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Genesis Radium 600 – USB microphone under test

Since 2011, the company Genesis has been presenting gaming peripherals – we have already tested some products here – mice, chairs, speakers. Now, a condenser microphone has joined the ranks – the Radium 600. It is primarily aimed at YouTubers and streamers – sound quality is an important criterion in these areas and is thus becoming increasingly important. Whether this microphone is really recommendable, you can find out here in the test.


Microphone type Capacitor
Sampling rate 48 Hz
Frequency 30-18000 Hz
Sensitivity -36 dB
Characteristic Cardioid microphone
Connectors USB-B on microphone, USB-A on PC, headphone output
Color Black
Weight 408 g
Price Price not available *

Exterior appearance

The microphone is intended to be used as a table microphone and thus comes with a massive stand, a windscreen and a pop filter. All of this comes in a case that is visually very reminiscent of the cases that sound equipment is stowed in at events – though of course a bit thinner and less sturdy. Still, this is a nice way to repackage and transport the microphone.

The stand is heavy, so it stands securely and non-slip on the table. The assembly is quite simple – the height-adjustable spacer is simply screwed into the base, and the microphone is then screwed onto it. The pop shield can then be connected to this as well.

The actual microphone consists of an aluminum housing, printed with the brand name Genesis and the model name of the microphone. Additionally, a gain control to adjust the microphone volume, a volume control for the speaker connection and a mute button are present here. On the bottom, the cable is connected – this is easy to plug in and fits tightly.

Both the mute button and the microphone interior are illuminated. This illumination cannot be controlled separately – so whether you like it or not is a matter of taste.

All in all, there are no flaws to be found in terms of workmanship. The microphone feels valuable – the choice of materials is good. The stand itself is sturdy, but one would wish for a better decoupling of the microphone. The height adjustment works quite well, but feels a bit wobbly since you cannot lock it. In the everyday test, however, this still held without problems.

Recording quality

The Radium 600 comes without software – just plug it in and go. This basically works well, and the voice quality is convincing. Nevertheless, there are minor deductions, because the microphone is realistically not decoupled by a spider or the like, so noises on the tripod or directly on the table are transmitted clearly audible.

In addition, a basic noise is perceptible, depending on the gain level. If you speak into the microphone from a relatively short distance and can thus keep the gain low, this becomes less of a problem, but if you turn it up and speak from a distance, it tends to become more annoying.

The pop filter and also the windscreen do their job, but are not necessarily needed when recording normal speech. The microphone doesn’t seem to be particularly susceptible to problems in this area, but we can still say: Better safe than sorry, so such an addition is never wrong. The pop shield in particular can also be used on other microphones without any problems.

In summary: If you have found your ideal position, the voice quality is very good. So that you can form your own opinion, we have recorded it for you in a video – the sound was taken directly from Audacity without editing:

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Genesis has once again brought a thoroughly usable product to the market. Nevertheless, the Radium 600 has weaknesses as well as some strengths.

The biggest point of criticism from our side is the tripod. It could have been a bit more shock-absorbent, so that noise from natural movements would have been intercepted more. We would also have wished for a bit less background noise – and a controllable or at least deactivatable illumination would have been nice as the crowning touch. It lacks that little “certain something” – other manufacturers score with a noise-free mute button via touch, a microphone spider or a controllable illumination, for example.

In contrast, the microphone does quite a bit right: The voice quality is great, the workmanship and general feel is convincing and of high quality. The case is a nice gimmick – even if we would have preferred the budget tripod. The connectivity options are well chosen and the price is also within a reasonable range.

Since it neither stands out extremely positively, nor negatively, it receives the Silver Award from us and should thus, in our opinion, definitely be considered for a new purchase – with the awareness of the pros and cons.

Genesis Radium 600

Recording quality
Value for money


Basic solid condenser microphone with good recording quality and minor weaknesses with the stand

Mikrofon Genesis Radium 600 STREAMING Studiomikrof
This product is currently unavailable.

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