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LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K in review: A price-performance hit?

LC-Power has always stood for proverbial high-performance PC hardware at a good price. The German company scores especially in the field of PC monitors with affordable solutions that are worth seeing. With the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K, the hardware experts from the idyllic Willich are now launching a really classy monitor. However, it is not only supposed to score with a high-quality design, but also provide a lot of hardware power. The 32-inch screen offers a refresh rate of 165 Hz and Adaptive Sync. What more could passionate gamers want? Other exciting features like RGB lighting on the back and an immersive curved design also make us want more. Whether the new gaming monitor can deliver what LC-Power promises, you can read in our detailed test!

Technical Specifications of the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K

Display size 32 inches
Resolution QHD/ 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
Frame refresh rate 165 Hz
Panel VA panel
Image format 16:9
Brightness 650 (± 30) cd/m²
1000 (± 30) cd/m² (HDR 1000 mode)
Curvature 1000R
Connections 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 3x HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2), 1x Type-C PD (65 W), 1x Audio Out
Dimensions with stand 721 x 600 x 287 mm, weight: 8.82 kg
Price € 455.45 *


On the packaging of the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K, you can already see the fancy monitor in the form of prints from different positions. This makes you want to see more and ensures that you quickly want to take a look inside. Unpacking the box of the 32-incher, it becomes clear relatively quickly that the assembly is easy.

Inside you will find everything you need for the assembly. In addition to the base of the stand, you’ll also encounter the cable routing rod, to which the screen itself is mounted. However, you don’t have to get out your toolbox to assemble the monitor. LC-Power also includes a mini screwdriver in addition to the screws.

But LC-Power doesn’t only include everything necessary for the installation. Also beyond that, the scope of delivery is really impressive. You get a USB (USB-C to USB-C), HDMI and DisplayPort cable each. The power supply also comes with two power cords for different socket standards. So no wishes are left unfulfilled here.

Design & Workmanship

Once you’ve set up the gaming monitor, it quickly becomes clear that this is a really nifty piece of technology. This is not least due to the matte white design, which not only looks classy, but also brings two practical advantages. On the one hand, dust is simply not visible here. Those who are not too familiar with microfiber cloths or feather dusters anyway will not have to suffer from this, at least visually. Furthermore, LC-Power’s color choice prevents you from seeing fingerprints on the surface.

Once you turn on the pretty piece of technology, it convinces with narrow display edges. These are barely visible in front of a white wall, which makes them virtually invisible. We also like the stand, which is not too conspicuous with its three-part design.

But a look at the back of the monitor is also worthwhile. Here you not only find a chic contrast between black and white. The diagonally running RGB strip also catches the eye. Even if a direct look at the light element is already worthwhile, its true strength only unfolds when it is directly in front of a wall. But more about that later.

The monitor can be switched on and off at the blue glowing button, which is located centrally at the bottom.

The build quality keeps what the first glance promises. LC-Power offers a high-quality manufactured monitor, which doesn’t look like it’s at a comparatively low price. Thus, it can definitely keep up with premium products like the Samsung Odyssey series.

If you decide to buy the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K, you should keep in mind that this is a monitor with a curved design. Thus, you need enough space on your desk to be able to place the screen ah. If you prefer a solution with as little depth as possible and can do without the curved panel, you’d better go for a flat alternative. However, I personally prefer Curved – both for gaming and working.

Features & Ergonomics

If you look at the back of the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K, you’ll quickly notice that LC-Power isn’t stingy with connectivity here. Quite the contrary. Besides the power connector, you’ll find three HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, a USB-C port (with 65 watts of charging power), an audio out (3.5 mm jack), and a USB-A port. Consequently, several of your source devices should be able to find room here.

When it comes to features, the ergonomic features of the monitor naturally play an important role. After all, along with a suitable desk and desk chair, these are the guarantee for avoiding back pain. The LC-Power can be adjusted in height, for one thing.

In addition, you can adjust the viewing angle of the monitor both vertically and horizontally. This ensures that you always have everything in view without having to turn your head uncomfortably.

Due to the great ergonomic features, the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K is also ideal for the home office. Even long hours are then in no way associated with neck or back pain.

By the way, one of my personal highlights of the monitor is the backlight. LC-Power installs two diagonally running RGB strips, which are supposed to provide a great lighting atmosphere. In practice, this works really well. Thus, the back of the screen in interaction with the wall behind my desk provided cool indirect lighting like we know from Philips Ambilight TVs. However, the lighting is much more subtle.

The picture quality of the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K

Let’s move on to the supreme discipline of any monitor – the picture quality. Since the evaluation of this factor, similar to the audio performance of speakers, is always somewhat subjective, we used the Datacolor SpyderX Elite, a professional measuring device. First, we took a closer look at the monitor’s color gamut. The LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K covers the sRGB color space by 100%. The AdobeRGB color space is again covered by 90%. LC-Power’s monitor manages 93% for the P3 color space and 86% for the NTSC color space. In our measurement, it can therefore display even more colors than advertised by LC-Power. This makes it an optimal choice for creative professionals who work in the field of video editing or image processing.

Color range of the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K (Spyder Monitor Quality Analysis)

The tonal values are also impressive. Thus, the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K scores with its display with astonishingly accurate gamma values of 2.2. Thus, the output luminance is on a very high level.

Tone value display (Spyder monitor quality analysis)

Of course, contrast is similarly important as color reproduction. Since LC-Power relies on a VA panel for its monitor, there are good prerequisites for high contrasts. With a contrast ratio of 1750:1 at a brightness of 100%, the monitor also delivers a great performance in the area of contrast. If you choose the default setting, the contrast is even 1810:1. Unfortunately, our measured contrast ratio is considerably lower than the 2500:1 stated by LC-Power.

There is, however, a little reason to complain. The monitor reveals a few weak points, especially in terms of color homogeneity. The darker the picture is, the more severe these are. The color intensity can be a bit too strong here and there. We found similar problems when measuring the luminance homogeneity. However, this is a problem that is often encountered in panels with a local dimming feature. Here, only top models can create a barely perceptible cloudiness.

Last but not least, we took a closer look at the color fidelity and the white values. The monitor delivered good results here. When we measured the average color fidelity, we got a result of not outstanding, but good 1.53. The white point reached a value of 6,600 at maximum brightness – also a good result. All in all, the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K delivers a high picture quality, with which at least theoretically good conditions prevail in the gaming, entertainment and office area. We will now take a look at the practical use of the picture quality.

HDR is also supported by the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K. In HDR 1000 mode, the monitor thus reaches up to 1000 cd/m². Of course, this is not possible in continuous operation, which is why we focused on normal operation in our measurement. Of the 650 cd/m² (+/- 30 cd/m²) specified in the spec sheet, 632 cd/m² were achieved, which is within the tolerance range and very good.

Gaming and entertainment

We want to check whether the good measured values pay off in practice by means of an extensive entertainment session. For this, we first used the monitor for an extensive gaming session. The spec sheet speaks volumes about the qualities that the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K has to offer for gaming. This already starts with the sheer design. Thanks to the 1000R curvature, you get a really great in-the-middle feeling here. Given the high contrasts and great colors, it is also just fun to dive into the virtual worlds. The sharp QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) does the rest. Furthermore, you also get Adaptive Sync in addition to a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz.

Of course, you cannot expect the stable viewing angles of an IPS panel. But who looks at a curved monitor from the side?

Here, the refresh rate is kept at as stable a level as possible in cooperation with the graphics card. There is no better way to prevent stuttering images. This was immediately noticeable in practice. Everything runs wonderfully smooth on the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K. Jerks are not even noticeable here with the right hardware. The high refresh rate is also noticeable in everyday use. You can scroll through the browser and documents as smooth as butter. You really can’t complain when enjoying movies and series, either.

Summary of the LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K review

With the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K, LC-Power succeeds in bringing a really good monitor to the start. With its 32 inches, it is not only large, but also pleases in other respects. This already starts with the elegant design and continues with the high build quality. The features and customization options are also really impressive. In the supreme discipline, picture quality, it also delivers good rates. Only the color and luminance homogeneity leaves a bit to be desired. This is clearly noticeable when you turn down the brightness. However, that is also complaining on a high level. The good rates become noticeable at the latest when you play with the monitor in the curved design for the first time. Adaptive Sync and a refresh rate of 165 Hz provide a lot of gaming fun. If you’re looking for a price-performance hit, you’re in the right place!

LC-Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K

Image quality
Value for money


At a price of around 500 Euros, the LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K offers plenty of performance. If you are looking for a good gaming monitor at a fair price, this is the right choice!

LC Power LC-M32-QHD-165-C-K price comparison

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