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KARNOX LEGEND TR – Super quality at a top price?

With the LEGEND TR, the Chinese manufacturer KARNOX offers a gaming chair in different colors and materials. You can choose between a fabric or imitation leather cover with or without carbon fiber applications. The imitation leather also has a glossy or matte look, depending on the variant of the chair. Our test model is the black version with carbon fiber applications. Whether the around 270 euros (with our 20% coupon only 216 euros) expensive KARNOX LEGEND TR could convince in our practical test, you can find out in the following test report.


Frame color Black
Frame construction Metal
Cover material PU Leatherette – Matte & Carbon Fiber
Upholstery material Cold foam
Adjustable head pad Yes
Type of backrest 86 cm
Latching function (backrest) Yes
Gas pressure spring class 4
Adjustable lumbar cushion Yes
Casters 2.5″ PU casters
Cover color Black
Adjustable armrests 4D
Load capacity max. 136 kg
Rocker function (seat + backrest) Yes
Seat area (incl. cheeks) Seat depth: 50 cm / seat width: 45 cm
Shipping weight 26 kg
Price € 265.00 * (-20% coupon “basictutorials20”)

Scope of delivery

The gaming chair reached us in a large brown package (dimensions: 88 x 69 x 32 cm). The included individual parts are each well packed and separated from each other, so no damage can occur and we could not detect any after unpacking.

The scope of delivery includes the individual parts of the chair as well as a mascot, which will gladly warm your chair if you are not using it. Also included is a suitable tool for assembly, in the form of an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver. Even the ergonomics have been thought of and included are a neck cushion and a lumbar cushion.

Also included are assembly instructions or an instruction manual. The manual is written in different languages and guides you very well through the individual steps of the assembly. In the German edition, there are here and there small spelling mistakes in the description, but these do not affect the reading flow as well as the meaningfulness.

Optics and workmanship

The exterior of the Legend TR could convince us. The black faux leather paired with the carbon applications really makes a statement and makes the chair look very classy and high-quality. However, we noticed a slight odor, which is probably due to the artificial leather. However, this problem disappeared after a few days and the “new car smell” was gone.

Overall, the design is kept quite sporty, for example, the cheeks of the seat and backrest are prominent and thus should provide a good seating position. The typical openings in the backrest give the chair a “wicked look” and further enhance the whole appearance. The upper half of the backrest features the Karnox logo and lettering, creating a welcome contour to the rest of the black. Parts of the seat and backrest are covered with a check pattern, which further adds to the valuable look.

The base is made of a plastic mixture and is mostly rough or matte. The glossy black applications differ in color, depending on the selected variant of the chair. We were also convinced by the material’s strength, but the chair would have benefited from a metal base.  This would further emphasize the appearance and value.

Overall, the workmanship is very good and leaves no room for criticism. Everything is neatly sewn and fastened. The metal frame makes a solid impression and the visible welds are also decent. Only the choice of materials on the base and the wobbly armrests attracted negative attention. The problem with the armrests is well-known and can also be found here and there in other chairs in the same price range. So whoever does it better has a clear advantage. However, you have to live with rickety armrests here.

Sitting comfort & ergonomics

The space between the cheeks of the backrest appears to us by the curves, with about 30 cm (width of the patterned part) as rather narrow. We also found the shoulder section to be unsuitable for broad shoulders. This has a stronger curvature than we know from other gaming chairs. As a result, one tends to make a slight hunchback. Wider people (which I count myself among) should rather look for a more suitable model (you can find inspiration here, for example).

Narrower people on the other hand, will definitely be happy with the KARNOX LEGEND, because here the seating comfort really works. The back cushion reliably supports the lumbar region, so that it is still comfortable to sit on the LEGEND TR even after a long time. We also noticed the height of the backrest and the associated neck cushion positively. This sits nicely high and offers welcome support in the right place even for somewhat taller people.

We also noticed the armrests in a very positive way. They are nice and big and can be adjusted to the right position thanks to the 4D armrests, even if they are a bit rickety. The backrest can also be adjusted backwards by up to 155° if you want to put your feet up. If you pull the height adjustment switch out to the right, you also have the option of the rocker function.


For the assembly KARNOX offers the buyer, in addition to the enclosed assembly instructions, also a video in which the individual steps are shown. Of course, we would not want to withhold this video from you.

Click here to display content from www.youtube.com


The KARNOX LEGEND plays in the price league between 200 and 300 euros and does a lot right here. Especially with our 20% coupon, which brings the price down to about 216 euros, the chair is unbeatable. The black/carbon design is classy and very appealing. Paired with the check pattern, which was incorporated into parts of the backrest and the seat cushion, the chair looks very classy and high-quality. Thanks to the very racing accentuated shape, it becomes a real eye-catcher.

Nevertheless, small weak points became apparent in our test. The biggest shortcoming is probably the area between the cheeks of the backrest, which is too narrow in our eyes. This makes sitting rather uncomfortable for wider people. The shoulder area is also rather unsuitable for people with broader shoulders due to the, in our eyes, strong curvature. One tends to pull the shoulders forward and make a slight hunchback due to the curvature. So the wider among us (myself included) should rather look for a more suitable chair whose ergonomics and dimensions also suit you.

The narrower part of the population can take a firm grip on the KARNOX LEGEND TR. Because if you look over the somewhat rickety armrests, you get a great designed chair, whose workmanship is largely very good.


Design and workmanship
Ergonomics and seating comfort
Value for money


A great designed and well-made gaming chair, with slight weaknesses and one major shortcoming, as it is rather made for slimmer people.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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With the LEGEND TR, the Chinese manufacturer KARNOX offers a gaming chair in different colors and materials. You can choose between a fabric or imitation leather cover with or without carbon fiber applications. The imitation leather also has a glossy or matte look, depending on the variant of the chair. Our test model is the … (Weiterlesen...)

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