch of sportiness familiar from cars. The transition from MDF board to foiling is hardly noticeable, if at all. The workmanship of the tabletop can basically be judged as good. The underside of the tabletop seems a bit more sharp-edged – not so that you would cut yourself, but a slightly rounded edge would have been nicer for the feel.

The feet are metal and don’t seem unstable at first glance, but the question of whether the table won’t wobble under load and some movement did arise at the start. However, this is not the case. The table stands bombproof on the floor and has no play either horizontally or vertically, even if you put your mind to it. While not crucial for the user, it is a bit of a shame from a branding perspective that the name and model on the feet is black on black and thus barely noticeable. Only on the lower left corner of the tabletop is the Genesis logo embossed, giving the table a certain identity.

Unfortunately, the attachment of the speaker risers is to be criticized. They are pressed against the tabletop from behind on both sides and screwed on from below with a wheel. Inevitably, the underside of the tabletop is damaged, but this is only noticeable when the risers are removed again. Another solution would definitely have been preferable in this respect. The advantage of this solution, however, is that the elements can be angled freely and thus aligned with the listening position.

By the way, the assumption that you can see dust and other dirt less on the dark surface is wrong. Exactly the opposite is the case. You feel that you can see every speck of dust and every crumb much more strongly than on a bright desk surface.

Connectivity and RGB

Since this is not a normal desk, but a gaming desk, the Genesis Holm 510 RGB naturally has features that you wouldn’t normally find. For example, the Holm 510 has a USB hub, which has 3 ports that all support USB 3.0. What sounds like a great extension of the interfaces on the PC has to be put into perspective a bit by the fact that you also need 3 USB ports to be able to use all of the table’s functions. If you want to use the RGB lighting and the inductive charging in addition to the hub, you won’t gain any USB ports, but you might have more USB 3.0 ports, which are partly rare.

The inductive charging option is located on the upper right corner of the desk top. For users where the case is on the desk, this will probably be on the right side as a rule. This then blocks the loading area, making it unusable.  In combination with the restriction regarding the speaker elevation, it is clear that Genesis does not intend the case to be used on a desk. This is of course feasible, but you then forgo functionality.

The RGB lighting leaves a mixed impression. The bottom of the Genesis Holm 510 RGB is neatly illuminated, different colors are possible and modes are also offered. How useful this is is up to the user. However, it is a pity that the illumination is only available underneath the desk. If you sit in an upright position in front of it, the lighting is easily lost. A solution where the lighting comes from the back and shines up onto the wall where the desk is located would be much preferable.

The color modes here are very rudimentary and simple color changes and transitions are available, but these won’t blow away gamers who have a soft spot for RGB. Manufacturers of keyboards, mice and fans now offer so much more in terms of customization that the RGB functionality is a bit disappointing. It is controlled via a small remote control. In the test, it always responded from every position. However, the feeling of a DIY store comes up again when you hold the small, cheap-looking remote in your hand.


Genesis is looking to carve out a niche with the Genesis Holm 510 RGB, which makes basic sense considering how much the gaming chair market is booming. At first glance, the gaming desk certainly looks the part. The carbon look is appealing and the size and accessories are well thought out. Unfortunately, the Holm 510 shows weaknesses in detail. The placement of the area for wireless charging is not optimally chosen, and the speaker elevations take up space from the user. The RGB lighting is a nice idea, but the implementation is more bad than good.

Genesis Holm 510 RGB

Value for money


The desk wants to please, but it leaves a bittersweet impression. The impression fluctuates between stylish gaming furniture and DIY goods. At a price of 300 Euros, the desk certainly offers a lot of functionality. However, if it is not used or only used to a limited extent, you can definitely save a few Euros when reaching for a conventional desk.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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