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LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 review: The gaming monitor gets even better

If the manufacturer LC-Power or Silent Power Electronics GmbH from Willich in North Rhine-Westphalia has proven one thing, then it is without a doubt that they can build excellent gaming monitors at a fair price. This was also evident in the LC-M27-4K-UHD-144, which we awarded the Gold Award in our August 2021 review. Now, the manufacturer upgrades the display significantly in a new edition and delivers HDMI 2.1, a faster response time, integrated speakers and a colorful RGB lighting. Are we in for a real price-performance hit? Our LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 test clarifies this and much more.

Technical data

Display size 27″ / 68.58 cm
Resolution 4K Ultra HD / 3840 x 2160 pixels
Screen refresh rate 144 Hz (60 Hz when PiP/PbP mode is enabled)
Panel type IPS
Screen Surface Non-glare
Image format 16:9
Brightness 350 cd/m²
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Dynamic contrast 1,000,000:1
Screen colors 16.7 M
Color space 100 % sRGB
85 % AdobeRGB
85 % NTSC
90% DCI-P3
Viewing Angle H: 178° / V: 178°
Curvature none
Response time MPRT: 1 ms
Connections 1x DP 1.4
2x HDMI 2.1
1x USB Type C PD (USB 3.2 Gen 1×1/Video/Data/PD 65 W)
Audio 1x audio out (3.5mm jack)
Integrated speakers 2x 5 watts
Color Back panel: black, RGB lighting.
Stand: black
Dimension (without stand) 613 x 367 x 65 mm
Dimension (with stand) 613 x 551 x 369 mm
Dimension (packaging) 895 x 468 x 165 mm
Tilt angle -5°~20°
Up/down 120 mm
Left/right 20°
VESA suspension 75 x 75 mm
Weight (product/total) 5.49 / 8.37 kg
Energy consumption 32 kWh / 1000 h
43 kWh / 1000 h (HDR)
Standby consumption ≤ 0.5 W
Input power 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 19 V, 7.89 A (150 W)
Energy efficiency class G
Bar code 4260070129810
manufacturer code LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2
Price: € 654.99 *

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 review: the scope of delivery

The LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 gaming monitor reaches us in a bulky cardboard box. No wonder, since the box of the securely packed 27-incher is about 90 cm long and has a proud total weight of 8.37 kg. Compared to the predecessor, the box itself is much more colorful and definitely makes you want to unpack it. So, knife in hand and into the fray.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Scope of Delivery
The scope of delivery leaves nothing to be desired. Even a HDMI 2.1 cable (high speed) is included.

Securely embedded in two large styrofoam halves, we first come across the accessories including instructions. LC-Power has certainly not skimped on cables, because we not only find a DisplayPort 1.4 or USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, but also a high-speed HDMI cable that supports the 2.1 standard. In addition, there are four screws for the optional wall mounting, the monitor itself, and the stand, which consists of a base and a bracket.

Assembly and commissioning

The assembly of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 poses no problem even for laymen and is absolutely foolproof. In addition, no tools are required, which we like. The included instructions guide you through the assembly in only four steps, but it’s so simple that you can confidently put the paper aside.

Simply connect the base and the stand using the knurled screw and insert the two-part stand from behind into the hole provided for it on the monitor. That’s it. Yes, it really is that simple. If you ever want to remove the LC-M27 from the stand, for example to mount it on the wall, there is a quick release button on the back. Conceivably simple.

Design and workmanship

When it comes to the design of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2, a lot has changed compared to the first edition. For example, the new model no longer features the red color accents of its predecessor. Instead, the appearance is now completely black and therefore less conspicuous.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2
In terms of design, the manufacturer relies on plain black.

The three-sided frameless design of the front is also striking, with almost no display edges on the top and sides. Only underneath the screen is a border of about 18 mm high, on which the silver-colored manufacturer logo is emblazoned in the center.

On the right edge we also find information about the controls, which are now – unlike in the predecessor – on the bottom and thus easier to reach. Specifically, there are five oval keys (from left to right): M, down arrow, up arrow, E and on/off.

The stand of the monitor has also been redesigned. This is now also completely in matte black and has a round design. At the bottom, we also find a practical cable guide that leads the cables directly to the ports. Fortunately, these have been moved to the center. On the one hand, this is an advantage compared to the predecessor, where they were still on the left rear, which could sometimes make things tight.

Due to the central position, the ports are now equally easy to reach from both sides. However, it can get a bit fiddly during the connection due to the stand directly behind it.

New RGB lighting, (too) large stand

Another innovation on the back concerns the LED lighting. This is now present as a strip that stretches across the entire width of the monitor at half height and divided in the middle by the mounting. In addition, this no longer shines exclusively red, but in many colorful RGB colors.

The shape, size of the stand and general design of the monitor are similar to the manufacturer’s LC-M27-QHD-240-C-K, which we recently tested. With the difference that the 144-V2 has a straight display and no curvature.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2Standfuß
The stand turns out very long. It clearly protrudes over my monitor stand.

Accordingly, the cantilevered stand can’t help but draw a bit of criticism, because it really does take up a lot of space. Around 22 centimeters, to be exact. Which is too much for many commercially available monitor stands.

Workmanship of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2

The build quality of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 ranks at a good level. In and of itself, everything feels valuable and quite robust. However, we have to criticize the somewhat too smooth height adjustment, which makes it impossible to lift the monitor without holding the stand.

The comparatively large gaps at the upper and lower edges of the display, where dust and dirt can quickly collect, also give reason for criticism. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about in terms of workmanship.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Processing
The gaps at the upper and lower edges give some cause for criticism

Features and ergonomics

We have already hinted at it, but we want to mention it again. In terms of features, the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 makes its predecessor look pretty old and has a lot to offer, not only measured by the comparatively low price. Neither the selection of ports nor the ergonomic features leave anything to be desired. Specifically, the following ports are available:

  • 1x DisplayPort 1.4 (4K image with 144 Hz)
  • 2x HDMI 2.1 (4K image with 144 Hz)
  • 1x USB Type-C (USB 3.2, 4K image with 144 Hz, including PowerDelivery with 65 watts)
  • 1x audio-out (3.5mm jack)
LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Connectors
Compared to its predecessor, there is only 1x DP, but two times HDMI 2.1 and integrated speakers

Conveniently, the gaming monitor can thus call up its full potential at all ports. The (real) HDMI 2.1 ports celebrate a premiere, which make the monitor exciting for owners of the Xbox Series X and/or PlayStation 5: Here, the LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 realizes a 4K image with 120 FPS (the maximum that the consoles are capable of).

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Xbox Series X
Thanks to HDMI 2.1, there’s 4K at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X/PS5 – including HDR10.

But not only that: this time there are finally integrated speakers. Two 5-watt speakers are installed in the monitor, which do not reproduce an earth-shatteringly good, but absolutely sufficient sound, should no stereo or headset be available.

Ergonomics of the LC Power Monitor

The ergonomic features of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 leave nothing to be desired. You can adjust the monitor exactly the way you like it.

The monitor can be tilted from -5° to 20° and its height can be adjusted by up to 120 mm. It can also be tilted 20° to the left or right and also has a pivot function to align it vertically.

And then there’s the RGB lighting on the back, which is divided into two strips that run across the entire width of the monitor. It serves as indirect lighting and can be adjusted via the OSD menu. Various color options, lighting modes and intensity levels are available here. Optionally, the illumination can also be completely deactivated.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 RGB lighting
The RGB lighting can be customized in colors and effects or completely deactivated

The image quality of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2

So now it’s down to the nitty gritty. So far, various models from the manufacturer have been consistently convincing in our test, is this also true for the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2?

Once again, we used the Datacolor SpyderX Elite measuring device to determine the values in the lab. However, we also want to tell you what we think of the picture quality in a subjective practical test.

But first the bare facts: LC-Power relies on a 27-inch matte IPS panel including a 4K UHD resolution. The maximum brightness is 350 cd/m², the maximum refresh rate is 144 Hz. However, the frame rate is limited to 60 Hz when you superimpose the picture from two sources (Picture-in-Picture) or next to each other (Picture-by-Picture).

As is typical for IPS, the viewing angle of 178° from all directions is very high, whereas the contrast ratio of 1000:1 is manageable. A dynamic contrast of 1,000,000:1 is promised. There is also a VESA DisplayHDR-400 certification and an MPRT response time of one millisecond. A good starting position, then. Time for the lab test.

Lab test of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2

First, let’s take a look at the monitor’s color gamut. Here, the display can even surpass the manufacturer’s specifications. Thus, the sRGB color space is covered by a full 100 percent. The value for the AdobeRGB coverage is 89 percent at the end of the test and thus four percent higher than the manufacturer’s specification.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 color gamut

The DCI-P3 color space coverage in the test is 93 percent – also three percent more than specified by the manufacturer. Thus, the LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 is also well suited for image and video editing. Next point: tonal value representation. Measured in Gamma 2.2, although theoretically even values of 2.4 and 2.6 are still adjustable in the OSD.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2

At maximum brightness, the monitor clocks in at 394.1 cd/m² in our test and achieves the specified contrast of 1,000:1 – typical for an IPS panel. The white point is 7100 and is rated with four out of five points by our measuring device.

The color homogeneity of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 is on a good level, especially at 50 percent and 67 percent brightness, while it already turns out quite high at maximum brightness in the upper third of the screen. Nevertheless, all rates are still in the green field. Only in terms of luminance homogeneity does the current model from LC-Power continue to weaken. And that partly in the double-digit range.

In terms of color fidelity, the monitor ultimately comes in with an average DeltaE of 2.92, which is a good level. Ultimately, the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 achieves really good results in the lab test.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Luminance
Only in terms of luminance homogeneity (here at 100% brightness) does the monitor weaken.

Picture test in practice: office and gaming use

In practice, we naturally wanted to check the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 for its gaming and entertainment qualities. For the gaming test, we connected the monitor to the Xbox Series X on the one hand and to a gaming notebook on the other.

In both scenarios, the monitor could completely convince us. Especially on the current Microsoft console, the display scores with rich colors, high contrasts, and a sharp picture without tearing or ghosting. Even an HDR picture (HDR 10) is supported, although you have to do without Dolby Vision. However, only very few will notice the difference in practice anyway.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Xbox
4K with up to 120 FPS and HDR10: owners of the current consoles are excellently served

On the PC or notebook, the 27-incher also cuts an exceptionally good figure. A 4K resolution with 144 Hz is available and offers the perfect middle ground between detailed display and fast frame rates, especially in fast shooters and similarly fast games – provided that the hardware is powerful enough.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 GRID Legends
Rich colors, high contrasts and a smooth picture, even in fast racers (here: GRID Legends)

Thanks to Adaptive Sync, the monitor also prevents tearing and judder. The technology developed by VESA adapts the monitor’s refresh rate to the images output by the graphics card. Of course, not only games benefit from this, but also videos and streaming content. In office mode, the LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 also conjures up crisp fonts and high contrasts on the screen, while we scroll smoothly through tables or long websites.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2
Rich colors, very good brightness and good contrasts: the picture quality can convince

OSD settings

Further settings can also be made via the OSD menu. Under the item “Game settings”. presets for different genres can be activated, for example, which have an effect on brightness, contrast or sharpness.

In addition, Adaptive Sync and HDR can be turned on and off, a frame rate indicator or crosshairs can be displayed, or the response time can be adjusted. In the latter case, the options “normal”, “fast” and “ultra-fast” are available, but we could not determine any real differences in normal gaming use.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 OSD
The on-screen display (OSD) menu also shows resolution and frame rate. In addition, every detail of the image can be adjusted here.

In addition, the OSD offers the possibility to adjust the picture settings and colors, set the picture-in-picture mode or adjust the volume of the installed monitors.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Review: Conclusion

The first version of the monitor already offered little cause for criticism. Fortunately, the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 makes gains in all categories. Especially owners of the current consoles will be happy about HDMI 2.1 and a 4K resolution. The speakers that are now installed are also a nice bonus and deliver a decent sound.

I particularly like the versatile ports, whereby the monitor not only supplies a connected notebook with an image via USB Type-C including PowerDelivery of 65 watts, but also charges it at the same time.

Keyword picture: The picture is on a very good level and does not show any noteworthy flaws, even though LC-Power still has slight problems in terms of color and luminance homogeneity. But you really only notice that if you use a professional measuring device.

In connection with the multitude of successful innovations and the strong specifications, the MSRP of the LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 seems absolutely justified. Competing products from other manufacturers with these or at least similar specifications are rare or sometimes much more expensive. In the end, we are left with a coherent overall package at a fair price that hardly leaves anything to be desired.

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 Review: Gold Award

LC-Power LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2

Image quality
Value for money


First-class 4K gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1 and up-to-date features that cuts a convincing figure on PC and current consoles alike.

LC-POWER LC-M27-4K-UHD-144-V2 price comparison

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