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K70 RGB TKL Champion Series: The next small keyboard from Corsair

Corsair has been busy again and released three new peripherals. Besides the two mice Sabre Pro Champion and Sabre RGB Pro Champion, the K70 RGB was also released today in a Tenkeyless version. All three will be part of the Champion Series, which was designed entirely with e-sports enthusiasts in mind.

So far, the K70 is nothing new, but just as the K65 recently got a mini-me, Corsair is now following up with a smaller model. However, in contrast to the mini-keyboard, the K70 RGB TKL comes with function keys and a volume scroller.

We have already got our hands on the new keyboard from the US company and examined it in detail in the usual Basic Tutorials manner. We always look forward to new products from the house of Corsair, as they can usually put quality and function on the table – but this also means they always have a neatly hanging bar to reach.


Key switch type Mechanical
Switch Cherry MX RGB
Shape Factor Tenkeyless
Operating power 45 g
Ahead path Three versions: 1.2 mm (SPEED) / 1.9 mm (SILENT) / 2.0 mm (Red)
Sampling rate Up to 8,000 Hz
Key scanning 4,000 Hz
On board memory 8 MB (up to 50 profiles)
Multimedia buttons 5 (Stop, Play/Pause, Last Track, Next Track, Mute) + Volume knob
Function buttons Profile, Brightness, Windows Lock
Connection USB 3.0 Type-A
Cable length 1.82 m (Type-C to Type-A)
Rollover Technology Full key rollover with 100% anti-ghosting
Lighting RGB with 16.8 million colors
Keycaps PBT Double-Shot + ABS
Materials Aluminum, plastic
Colors Black, matte
Dimensions 360 x 164 x 40 mm
Weight 0.93 kg
Compatibility Windows 10, macOS 10.15
Price € 145.90 *

Packaging & Contents: extra keycaps for real gamers

Reached us the usual yellow and black packaging with glossy representation of the keyboard on the front. The slogan “Press the advantage” is emblazoned on the side. Let’s see to what extent the K70 RGB TKL from Corsair actually offers an advantage.

Inside, in addition to the keyboard, we find the detachable connector cable (from USB Type-C to Type-A), which is cloth-covered, an obligatory keycap puller, and two sets of keycaps – WASD for FPS gamers and QWERDF for MOBA gamers. In contrast to the pre-mounted keycaps, however, these are triangularly ribbed, slightly curved outwards or upwards to the sides and made of ABS. Thus, real gamers get an additional portion of grip. Visually, the special keycaps already make a good impression.

Design & Material: small but nice

We could also preface this part with what we expect to see and try from Corsair, however, we have already started “Packaging & Content” this way. So let’s just focus on what we see, and we can already confirm that all workmanship and material choices are 1A.

The entire surface of the K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is made of aluminum, which adds to the look but of course also to the sturdiness. The case underneath, however, is plastic, as are all eight function and media buttons. Only the volume knob on the top left is made of shiny aluminum. Apart from that, everything is in matte; as are the double-shot keycaps, which are translucent at the lettering.

There’s not really much more to say about the exterior, so we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves here. We can only state that we are very satisfied with the good piece up to this point. But now it’s down to the nitty-gritty: let’s see if the K70 RGB TKL can call itself champion.

Switches: Cherry Cherry Lady, pardon, MX Red

Regarding the switches, we also find old acquaintances in this Corsair keyboard: Cherry MX RGB switches are installed. The mechanical switches need 45 grams of pressure to trigger. Just like the K65 RGB Mini, the K70 RGB TKL also comes in three variations. The gamer enthusiast can choose between speed, quiet keystroke and standard red.

Expressed in numbers, this means either 1.2 mm, 1.9 mm or 2.0 mm lead travel and also different properties. So, depending on preference, everyone gets what’s right for them.

    • Low Profile RGB Red = speed through 1.2 mm advance path
    • Silent RGB Red = Muffled audible feedback, but 1.9 mm of advance travel
    • Simple Red only = Audible feedback at 2.0 mm of lead travel

All three combine linear switch characteristics and up to 100 million keystrokes.

Under the hood (and above), the Corsair K70 RGB TKL is thus well equipped and will stand up to the highest demands when gaming. In addition, all switches shine with RGB lighting, which is of course controllable per button. This is done via the iCUE software (more on that later) or effects can also be changed via FN shortcut.

Every key switch can be so great, if the keyboard does not manage to transmit the data to the PC in a certain speed. Normally, a frequency of 1,000 Hz is enough here, but thanks to Axon Hyper-Processing technology, which has been a recurring application in Corsair’s products since the K100 RGB, 8,000 Hz hyper-polling is possible, as well as 4,000 Hz key scanning – as long as the PC and game support it.

That might be a criterion for real pro gamers, but certainly not for the average gamer, considering that 1,000 Hz already means one query per millisecond. But what would gaming products be if they didn’t shine in marketing with faster, higher, further.

In short, this part also satisfies us, which means we can go into the next ones reassured.

Function and media keys: the usual plus a nice-to-have switch

On the top left are four media buttons, which can start, pause, stop, and change tracks of music or videos. On the right side, there are three more buttons grouped together. One switches between the on-board stored profiles, the other two are responsible for brightness and Windows lock.

The latter should definitely no longer be missing on any gaming keyboard: This locks the Windows and other keys while you play. Then it doesn’t matter if you click the wrong keys in the heat of the moment; you still stay in the game instead of suddenly being shown the Windows menu.

Topping it all off is a Tournament switch, which in the case of the K70 RGB TKL has been placed on the back. If you flip it, the entire keyboard glows red all at once . This indicates activation and should minimize distraction from effects. It also disables macros to prevent accidental activation. The Tournament switch is thus addressed to all competitive players.

In addition, the three right buttons are joined by a mute button and a volume scroller, whose design we already know from previous Corsair models.

All the features, functions and workmanship scream gaming keyboard. In this case, we can give our blessing in all three areas. Very good work from the house of Corsair!

Memory & Macros: Enough space for everyone

Needless to say, the Champion Series K70 RGB TKL is also equipped with on-board memory. There are only 8 MB, but they are still enough for 50 profiles. These can be configured in Corsair’s iCUE software, as can macros and the RGB lighting.

Software: The next generation iCUE

Just like the K65 RGB Mini and Sabre mice, the K70 keyboard comes with the next-generation iCUE (well, rather you can download it). This has been given a new interface and thus offers even more simplicity in terms of customization of Corsair products.

Accordingly, iCUE can be used to exhaust all lighting design options, program buttons, make performance adjustments, and configure other settings. The latter also includes setting the sampling rate and updating the firmware.

In terms of presentation, Corsair’s software is better than most: easy to use, everything is clearly presented, and the peripherals can be easily customized to your own needs.


Oh, what can we say. Corsair has once again brought a top keyboard to the market. We don’t get paid to say that, though – even though the conclusions under Corsair reviews from us often start that way.

But let’s be serious: Together with e-sportsmen, the US gaming manufacturer has developed an optimal keyboard that focuses on performance, good switches and an optimized configuration. All of this makes itself without any flaws to be found. Likewise, the material and workmanship can once again be rated positively.

Although the good piece costs around 150 euros, they are well invested in our eyes. The Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is especially suitable for those who don’t want to use their keyboard in just one place. The USB cable can be quickly removed and thanks to a width of 36 cm, it also fits in just about any backpack. Absolute purchase recommendation on our part for all passionate gamers.

Corsair K70 RGB TKL

Value for money


Great workmanship gaming keyboard in Tenkeyless format. Equipped with Cherry MX switches, 8,000 Hz hyper-polling and a total of eight function keys, the K70 RGB TKL from Corsair is a real support in every game - and thanks to its small size, it is also very portable.

K70 RGB TKL, Gaming-Tastatur price comparison

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Corsair has been busy again and released three new peripherals. Besides the two mice Sabre Pro Champion and Sabre RGB Pro Champion, the K70 RGB was also released today in a Tenkeyless version. All three will be part of the Champion Series, which was designed entirely with e-sports enthusiasts in mind. So far, the K70 … (Weiterlesen...)

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