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Nitro Concepts X1000: A gaming chair for broad people

With the X1000, Nitro Concepts has launched a new gaming chair. It is priced at the top end of the portfolio and therefore we approach this chair with quite high expectations. You’ll find out in this test what defects we noticed and what makes the chair special.

backrest back

Scope of delivery and construction

The Nitro Concepts gaming chair comes in a package, and it is with this chair in particular that you are rightly advised not to cut the package straps with a knife. The backrest is located directly underneath, which is covered with cardboard again, but you would be very annoyed if you cut into the fabric upholstery. The packing itself is relatively efficient and even the armrests are already mounted on the seat.


The biggest problem, however, is the accessories. The base and the gas spring, together with the necessary screws and covers, simply lie together in a smaller package, which has already caused the first scratches in the gas spring during transport. In itself this is not a big damage, because it is covered by the cover. The situation is different with the base. The loose packaging and the poor quality ensure that the paint has already flaked off at the edges when the spring is taken out. Although this is not necessarily visible here either, it does indicate that the quality is rather low.

The construction itself was easily mastered by the team. All five rollers are inserted into the cross and the gas spring also finds its place here. The cover is put over it and now the base has to be mounted to the seat with the supplied Allen key. Then it is put on the gas pressure spring. The backrest is mounted on the struts after the necessary screws have been unscrewed from the backrest.


Although this is one step more, it also saves packaging material.  The backrest itself holds quite well even without any action on your part, so screwing it on is no problem. The struts are now hidden by the covers which are fastened with one screw each and finally the cushions only have to be unpacked. The lumbar cushion is here without fasteners, so that you don’t have to fix it in a complicated way.

Before we take a closer look at the chair, here is an overview of the technical data:

Frame construction metal
Material of the cover fabric
Weight 24.7 kg
Seat surface width: 54,5 cm

depth: 49,5 cm

Backrest width: bottom: 56 cm, top: 55 cm
height: 86 cm
Armrests depth: 25 cm; 3,7 cm adjustable

width: 10 cm

Ergonomics backrest tiltable, height adjustable, lumbar and neck cushion
Gas pressure spring class 4
Maximum load 135 kg
Price € 299.90 *

Design and workmanship

The design of the X1000 is relatively simple. The accents of a racing chair are still visible, but the sides are pulled less forward. Therefore, the gaming chair offers a little more freedom in terms of your own sitting position. The rather wide seat also contributes to this. As already mentioned, this chair has a fabric cover and all details have been embroidered. The logo at the head height of the chair is embroidered in the chosen color, while the colors of Nitro Concepts itself are also used on the cushions.

neck cushion

The sides of the chair are then highlighted in color. Since this alone looks a bit unimaginative, grey inserts were also integrated, which bring a bit of the carbon look of a racing chair. In addition, the model designation was also integrated on the backrest in this area. On the 3D armrests, the design was also refined a bit and at the same time the user-friendliness was improved. To adjust the height of the armrests, a button must be pressed. This button was well integrated into the pattern that was also found on the backrest. Furthermore, the Nitro-Concepts logo can be found here again.


As far as workmanship is concerned, we have already noticed one or two defects during assembly. In the assembled state we took a closer look at the chair. However, hardly any defects were noticed. The seams are all well done and the fabric surfaces show no gaps or open threads. Also the adjustment of the backrest as well as the height adjustment of the seat works fine.

The height adjustment of the 3D armrests is easy and the armrests remain in the setting even if the button is not pressed. The height adjustment of the armrests, however, is noticeable that it is not easy to move. In addition, you have no feeling for the steps when adjusting them. Once you have found a suitable height for yourself, you may “fall” down to the next lower step. In addition, it can be generally said that the materials used are stable, but a lot of plastic has been used.

Seating comfort and ergonomics

We already mentioned before that the chair is a little wider and also the side shell is not pulled forward as much as in other chairs. This gives you a little more freedom of movement and allows you to sit down comfortably. The upholstery is quite good and provides a comfortable sitting feeling.


The lumbar support cushion is actually just a cushion here, so it can be easily moved to the position you would like to have yourself. The problem, however, is that you always have to put it back into position. In other chairs that work with straps, the cushions are at least roughly held in position. But even there the exact position usually has to be readjusted. In addition, the angle of the backrest can be adjusted very well. Although it is not possible to tilt it by 180°, this adjustment should only be used by a few people. Additionally, a rocker mechanism with up to 14 degrees is integrated. The counterforce can be adjusted with the wheel at the base and can also be stopped completely by pushing the lever for height adjustment.


Let us now summarize what we noticed negatively. On the one hand, the packaging was not really optimal, so that the first minor paint damages were present, but these can only be discovered by looking closely. On the other hand, the armrests offer many adjustment possibilities, but the mechanism for height adjustment is very sluggish and the steps are not visible. The last but quite small negative point is the lumbar cushion. This is not attached anywhere, so it has to be put in the right position again and again. This is only a small point, since this is often the case with cushions with straps.

lumbar cushion

The seating comfort as well as the width of the chair is to be positively emphasized. You sit well and are not restricted by the shell construction. The fabric cover ensures good ventilation, so that you won’t get up sweaty even after a long time. From an ergonomic point of view, the X1000 offers many adjustment possibilities to find the right sitting position for you. In summary, the X1000 from Nitro Concepts offers everything you need. It doesn’t have the highest quality materials everywhere, but the gaming chair doesn’t cost 800 Euros either.

Nitro Concepts X1000

Seating comfort
Stability & workmanship
Value for money


The Nitro Concepts X1000 has quality flaws here and there, but it also has good seating comfort with a very wide seat and ergonomic adjustments.

Nitro Concepts X1000 Gaming-Stuhl Schwarz/Weiß price comparison

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