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HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless in the test – The classic revisited!

HyperX, the gaming peripherals division of HP Inc, unveiled a new wireless gaming headset last September. The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless comes as a wireless variant of its predecessor, the HyperX Cloud Stinger, and combines its benefits with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. With up to 20 hours of battery life, the headset promises you not only a long runtime, but also all the familiar advantages of the classic. You can find out how well the Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless performs in the test in the following lines.

Technical details

Design Over-ear
Driver 50 mm
Frequency range (headphones) 10 – 28000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Microphone type integrated microphone
Frequency range (microphone) 100 – 15600 Hz
Connectors USB, 2.4 GHz wireless connection
Battery life 20 hours
Weight 272 g
Warranty 2 years
Price € 114.90*

Scope of delivery

  • High quality packaging
  • Lots of plastic inside

The Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless comes in an attractive, branded box with plastic protection inside. The package includes the headset itself, a wireless USB dongle, a charging cable, a pop shield for the microphone, and finally the obligatory user manual.

Design & Workmanship

  • Comparatively sleek appearance
  • High-quality workmanship

Let’s take a closer look at the headset first – The Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless makes a high-quality impression right out of the box, visually reminiscent of previous in-house models, albeit with the typical red accent on the volume control. The matte black finish with dark gray trim on the plastic casing gives a high-quality impression and lets the HyperX logo shine in the center of the ear cup. The memory foam of the ear cups has been covered with synthetic leather and feels pleasant on the skin. I can’t say anything about the durability of the leather yet. Unfortunately, they can also not be removed or replaced individually.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless

The microphone has been packed with features that you would want in a decent headset for everyday use. For instance, the HyperX Quality-of-Life features are at it again, which means that you can mute the microphone by simply panning it. In addition, the microphone offers sophisticated noise cancellation, which you can examine in the linked video, and comes with a small pop shield. Finally, the microphone cannot be removed. There is also a USB-C port and a power button on the bottom. To conclude this chapter, the Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless is a credit to itself in terms of quality. Nothing rattles or wobbles, and although it is mainly made of plastic, it is very well made.

Comfort & Practice

  • Perfect comfort with minor drawbacks
  • Quick connection setup & stable connection quality

For long gaming sessions, the Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless is definitely suitable with its long battery life. But what about the wearing comfort? The total of 272 grams is comparatively light and therefore does not feel like a burden on the head. Compared to the last tested Syn Pro Air from Roccat, there is a world of difference here. Thus, the headset is ergonomically on the better side, although the usually more unwieldy wireless technology has been installed. The headband with its padding feels comfortable on the head and thanks to the flexible ear cups, the headset sits well with each individual without pulling or pressing uncomfortably.

I did have a small problem with the thickness of the ear cushions, or the sheer size of my ears. After the memory foam settled, my ear cups pressed against the inner wall at the outermost point and thus against the speaker. While this is not particularly annoying, HyperX clearly should have used more or thicker foam here, which would have also resulted in better overall comfort. It would also have allowed for better attenuation of external noise, which is now a bit poor. After wearing the headset for a while, I personally had nothing to complain about – so overall, I like the feel of the Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless satisfactorily.

In practice, the handling is very simple – plug in the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, put on the headset and after 5 seconds you are ready for the next adventure. Here I was very positively surprised, because in comparison, the finding process of the Syn Pro Air takes about 15-30 seconds. The volume wheel doesn’t feel high-end, but it completely fulfills its purpose. Lastly, we have the microphone and again, I think the quality is good. The movable arm can be shaped well and then also stays firmly in the set position.

Sound quality

  • Saturated sound with emphasis on mid frequencies
  • Maximum volume somewhat low

The sound quality of the Cloud Stinger 2 is worth listening to – the 50 mm driver paired with a frequency range of 10 to 28,000 Hz at an impedance of 32 ohms pleases the ears with flying colors. Sound-wise, the Cloud Stinger 2 is not exactly bass-heavy in the low-frequency range, but the overall package is well designed for “normal” music tastes. Typical radio music sounds decent, vocals and voices are mixed sovereign. Thus, the headset is not only suitable for listening to music, but also for everyday use, playing games, watching series or movies. The maximum volume could be a bit higher for my taste, as I found it a bit low compared to the Syn Pro Air.

Inside of the headset

DTS® Headphone:X® Spatial Audio provides the Cloud Stinger 2 with a rich sound output, as described by the manufacturer itself. Especially the directional recognition of skills/shots in various games works surprisingly well and surprised us positively. You almost have the feeling of being on the scene yourself. Precision is then only required for your own shots. In conclusion, we can say that the sound quality of the Cloud Stinger 2 positively convinced us and is worth an absolute recommendation for the medium price.

Microphone quality

  • Ok to good microphone quality
  • Typically muffled headset sound
  • Included pop shield for the microphone is a good extra

As good as the sound quality of the Cloud Stinger 2 is, you have to cut back on the quality of the microphone. During my first test recording, the headset sounded typically muffled, as is known from many other headsets. It lacks a bit of bass and treble, so a voluminous voice cannot fully develop. For professional to semi-professional recordings for e.g. YouTube, videos or podcasts, this is not enough in my opinion. However, the Cloud Stinger 2 is very well suited for in-game chat, video conferences or similar and meets my expectations here. A useful extra in the scope of delivery is the included pop shield. If you want to get an idea of the sound yourself, you can watch the linked video.


  • Simple & simple design
  • Only the most necessary functions

In the last chapter, we will once again discuss the accompanying HyperX NGENUITY software. This is not only used for the Cloud Stinger 2, but is also used to manage and configure all connected HyperX products. Basically, everything is available in the software to configure the headset according to your own preferences. Here you can activate the “Spatial Sound”, there is an equalizer, you can adjust the volumes and open the Windows sound settings with the push of a button. Simple, intuitive and straightforward.



The classic in a new guise – Could the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 convince me in the test? As a conclusion, it can be said that the headset left a rock-solid impression. The design of the Cloud Stinger 2 is similar to its predecessor and comes in a simple matte black. Visually, it makes a high-quality impression. The material quality is good and the build quality is also generally good. For me personally, however, there was a small problem with the wearing comfort, which in retrospect was no longer worth mentioning for me. Customers with large ears should therefore switch to another headset.

The biggest strengths of the Cloud Stinger 2 are the sound quality. Here, the mix is already quite well-tuned by default and thus produces a rich, sonorous sound with a focus on the mid frequencies. When it comes to recording quality, you have to reckon with a typical muffled headset sound here. Not the best, but sufficient for the essentials. Thus, HyperX realizes a fair price for what is offered.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


From old to new! - Although a bit more modern, the Cloud Stinger 2 from HyperX is an absolute recommendation as a gaming headset in the mid-price segment!

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