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Next Level Racing F-GT LITE in test – fold, stand & drive!

Every sim racer dreams of having their own racing cockpit at home one day – but this usually comes with a few pitfalls. Racing cockpits are usually not very cheap to buy and they also take up a lot of space in your room.

Next Level Racing addresses this problem with a solution that seems practical at first glance. The F-GT LITE is a foldable racing chair with two practical racing positions. Unfold, race and have fun – fold and put in the corner when you’re done. A simple concept with a lot of potential. Find out how well Next Level Racing did with the F-GT LITE in this review.


Color Black
Width 770 mm
Height 675 mm
Depth 220 mm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 20 kg
Scope of delivery Next Level Racing® F-GT Lite cockpit frame, instructions and tools for quick and easy assembly, bolts to securely mount wheel, shifter and pedals, shifter adapter
Price € 184.99*

Scope of delivery & assembly

Packed in a red cardboard box and secured with foil as well as foam, the Racing Seat is delivered to you. If one has freed everything from the packaging, lies first a large pile of folded parts before one.

The assembly is done quickly and easily. First you fold up the seat so that the two rods have a hold on the ground as feet. After this, you mount the bar with the bracket for the steering wheel by inserting it into a hole and screwing it tight. On the other side is a clamp that opens to allow easy entry and exit. Everything fits amazingly tightly so it can’t interfere with driving.

However, to fix the bracket of the pedals, you need a little dexterity and preferably another helping person. First, unscrew the two clamps that are already hanging on the bracket and insert the two rods from the bracket and the rest of the chair into the clamp. Then a screw must be screwed into the clamp from above, which is tightened with a nut on the lower side. The nut is problematic here. Unfortunately, this is not fixed in the clamp but loose in a hole, where you also can not use gravity to your advantage. But with a second person holding the chair up a bit, this is no longer a problem. Now you’re at the point where you can attach your own equipment to the racing chair and you’re almost ready to go.

Design & workmanship

Next Level Racing didn’t skimp on the quality of the materials on the F-GT LITE. Probably the most beautifully finished is the racing seat. While it seems thin and a bit unstable, the suede and air-permeable center of the seat feel superbly snug after an initial seat test. It’s roughly comparable to a tightly stretched hammock for sitting. A big part of the coziness is also the padding attached to the seat, and in sweaty sessions, the back stays clear and gets air.

The paint job on the frame of the racing seat is also particularly good. This is black, glossy and quite thick. Scratches can therefore only be made in these areas with gross negligence. The axles for adjusting and folding the racing seat are a bit more complicated. These can be adjusted with a screw and clamp mechanism – first open the clamp and remove the tension, then turn the lever and finally move the rods. This system is super stable once tightened again, however moving the bars is also difficult at times.

Driving experience

Now it’s just a matter of putting on the steering wheel and pedals and you’re ready to go! Not quite. Because before you should decide for one of the two possible seat positions. You can choose between the normal GT position, which is comparable to a normal car seat, and a Formula position. In our first test attempt, it turned out to be something between these two positions. Depending on personal preferences, you can adjust this with the variable axes. However, there is one crucial thing to note here: don’t try to change the seat position while you are still in the racing seat! We tested it once and fell bluntly on the floor.

After an initial 30 minute session at the wheel with the F-GT LITE, we couldn’t find anything negative. The construction of the racing seat is stable and does everything. For us, especially the “hanging in the air” seating position is very comfortable, because it adapts well to your own body. Whether tall or short, it fits everyone. To increase the stability a bit more and to make getting on as well as off the seat a bit easier, we recommend a carpet under the feet of the seat. This way the Racing Seat doesn’t slide back and forth so much, even when driving. The longer you’ve ridden in the F-GT LITE, the more at home you feel. Almost as homey as being on a real track!


To take up the opening question again: Is a foldable racing seat a practical solution to still have an immersive sim racing experience when space is at a premium? We can only say here: definitely!

Both the materials used and the workmanship speak for themselves. The only drawback: after folding, you can’t unfold the racing seat directly in its previous position.

Next Level Racing F-GT LITE

Scope of delivery & assembly
Design & workmanship
Value for money


Experienced sim racers with the desire for their own racing cockpit, but too little space, will be happy with the F-GT LITE from Next Level Racing.

NEXT LEVEL RACING NEXT LEVEL RACING ® F-GT Lite Formula and GT Foldable Simulator Cockpit price comparison

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