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Noblechairs HERO TX in test: The gaming throne is now also available with fabric

Noble, elegant, high-quality, durable, sophisticated, robust – all adjectives that Noblechairs gaming chairs have been given for years by the press and gamers. Now “material” is added to the list. Alright, the adjective doesn’t really exist, but we started the introduction that way, so we have to follow through accordingly. Anyway, the fact is that this review focuses on the new fabric cover for Noblechairs’ HERO TX. While the gaming chair series was previously only covered in synthetic leather, genuine leather or hybrid PU leather, the German manufacturer is now breaking new ground in addition. The abbreviation “TX”, which stands for “textile”, has also been given to the ICON and EPIC series, which means that all three gaming chairs from noblechairs will henceforth be available with fabric covers.

We found out how the new cover does on the noblechairs, if there’s a color choice, what features are underneath the fabric, and sum up whether it’s worth buying. On your marks, get set, sit!

Technical data

Load capacity Up to 150 kg
Weight 30 kg
Warranty 2 years
Total height 130 to 139 cm
Seat height 48 to 57 cm
Backrest height 89 cm
Backrest shoulder width 57 cm
Internal width of the seat 33 cm
Depth of the seat 48 cm
Armrest width 10.5 cm
Armrest height 66 to 83 cm
Casters 60 mm diameter, for hard and soft floors (universal)
  • Steel
  • Cold foam
  • Aluminum
  • Nylon
  • Memory Foam
  • Velours
  • Breathable fabric
Available colors Anthracite
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Rocker mechanism
  • Attachable fabric cover
  • Fleece fabric
  • Grade 4 hydraulic gas spring
  • Casters for soft and hard floors
  • Cushion set
Price € 419.90 *

Packaging & Contents: everything that should be included

What should be inside a large cardboard box that delivers a gaming chair. There’s not much more than that to be found inside. However, that’s quite a lot considering the chair comes from noblechairs. As with almost every manufacturer of larger chair designs, the HERO TX also comes in individual parts that still have to be assembled according to instructions in IKEA style. As experienced assemblers, we manage this within a few minutes. However, if you don’t regularly assemble gaming chairs for testing, you should take a bit more time for it.

Anyway, all the parts arrived well-padded and the noblechairs HERO TX had no other unusual external appearances. Thus, we can get straight to the appearance and materials.

Design & Material: …deserve a long paragraph in this review

Externally, the HERO chairs from the premium manufacturer founded in Germany in 2015 have always cut a fine figure. The new fabric robe now suits the HERO just as well as the faux and genuine leather covers that were previously available to choose from. The chair’s exterior and interior also prompted us to award it a Platinum Medal three years ago. If we are right with our assumption and not much has changed on the inside, noblechairs will probably be able to dust off another snazzy medal with platinum shine in 2021. The first glance promises nothing less.

The gray mottled fabric gives the noblechairs HERO TX a look just as elegant as the other cover options. It makes you quickly overlook the fact that there is only this one color to choose from. However, noblechairs remains true to its style, which works less with flashy, garish colors and more with noble ones. Therefore, no color selection outside the range of black can be expected in the future. The Limited Editions will remain exceptions. We can remain curious about which e-sports organization, YouTuber or game will be immortalized on the new HERO TX.

The new cover also makes quite an impression haptically. Soft and high-quality are the terms that first come to mind when we test sit and feel it. Sewing was flawless, which is why no seam looks crooked or unstable. The quilted pattern on the inside of the backrest – familiar from PU and genuine leather models – gives way to a smooth surface. Also, the fabric is not just any fabric, but a specially developed textile that is very breathable. We can confirm that after several hours of test gaming on the HERO TX. According to noblechairs, the fabric cover is also supposed to be very durable, but we could only judge that after several months or even years. However, since we are not used to anything else from the German manufacturer, we give the gaming chair advance praise, which should confirm the durability. Moreover, there is a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer on top of it.

Underneath the soft fabric shell, however, the noblechairs HERO TX doesn’t have padding waiting right away, but a supportive fleece fabric. It serves as a translation, so to speak, between the butt and the upholstery. The result: A far more comfortable seat in our eyes than the leather-covered models from the same company. 10 hours of gaming and/or working are quite possible without the tailbone, back or any other part of the body complaining.

The basic structure is still a steel frame. Only the base is made of aluminum. That is equipped with universal casters suitable for both soft and hard floors. Memory foam in the headrest and cold foam in the seat and backrest provide outstanding cushioning under the fleece fabric. Although the HERO TX comes with an adjustable lumbar support, a lumbar pillow and a neck pillow are still included. However, both are covered in black velour rather than the anthracite fabric.

Our interim conclusion on this part is thoroughly positive. In terms of material and design, we received a top package for testing with the noblechairs HERO TX. Not only does it look great in any setup, but it also makes you sit very comfortably and for a long time. In addition, it promises a long durability and does not require as much care as the genuine leather edition. By the way, the fabric on the TX version is water repellent, which is why stains have a hard time taking hold.

Features & load capacity: noblechairs remains true to its high level

The aforementioned adjustable lumbar support on the side of the chair is just one of many ways to adjust the HERO TX to your personal needs. There are also two 4D armrests, the obligatory height adjustability and a rocking mechanism that allows the chair to be used as a rocking chair in an 11° radius. In addition, the backrest can be adjusted from 90° to 125°. So the chair follows the activity of its wearer, no matter if highest concentration is needed while playing upright or relaxing mood while watching movies.

The entire frame can support a body weight of up to 150 kilograms. A house number that many other gaming chair manufacturers do not have. Even though the HERO TX has a bucket seat back, it has a much more open design than other gaming chairs, so even people with a more corpulent build can be happy with the noblechairs HERO TX.

All in all, the fabric version of the HERO’s also delivers a pleasant range of comfort features and stability. However, perhaps the armrests could have also been fitted with the breathable fabric instead of sticking to the PU coating of its predecessors. The soft fabric would probably also do one or the other forearm good. But that’s complaining on a high level.

Price vs. performance: an equal pair

Speaking of high level: three-digit prices in the mid-range are no longer a rarity for gaming chairs in the premium segment these days. Neither noblechairs nor other manufacturers like Backforce, Recaro or SecretLab rightly make an exception. The HERO TX follows the price of the faux leather model and is available for 419.90 Euros. In terms of price-performance, that’s an A with an asterisk. The chair is well made all around and equipped with useful features for ergonomics – first and foremost the adjustable lumbar support. Asking just under 420 euros for it is absolutely justified in our eyes. Especially since the new breathable fabric as well as the fleece fabric noblechairs succeeded in the best way.


We now continue the praises in the conclusion. The cover is soft, stain resistant, easy to clean and maintain. We also particularly like the combination of the breathable fabric and the fleece fabric, which adds even more comfort to the whole story. Most importantly, this union of materials proves that noblechairs didn’t just omit the previously common leather and drape a bit of fabric over the HERO, but seriously thought something of the new cover. And yet noblechairs didn’t make the HERO TX any more expensive than its PU leather counterpart. Thus, noblechairs’ latest creation also gets plenty of starred reviews and a platinum award.

noblechairs Hero TX

Design & workmanship
Seating comfort
Value for money


Once again noblechairs has demonstrated a knack for quality and comfort. With the HERO TX, there is now a model with a fabric cover to choose from. It has it all and convinces all along the line - also in terms of price vs. performance.

noblechairs Hero TX price comparison

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Noble, elegant, high-quality, durable, sophisticated, robust – all adjectives that Noblechairs gaming chairs have been given for years by the press and gamers. Now „material“ is added to the list. Alright, the adjective doesn’t really exist, but we started the introduction that way, so we have to follow through accordingly. Anyway, the fact is that … (Weiterlesen...)

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