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Mini, but oho: The Razer Seiren Mini

Razer continues to gain ground in the streaming market and added another microphone to its portfolio in October 2020. What began with the Ripsaw has since been expanded to a webcam with light and four microphones. So we can expect a lot more from Razer, but until then we will first take a closer look at the Seiren Mini.

The condenser microphone is available in three different colors and appeals especially to streaming beginners and those who don’t have much space on the table top. At the same time, it should still deliver professional recording quality. Let’s see what the 16 cm high Razer Seiren Mini really has to offer.

Technical data

Directional pattern supernieren
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 17.8 mV/Pa
Scanning rate 44.1 kHz – 48 kHz
Connection USB-A
Dimensions 16.26 x 8.89 cm
Weight 453 g
Price € 47.90 *
Warranty 1 year
Colors Black, Pink, White

Compact and flexible

Razer is not known for suboptimal workmanship or quality. Our expectations of the Seiren Mini are correspondingly high. However, these are satisfied immediately after unboxing – with the prospect of continuity. Externally, the compact microphone looks simple, but its workmanship is of high quality. The weight also makes it clear that even the inner workings are not from some tinkering corner.

Our test object is painted in a matte black, which extends up to the grid, but it is also available in other colors. In addition, only the Razer font logo is engraved and a small LED is attached, which typically lights up green when it is connected to the power supply.

To ensure that the supercardioid characteristic also serves its purpose, the Razer Seiren Mini can be tilted in all directions by a ball joint – which should ideally be in the direction of the streamer.

If you are a fan of gallows arms, you can also put the Mini on one. The arm should have a 5/8 thread, so a spider is not necessary. Razer itself recommends the PSA1 from RØDE, because the gaming accessory manufacturer does not offer one of their own.

Microphone with supercardioid

The focus is absolutely on the streamer. Thanks to the supercardioid characteristic, frontal voice is recorded in a channeled manner, while the sound is attenuated significantly to the left and right – even more than with the normal cardioid characteristic. The disadvantage with supercardioids: Such microphones are more sensitive to the sound directly behind them. We therefore recommend that the Razer Seiren Mini be set up slightly slanted to the left or right, as otherwise the keyboard sounds will be partially recorded – unless super quiet key switches are used.

A flat curve is a good sign

If you take this to heart, the Mini is quite impressive. The voice is picked up clearly and the condenser microphone filters out almost all background noise. Of course, the quality of the recording depends largely on the environment. After all, the Mini is not a magic microphone, but is subject to the same laws as all other microphones: the more sound bounces off walls or other surfaces, the less good the result sounds. If the environment, or at least the wall you’re talking to, is insulated, the Razer Seiren Mini does a great job.

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In our corresponding test environment, we found a relatively flat frequency response curve, which indicates a good sound. The Seiren Mini concentrates accordingly precisely on each individual tone. After listening to the test recording several times, we also noticed a focus on lower tones. Thus, the recorded voice appears quite soft and pleasant.

The Mini is the ideal solution for streamers who are just starting out or who simply want to have little microphone on the table. The microphone is also reliable for people who often hang around in web conferences. In addition, its size means that it can be quickly packed away if you want to broadcast from somewhere else. In addition, it is easy to connect via USB without software getting in the way of immediate operation. All audio settings are made via the sound settings of the broadcasting or web conferencing software.

Prepared for any shock

The Razer Seiren Mini has been equipped with a shock absorber which counteracts slight vibrations of the table top. The microphone keeps the sound on track and the anomalies are not heard by the listeners or spectators. Such jerking can occur when the sound gets saltier in the game or when something falls down or falls over.

Especially when streaming games a great thing, we think.

Price and colors

The price also speaks for a beginner’s model: at € 59.99, Razer has given the Seiren Mini a nice price. This is justified considering the qualities of the microphone. However, more advanced streaming players are better off with the Seiren Elite or RØDE.

The Mini is available in Classic Black, Quartz Pink and Mercury White. Just like the black of our test object, the other two colors appear matt, which promises a noble look for all three.


The continuous fulfillment of our high expectations has proven to be a success. Despite its small size, the Razer Seiren Mini offers a decent performance package that can compete with higher priced models from other manufacturers.

If you’re looking for a portable, minimal or inexpensive microphone with quality, you’ll definitely find it with the Mini. Thanks to the supercardioid polar pattern, the voice is in focus and background noise is mostly a minor issue. The icing on the cake is the shock absorber, which provides a calm sound even during wild gaming sessions.

Razer Seiren Mini

Recording quality
Value for money


The Razer Seiren Mini offers useful performance for only 60 Euro. Especially the compactness is praiseworthy.

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