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Genesis Nitro 880 – Gaming Chair Review

In October we tested the Genesis Nitro 550, a relatively inexpensive gaming chair from the same manufacturer, which is now followed by a more expensive model from the same manufacturer: the Genesis Nitro 880.

It is currently available in black/red and black/green and costs Price not available * respectively Price not available *. Prices fluctuate strongly, but are often in the range between 250 and 300 euros. This means that buyers have to spend a lot more money than with the Nitro 550, but the Nitro 880 should also offer some additional functions. Among other things, Genesis promises better floor castors and the standard 4D armrests.

The following test will show how the Nitro 880 performs in practice and whether the extra charge for the Nitro 550 is worth it.


Frame construction: Metal
Carrier material: PU imitation leather
Armrests: 4D (top/bottom: 6 cm, left/right: 1,5 cm, front/back: 5 cm)
Ergonomics backrest tiltable, height adjustable
Gas spring: Class 4
Maximum load 150 kg
NATEC Genesis Nitro 880 Stuhl Spiel-, Kunstleder,
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of Delivery and Construction

Like other gaming chairs, the Nitro 880 is supplied in individual parts. Again, these are in two cardboard boxes, which are directly inside each other.

Included in the delivery are the individual parts of the chair, for example the different backrests and the gas pressure spring. Also the assembly tool and the screws with snap rings and washers are included, they are stored in a blister.

The assembly of the Nitro 880 is done quickly: Those who have a lot of space will probably need a good half hour, in cramped conditions a little longer. The assembly of the chair can be done completely on its own. Only when screwing on the backrest and placing the seat on the floor cross can it be practical to have a helper – but such a helper is never necessary.

As an optional extra, Genesis again supplies plastic covers for the connecting piece between seat and backrest. In addition, there are the two usual cushions for the neck and the lordosis, which can be strapped to the backrest.

Design and Workmanship

Genesis uses PU artificial leather as the cover for the Nitro 880, which also covers the seat this time. This provides a much nobler look at the expense of potentially increased heat generation. If you sweat, artificial leather can start to “stick”. Whether you prefer an optically less appealing mesh cover is simply a matter of taste. The cover is firmly attached everywhere. There are no loose areas that could chafe.

The seams, which hold the different parts of the cover together, are also well done on the Nitro 880: The “main seam” between the front and back is completely hidden, the other seams are even and tight.

In the case of the Nitro 880, imitation leather is used in the colours black and red, so the contrast colour is no longer created only by the seams as was the case with the Nitro 550. Also striking is the backrest upholstery, which is based on a carbon look.

In the Nitro 880’s basic frame, Genesis relies throughout on metal, which makes it look correspondingly stable. The chair is advertised with a maximum load of 150 kg and should be able to lift it without any problems.

The surcharge for the chair is also due to the armrests: Typical “4D armrests” are used, in which not only the height but also the horizontal position and the angle of rotation can be adjusted. The installed models are quite stable and do not wobble excessively even at maximum height adjustment. Here Genesis is at eye level with most other gaming chairs.

The same also applies to the processing quality of the Nitro 880: although there are a few small inclusions on the painted surfaces, the paint is applied everywhere, at least opaquely. The joints between the individual parts are also stable.

In the case of the Nitro 550, the low price of the gaming chair was evident in the details. With the Nitro 880, these defects are far less noticeable, in keeping with the higher price: Although the quality of workmanship is not perfect, it is certainly on a par with the equally expensive competition. There are no noticeable optical or structural defects on the chair itself. However, there is criticism for the practical use of the 4D armrests – more on this in the next point.

Practical Use and Ergonomics

The seat of the Nitro 880 is quite thick but not too softly padded. The seat height is also conspicuous: it is minimum 50 cm and maximum 55 cm, making the Nitro 880 particularly suitable for tall people – the backrest is also high enough for this. The seat measures an average of 40 centimetres in width.

The backrest of the gaming chair can also be adjusted. It can be finely adjusted from slightly bent inwards to completely horizontal. Since the Nitro 880 is quite stable, you can also go into a flatter, more relaxed position.

The armrests are made from standard “4D” models. On these models, the support surface can be turned in three steps and adjusted forwards/backwards, inside/outside and up/down. Unfortunately Genesis also has to struggle with the typical problems: The 4D armrests are not very stable. This is especially true for our model’s left backrest, which can rotate at light pressure and snaps into an undesirable position.

This is a pity, because the rotatability is the most rarely used function of the 4D armrests and you could have done without them without problems. A further problem is the height adjustment: This works perfectly with both backrests, but the minimum and maximum height is shifted by about one step, a more even height would have been desirable.

The two cushions included in the scope of delivery offer a further possibility of adjustment, which are again well implemented: They can be attached to the backrest without any problems and offer a comfortable sitting feeling.

A rocker function is also included, with which you can swing the seat and backrest backwards. The counterpressure of the mechanism can be adjusted via a rotary knob on the underside, the range is wide enough for all common requirements.

As a little “extra”, Genesis provides the Nitro 880 with lockable castors that can be locked individually with a lever. This allows the chair to be fixed in one position, which works quite well in practice – but with the right amount of force it can of course still be moved. The only “problem” with the castors is the benefit: We can only imagine a few scenarios in which you have to fix your own gaming chair in place. Thus the foot rolls are in our eyes rather a nice addition than a really important feature.

The bottom line is that the chair’s ergonomics are at a good level. Due to the high seat surface, however, we would only recommend the chair for players with a height of 1.80 m or more.


The Nitro 880 is Genesis’ top model and dares to enter a price range in which numerous competing products are represented. The company offers all the usual features of a gaming chair: a widely adjustable backrest, rocker mechanism, 4D armrests as well as a head and lordosis cushion included. Another special feature is the option of fixing the chair’s floor castors individually to prevent them from rolling away.

One of the strengths of the Nitro 880 is that the covers fit snugly and are quite comfortable. In addition, the rather thick seat cushion is noticeable, which in turn ensures a relatively high sitting position. If you don’t rank at least 1.80 metres, you’re in the wrong place – and the chair should also be well suited for players over 2 metres in height, so that the Nitro 880 can secure a niche for itself.

Unfortunately, the gaming chair also has one point of criticism: the 4D armrests are obviously subject to significant production fluctuations. In our chair, both backrests are not the same height and must first be adjusted by the height adjustment. In addition, the swivel mechanism of the left armrest triggers very quickly, which often allows you to adjust it unintentionally. One or two degrees of freedom less, but a better implementation, would have been the better solution.

The bottom line is that the Nitro 880, also due to its still moderate price (test time about 280 Euro, currently Price not available * resp. Price not available *) , still not a bad choice. If you are big enough for the chair and would rather have artificial leather than synthetic covers, you will get a decent product with the chair. If, on the other hand, you want a better implementation with comparable features, you can get them for a small surcharge. Savers, on the other hand, can wait until the chair is sold again in the 250 Euro range.

Genesis Nitro 880

Seating Comfort
Stability & Workmanship
Value for Money

Solid gaming chair with relatively high seat.

NATEC Genesis Nitro 880 Stuhl Spiel-, Kunstleder,
This product is currently unavailable.

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