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Havit H2002D in test: Cheap and junk?

Cheap gaming headsets are a dime a dozen on the market. Among them, there are also some gems that have a lot to offer for a small price. The Havit H2002D costs around 40 Euros. It is suitable for the PC, Xbox and even PS4 due to the combined 3.5 mm jack connection including adapter. We test the headset for you.

Technical details

Type: Stereo headset
Design: Ear-wrap
Connection and cable length: 3.5mm, 170 cm
Lighting: none
Weight (without cable): n. a.
Impedance (headphones): 64±15% Ohm
Frequency range (headphones): 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Impedance (microphone): n. a.
Sensitivity (microphone): n. a.
Frequency range (microphone): n. a.
Price: 39,99 €

Scope of delivery

Havit puts the H2002D in a simple cardboard box on which only the logo of the manufacturer can be seen. The content is the headset in a plastic bag – nothing more. In short, the first impression of the headset is not good. However, it has already been proven to us that this can only be deceptive.

Design and workmanship

Havit also goes for a simple design when it comes to styling. However, it is this that already makes the H2002D look valuable. Gray and black, there is almost no simpler option. On the ear cups, we find the manufacturer’s logo in white.

Despite the simple packaging and design, the workmanship is on a good level. The plastic doesn’t feel good, but the gap dimensions are right and nothing rattles either, because the ear cup holder keeps everything firmly in place.

However, the headset gets minus points again with the microphone. It is indeed an advantage that it is detachable. But it just feels cheap, especially the gooseneck doesn’t make a good impression. But if you don’t want to pay much for your headset, you just have to make concessions.


For headsets that enclose the ears, it’s not just the padding that plays an important role in wearing comfort. They should shield outside noise, but have just as good air circulation. Nobody likes sweaty ears when gaming. And the H2002D masters this very well. Of course, we can’t say what the situation is like in high summer, but most likely still good. The ears stay sweat-free.

The HS002d from Havit can also be given a good grade for wearing comfort. Even after longer sessions, nothing presses on our head at all. The padding of the ear cups could be a bit softer, but the headband is perfect.

Recording and sound quality

Now let’s get to the part where Havit’s H2002D really has to leave points, and we actually have to advise you against buying it. The sound quality is still at a pretty good level. The bass is not too excessive, but clearly audible. Trebles could be a bit more precise, but mids and lows again fit the bill.

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The recording quality of the microphone is really bottom end. Not only is the quality simply poor, but background noise is not filtered out at all. In a room of about 18 m² you can hear everything. And in the same volume as the carrier, no matter how far away you are from it.


The first impression of the Havit H2002D already foreshadows bad things to come. By the optics and the workmanship of the headset, however, this is not confirmed in any case. Here it can be seen despite the low price in any case. The H2002D isn’t on the highest level in terms of sound either, but it’s still okay. At the latest with the microphone, the headset is simply unusable and we can only advise you against buying it. Unless you don’t care about your fellow players, then you could consider this headset.

Havit H2002D



The headset makes a good impression, but the microphone is really bad.

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