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LucidSound LS10X – Affordable headset specifically for Xbox Series X

We already took a look at LucidSound’s flagship headset, the LS50X, and now a more affordable model, the LS10X, follows. The focus is still on compatibility with Xbox consoles: LucidSound explicitly advertises the LS10X for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. However, the headset can also be used with all other playback devices due to the built-in jack.

How the L10X performs in practice, and whether the headset is worth it for its price of € 34.92 * [test time: 45 €], we will clarify in the following test.

Technical details

Driver 50mm, neodymium
Frequency Range 20 Hz-20 kHz
Weight 233 g
Weight with microphone 240 g
Cable length and type 3.5mm jack, four-pin, 1.0 m
Price € 34.92 *

Scope of delivery

LucidSound delivers the LS10X in a colorfully printed cardboard box. In addition to the headset itself, a manual, a sticker with the manufacturer’s logo, the clip-on microphone, and a cap for the microphone connector are also included. However, a Y-splitter is missing, so you’ll have to buy it for use on the PC. You should also plan on buying an extension cable to supplement the one meter long connection cable.

Design & workmanship

The LS10X is an over-ear headset made primarily of matte black plastic. This is complemented by high-gloss elements on the side support arms, as well as the typical faux leather that covers the ear and head pads.

As usual, the speakers are located behind a protective grille, which is again covered by fabric. The right ear cup does not have any other special features apart from the LucidSound logo on the outside. On the left, however, the logo is a push button that can be used to (de)activate the microphone. Additionally, a rotating wheel for adjusting the volume is located around it. The internal microphone, the connector for the external microphone and the permanently installed jack cable are also located on the left ear cup.

When it comes to the various degrees of freedom, the LS10X offers the full package: the ear cups are housed in the support arms so they can be tilted, which in turn can be rotated. The height of the headset can also be adjusted: Each side can be extended in eight steps by a total of about three centimeters.

The detachable microphone has an ordinary jack plug, which is, however, enclosed in a proprietary molded plastic casing. The microphone itself is attached to a flexible arm that can be bent into the desired position. There is also a red LED on the microphone, which is activated when the microphone is muted.

The build quality of the LS10X is in line with what one can expect in the targeted price range. The individual parts are plastic-heavy, but cleanly finished and visually and haptically flawless. With regard to the construction, however, we would have wished for a detachable cable to be a bit more flexible in this regard.

Comfort & Practice

Due to the said degrees of freedom, the LucidSound LS10X can adapt well to different head shapes, so the headset is also suitable for large heads. The wearing experience is also complemented by the fairly low weight. The contact pressure was within the usual range, and the heat development is also within the usual range for an over-ear headset.

Thus, the LS10X was still comfortable for us even after several hours. The only thing worth mentioning is the relatively rigid height adjustment, which requires some force to adjust. Whether this is better or worse than a smooth mechanism is a matter of personal preference.

With regard to practical use, we did not only like the wearing comfort, but also the operation of the headset. The volume control on the left earpiece is audible due to a mechanical grinding noise, but we find it much more comfortable than the widespread wired remote controls. The visual feedback provided by the LED on the microphone can also be useful at times.

Recording and playback quality

Sound-wise, the LS10X does well in our eyes, even if no new standards are set in the price range. The bass kicks in from around 40 hertz and is voluminous as well as precise enough to convince in the lower frequency ranges. The headset also doesn’t show any weaknesses in the mids and trebles, considering the price. The sound could be a bit more detailed – occasionally some parts seemed slightly underrepresented to us – but for the price, what’s offered is okay.

The headset surprised us with its recording quality. The detachable microphone records the voice free of noise and also quite neutrally, so that an absolutely problem-free, relaxed communication is possible. The only thing to note here is the lack of pop protection, which is why the microphone should be placed to the side and not in front of the mouth.

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If you don’t want to use the detachable microphone, the LS10X automatically switches to an internal microphone. An understandable communication is also possible with this, but there is a background noise and an altered voice image here. However, the microphone is still well suited as a quick escape for unexpected calls – and thus a plus point.


For its price of currently € 34.92 * [test time: €45], the LucidSound LS10X offers a lot. With ergonomics in mind, all the usual degrees of freedom are supported, so the headset’s earcups can be rotated, tilted and adjusted in height. Thus, the LS10X can be worn without any signs of fatigue.

We were also positively surprised by the easy volume adjustment via the left ear cup as well as the good recording quality, and the sound reproduction is also appropriate for the price range. The headset can thus convince in many points, but LucidSound can’t do magic with the limited budget, either, of course.

For example, the LS10X does without accessories such as a Y-splitter, which is admittedly only necessary for use with desktop PCs. The only thing we really missed about the headset was a detachable cable so that we could retrofit one with a nylon jacket. Furthermore, the construction of the device is quite plastic-heavy.

All in all, we can give the LS10X a recommendation despite the aforementioned minor points of criticism. The headset can convince in the core disciplines, and considering the limited budget, the feature set is surprising.

LucidSound LS10X

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


A well-made headset with useful features.

LucidSound LS10X price comparison

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