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LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED review: Brilliant tablet that isn’t one

Is it a tablet? No! But it almost looks like one. In any case, the LC-M16 is a very unusual and, this much in advance, excellent device. Why? Well: Here, the German manufacturer offers a portable, 15.6-inch monitor. With a brilliant OLED panel. And 4K resolution. How it is about the picture quality and other advantages, we reveal in our LC-Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED test.

Technical data

Display Size 15.6″ / 39.62 cm
Resolution 4K Ultra HD / 3840 x 2160 pixels
Touchscreen 10-point multi-touch function
Screen interface Glare (AF – anti-fingerprint effect)
Screen refresh rate 60 Hz
Panel type OLED (SAMSUNG)
Image Format 16:9
Brightness Up to 440 cd/m²
Contrast ratio 100000:1
Color Space 100 % sRGB
94 % AdobeRGB
105 % NTSC
100% DCI-P3
Screen area 344.2176 (H) x 193.6224 (V) mm
Viewing angle H: 178° / V: 178°
Response time OD 1 ms
Connectors 1x mini HDMI
1x USB Type-C (data transfer)
1x USB Type-C (power supply 45 W)
Audio Built-in speakers (2x 1 W)
Color Back: anthracite
Protective cover: black-transparent
Dimension (monitor) 358 x 233 x 6.8 mm
Weight 968g
Energy consumption 13.2W (typ., via mini-HDMI)
Standby consumption ≤ 0.5 W
Energy efficiency class E
Battery 5000 mAh / 7.6 V
Warranty 3 years
Manufacturer Code LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED
Price € 639.00 *

LC-Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED review: the scope of delivery

Already the scope of delivery of the box decorated with pink rectangles can be seen. When we open it, we are greeted by an inconspicuous white cardboard slipcase, which houses a practical and quite high-quality protective cover for the sensitive monitor inside. It also serves as a stand – extremely practical.

The LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED itself finds room in a separate box. Once again, the manufacturer doesn’t skimp on accessories here and includes a whole three cables in the packaging:

  • A mini HDMI to HDMI cable (length: 1.5 meters)
  • A USB-C to USB-C cable (length: 1.75 meters)
  • A USB-C to USB-C cable (length: approx. 1 meter)

In addition, a USB-C power adapter including PowerDelivery with a maximum charging power of 45 watts joins, while a manual rounds off the scope of delivery.

Design and finish

At first glance, the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED monitor reminded me of a tablet that’s a bit too big, with visual parallels to the current Apple iPad Pro. Only that we have a whole 15.6 inches of screen diagonal available here.

The monitor measures 357 mm (length) x 233 mm (height) and is only 6.8 mm deep. Hardly thicker than a tablet. Of these dimensions, 344 mm x 194 mm (length x height) are available for the display, which takes up almost the entire front. The rest is reserved for the black screen borders, the lower of which displays the manufacturer’s logo in silver.

Over the rounded, dark-gray (some would probably call the colors space-gray) edges on the top and bottom, we get to the unspectacular back. There is nothing to see here.

However, it gets more interesting on the sides again, whereby the left and right are kept flat. The manufacturer has placed the on/off switch and a status LED on the upper right. One of the two speakers is found on the left, at a central height. On the right is the corresponding counterpart in the form of the second speaker, which incidentally has a power of 1 watt each.

The two individually separated volume buttons are on the upper right, and the two USB-C ports and the mini-HDMI input are at the very bottom. The design of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED looks elegant and tidy. However, at least one more port on the left would have been desirable. Thus, all the action always takes place on the right.

Workmanship of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED

In terms of build quality, there is nothing to complain about. The LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED feels extremely high-quality and sturdy. The case is grippy, so the monitor is quite comfortable to hold with two hands.

Honestly? The feel and workmanship are on the same level as in the case of the Apple iPad Pro. The only difference is that it says LC-Power on it and the price is correspondingly lower.

Only the transport case has to take minimal criticism. More precisely, its stand. Although the practical folding mechanism allows a quick and easy placement on surfaces, it doesn’t seem particularly robust. Especially when the monitor is positioned vertically.

Features and practical test

Let’s move on to the features of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED. We have already mentioned the connections at the beginning. It should be noted that the monitor must always be connected to a source via USB-C in order to display an image.

This can be a notebook from various manufacturers, desktop PCs and Macs, a smartphone (sorry iPhone, unfortunately not you) or current game consoles. In short: Pretty much anything that allows a video signal via USB-C or HDMI.

LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED field test
The OLED panel delivers rich colors and strong contrasts. (Shown here at 100 percent brightness and near-total darkness)

Battery, power consumption and runtime

So that the monitor doesn’t run out of juice so quickly, LC-Power installs a 5,000 mAh battery with 7.6 volts. Of course, the battery runtime strongly depends on the monitor’s use and set brightness. Accordingly, LC-Power does not make any concrete statements.

At maximum brightness, the power consumption is around 18 watts for bright content. This is typical for OLED panels, whose power consumption is significantly higher when displaying bright pictures than with dark content.

In idle mode when displaying a dark photo, we arrived at a power consumption of around 13 watts, which naturally improves the battery runtime noticeably. Otherwise, you can counteract by reducing the brightness and thus tickle more battery life out of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED. At 75 percent brightness, we achieved a battery life of just over 4 hours in mixed use (some surfing, gaming, video streaming and office use).

Alternatively, you can of course connect the monitor to power using the included power adapter and USB-C cable. This way, the battery can be charged during use or the monitor can be used wired. The LC-M16 takes around four hours for a full charge from 0 to 100 percent.

Practical test of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED

In practice, the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED is pleasant to use on the go. Of course, you cannot expect a completely free experience due to the constraint of at least one connected cable. Nevertheless, the monitor turns out to be light enough with a weight of 968 grams to hold it in your hands – at least theoretically.

This is a conceivable application especially because the LC-M16 has a touchscreen. It has a 10-point multi-touch functionality, which worked absolutely reliably, quickly and precisely in our test under Windows 11 and almost provided a Windows tablet feeling. Otherwise, the setup is very simple. Connect the monitor to the preferred source, turn it on and you’re ready to go.

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The included protective cover also proves to be practical, especially thanks to its stand. There isn’t any other way to place the monitor out of the box. Theoretically, the LC-M16 can also be placed on a notebook or tablet stand, but the included solution is a much more portable and absolutely sufficient option, especially for on the go.

Image Quality of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED

The panel of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED comes from Samsung and comes up with quite impressive values. The manufacturer promises up to 440 cd/m² brightness, a contrast ratio of 1,00,000:1 and a 100% coverage of the sRGB and DCI-P3 fab space. In theory, this should make the monitor ideal for content creators, video and photo professionals, as well as for gaming.

The maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz should tip the scales in gaming. The mobile device cannot replace a real gaming monitor, such as the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 that we recently tested for example. However, that is not even the field of application.


With the help of the Datacolor SpyderX Elite measurement device, we put the LC-M16-4K through its paces and gained some interesting insights in the lab test. We could not quite reach the targeted values in the lab test, but they are very close.

Lab test of the LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED

In fact, the portable monitor achieves 100 percent sRGB color space coverage in our test in the standard calibration and even minimally achieves 95 percent AdobeRGB, which is more than the manufacturer specifies.

The DCI-P3 color space, on the other hand, is covered by 97 percent. This is also an excellent value, which shows that the monitor should be perfectly suitable for image and video work.

LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED color space coverage

Moving on to the tonal representation, which is excellently positioned at the Gamma 2.2 value. In terms of brightness, we ultimately came to a maximum of 395.2 cd/m² in our test of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED. This does not quite correspond to the manufacturer’s specifications, but still results in a remarkable brightness.

LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED brightness

Nevertheless, the monitor is only suitable for outdoor use to a limited extent, because the display does reflect quite strongly. Nevertheless, outdoor use is definitely possible thanks to convincing brightness and excellent contrast values.

The homogeneity of the colors and especially the luminance, which we still criticized in the case of the LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2, is mastered brilliantly by the LC-M16 across all brightness settings. Only at 83% brightness is there an outlier in the upper right corner of the screen up to DeltaE 1.8. The factory calibration is more than impressive.

In the end, the average value of DeltaE is 1.52, which once again speaks for the qualities in the field of image and video editing. Especially since you can get much more out of it with the help of the OSD settings.

LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED Color Fidelity
In terms of color fidelity, the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED achieves a very good average value of DeltaE 1.52


The picture quality in practice

During the test, the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED had to fight off various tasks and was able to convince in all areas. Especially the combination of low weight and precise touchscreen, together with the excellent color and contrast display of the OLED panel is simply fun.

No matter if you quickly navigate through long spreadsheets in Excel, enjoy content in 4K on popular video and streaming platforms or play current games: The image quality of the monitor is convincing across the board.

Of course, the refresh rate of 60 Hz is only suitable for competitive shooters or fast racers to a limited extent, but you can still gamble with it. The response time of only 1 millisecond also speaks for that.

LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED Picture Quality
The monitor is also very suitable for gaming. (Here, photographed, the game Frozenheim by
Paranoid Interactive)

As already mentioned, the monitor also has two integrated speakers, which naturally don’t pull out any trees with a power of one watt each. In fact, they are one of the monitor’s few real points of criticism, because they even have to admit defeat to speakers in some mid-range notebooks in terms of audio quality. Nevertheless, they are nice-to-have, get quite loud and do not sound tinny even at maximum volume.

OSD setting

Tapping the power button takes you to the OSD (on-screen display) menu, where you can make various settings via touch input or using the volume up and volume down buttons. For example, you can choose between different picture modes that are particularly suitable for displaying texts, videos or gaming.

Alternatively, you can adjust brightness and contrast yourself in the user mode. It is also possible to adjust the color temperature or adjust the image in terms of chrominance, color saturation and sharpness.

You can also disable the gravity sensor, thanks to which the monitor normally displays the image horizontally or vertically depending on the orientation. Very practical: You can also use the battery icon within the OSD to use the monitor as a powerbank and supply external devices with power.

LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED review: conclusion

The combination of OLED panel, 4K resolution and such high color space coverage is quite unique in the market. Especially when this is implemented as excellently as in the case of the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED.

The portable monitor is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether on the go, to display smartphone content or as a second monitor for Creator or streaming. The build quality and display quality are beyond reproach and are in no way inferior to much more expensive OLED notebooks.

Color reproduction, contrast values and the low response time make the portable monitor a convincing companion that also offers real added value with a precise touchscreen.

The battery life is also absolutely okay in view of the compact dimensions, but the power consumption turns out to be quite high. Apart from the “only” decent quality of the speakers, there is not much to complain about. The fact that a protective cover is included, which also serves as a stand, is praiseworthy. However, it could have been a bit more stable. But that is complaining on a high level.

Of course, a portable monitor like the LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED is an absolute niche product. But if you are looking for exactly that, you probably won’t find anything better on the market at the moment. Especially since most portable monitors still rely on a Full HD resolution and an IPS panel. However, the offered technology and quality also have their price. It is fair, but also correspondingly high.

LC Power LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED Review: Gold Award


Image quality
Value for money


Excellent, lightweight and portable monitor with a brilliant OLED panel and 4K resolution that hardly leaves anything to be desired. The power consumption is a bit high, but the price is quite steep.

LC-POWER LC-M16-4K-UHD-P-OLED price comparison

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