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Lexip Pu94 Review: Gaming Mouse with two Joysticks

The French manufacturer Lexip Gaming can look back on a successful Kickstarter campaign, which was primarily intended to promote the development of a revolutionary gaming mouse. Just under 300,000 euros from over 2,600 supporters later, the Lexip Pu94 gaming mouse and the Lexip B5 gaming mouse pad are available on the market.

This article is mainly about the Pu94 gaming mouse, whose special feature is a joystick integrated into the chassis with an analog stick positioned on the side. To what extent this input device meets the expectations and whether it is worth switching to such a mouse, you can find out in this test.

Technical Details

Ergonomics: Right-handed
Sensor: Avago / Pixart ADNS-9800 (Laser)
Resolution: 50 – 12,000 DPI (4 steps)
Speed: 3.8 m/s
Acceleration: 294 m/s²
Sampling rate: 350 Hz
Primary keys: Omron button
Number of keys: 8 (2 left, 4 up)
Special keys: DPI switch / Analog stick
Software: 25 Profiles (fully programmable)
Lighting: RGB (Logo / Underbody)
Housing: 119 × 68 × 41 mm
Hard plastic, coating
Gloss elements, rubber elements
Weight: 141 gram (without cable)
Connection: USB to micro-USB cable (1.60 meters, jacketed)
Price: € 90.54 *

Equipment and Operation

Let’s start with the Lexip Pu94’s most distinctive and latest features, the integrated joysticks. Many players wanted more control, which Lexip wants to offer with the Pu94 and the joystick placed on the thumb as well as the joystick in the base of the mouse. This makes further commands and control options possible, which can be triggered directly via the mouse. It offers both vertical and horizontal movements of +/- 20 degrees and also rotates slightly to the right or left. According to the manufacturer, more than 300,000 positions of the joystick can be detected.

The mouse can therefore be configured to meet the specific requirements of a game, such as when playing Forza. Tilting the mouse to the right or left means that the vehicle can also be steered to the right or left in the game. Flight or space simulations such as Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen should become more intuitive with the Pu94 and make the use of controllers or flight sticks superfluous. Even for shooters or MMOs this feature should be interesting, because you can easily look around with the camera independent of the crosshairs.

Inside the mouse, an ADNS-9800 laser sensor from Avago is used, which can variably resolve between 50 – 12,000 DPI. The maximum speed is 3.8 meters per second and the acceleration is 294 meters per second square. This may not be high-end, but it does serve its purpose. But with the proud price you could have expected a bit more.

Practice Test

The practical test was unfortunately a little sobering, since joystick-like movements over the mouse seem rather unnatural and partly overlap with the normal movements of the mouse and thus become imprecise. It was also particularly annoying that the main keys were triggered several times when tilting sideways, if the fingers were not pushed straight to the front, where they rest on the edge of the case. A constant repositioning of the hand is therefore common practice with this mouse. We ask ourselves whether this can lead to faster pain in the wrist in the long term.

In general the idea of the Pu94 is quite nice, but the control via a dedicated controller / steering wheel for racing games or a flight stick for flight simulations is definitely to be preferred.

RGB LED Illumination

Of course, the Lexip Pu94 has an integrated RGB LED illumination, which is not to be missed in any mouse nowadays. Beside the illuminated Lexip logo on the back of the mouse, a kind of underbody lighting is also generated that looks quite chic, but also shines rather inconspicuously and actually hardly attracts attention if the room is not completely darkened.

Per software allows you to switch between monochrome and two-color lighting and also set a rainbow effect. Speed and brightness can also be adjusted, although the maximum brightness here is still quite dark. Finally, the complete lighting can be individually adjusted for various games or programs.


The Lexip software required to configure all possible settings must first be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. After installation, the Lexip Pu94 can be optimally configured. The languages English and French are available for this purpose. German can only be found on the packaging and in the user manual.

The software is quite simple, because in the first tab only the DPI number between 50 – 12.000 DPI can be adjusted. With the second tab it looks a little different, because here all buttons of the mouse can be adapted and programmed according to your own ideas. The axes of the movable base can also be adjusted here. Practically, these settings can be made here variably for different games and programs, so that the mouse only needs to be configured once initially. The same applies to the third tab, where the RGB LED lighting is then discussed. As mentioned before, colors and effects can be easily adjusted here.

The basic idea of the software is good, but unfortunately we had some problems from time to time, that the settings could not be saved correctly. Here is still room for optimization.

Conclusion on the Lexip Pu94 Gaming Mouse

It is pleasant to see that there are still manufacturers who bring innovations and have new ideas. The Lexip Pu94 Gaming-Mouse* definitely has its raison d’être, but it depends a lot on what it’s going to be used for. If you want to control as much as possible with the mouse and cover all possible axes, the Pu94 is a good choice. In addition to racing or flight simulations, the mouse could also be interesting for 3D modelling.

We actually find the mouse less interesting for FPS games, because if you want to use the inclination of the axes, you first have to change the position of the mouse, which makes it very difficult to move the mouse classically and to press the buttons at the same time. Precision therefore falls by the wayside in the end and has to give way to flexible control. Those who have little space and do not want to invest in different input devices have found a good alternative with the Pu94. For everyone else, the classic mouse with dedicated controller, steering wheel, flight stick is definitely the better choice, as the control is simply more precise.

Lexip Pu94 Gaming Mouse

Value for Money

Innovative input device with interesting control options

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