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OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review: Outstanding 4K webcam with AI functions

Smaller than the palm of your hand, sharper than the competition: the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is perhaps the most advanced webcam money can buy at the moment. With unique AI functions and innovative features, the camera aims to justify its high price, which it really succeeds in doing, as our review reveals. It is only missing out on Windows Hello functionality

Technical data

Model Tiny 2
Dimensions (without holder) 47 x 44 x 62 mm
Weight (without holder) 95,6 g
Weight (incl. holder) 143,3 g
Connection USB type C
Max. Video resolution 4K/30 frames per second
Supported resolutions 4K 30/ 29.95/25/24/20/15,
1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/20/15,
720p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/20/15
Lens 1/1.5 inch CMOS (50 MP); f/1.9
Field of view: 85.5 degrees
Software OBSBOT Center
Compatibility windows 10 (64-bit) or higher, macOS 1 or higher
Microphones 2x beamforming microphones with AI noise suppression
Mounting bracket magnetic; 1/4-inch thread
Special features Autofocus, HDR, white balance, 2-axis gimbal, table mode, voice control, gesture control, beauty mode
Price € 369.00 *

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review: design and workmanship

  • appealing design
  • incredibly small and light
  • impeccable workmanship

Although the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is largely made of plastic, the webcam feels extremely high-quality and also looks very classy. The plastic construction is of course intended to keep the weight down and at just 96 grams, the small camera really is a lightweight.

With dimensions of 47 mm x 44 mm x 62 mm, the Tiny 2 really lives up to its name. I was amazed at how tiny the webcam really is. And how well it performs, but more on that later.

The design differs from many other webcams, as the Tiny 2 rests on a square base with two microphones on the front next to the manufacturer’s logo.

From there, a rotating and swiveling gimbal with a bar goes up to the camera lens, which is framed in a red frame at the front. There is also an LED light in the base, which provides information about active recording or active tracking, for example.

At the back is the USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 1 port, which is connected using the included 1.8-metre cable. Below the base, in addition to a 1/4-inch thread for mounting on a tripod, there is a magnetic connection for docking the OBSBOT Tiny 2 onto the supplied bracket.

The mount can be adjusted and swiveled and allows a really firm hold on the monitor without the webcam slipping. The scope of delivery is rounded off by an extremely high-quality hardcover case, which makes it easier to take with you. If you don’t have a USB-C port free, you will also find a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the case. Very practical.

Commissioning and software connection

  • user-friendly software
  • outstanding range of functions
  • excellent and precise AI functions

Thanks to plug-and-play connectivity, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is ready to use immediately after connection. The webcam works with Windows 10 or higher, as well as macOS 11 or higher.

There are also some practical additional functions that make up for the lack of a dedicated privacy shutter. If you want to switch off the image, you can simply press the camera lens down and the Tiny 2 will switch to sleep mode. Or you can simply say “Sleep, Tiny” to put the camera to sleep.


OBSBOT Center is used as optional, but highly recommended, software with a clear and easy-to-understand layout. As compact as the software may seem, its range of functions is just as powerful.

On the start page, you can choose between up to four active cameras from the manufacturer and quickly record photos or videos, for example. I really like this, as the software of the Logitech MX Brio (our test), for example, does not offer the option of making recordings directly.

Unfortunately, not all (but at least most) symbols are explained by tooltips, so trial and error is the order of the day here. However, this is also not a problem with the video preview, as you can immediately see how the settings affect the image.

The main menu of the software is divided into three sections: Console, Picture and More.

Various settings can be made in the Console segment. These include, for example, AI tracking including the option to define tracking zones. You can also set whether the image should focus on the head, upper body or other areas of the body.

The OBSBOT Center software comes with many powerful customizations

Various unique AI modes are also available. In table mode, the Tiny 2 swivels onto the desk, which is of course particularly interesting for recording work or when drawing and painting. There is also a whiteboard mode, hand tracking for product presentations and a group mode for shots with several people.

The gimbal can also be freely adjusted in two axes and zoomed into the image by a maximum factor of 4x. Alternatively, you can choose between three viewing angles: wide, medium and narrow.

Successful gesture and voice control

In the image area, you can add HDR, adjust the autofocus or influence the image using exposure, white balance and other parameters. Things get even more exciting under “More”. Here you can customize gesture and voice control, with which the OBSBOT Tiny 2 can zoom in on hand movements and switch tracking on and off.

The image can be customized with creative effects and filters

Voice commands (in English or Chinese) can be used to switch the webcam on and off, activate tracking or adjust the zoom. You can also choose between three different presets that can be defined in the software to quickly switch between different settings and positions.

The Tiny 2 is excellent at waking up, tracking or zooming using voice and gesture control,

This all works amazingly precisely and reliably and proves to be a real game changer. There is also a filter menu in which you can add bokeh, various beauty filters or influence the look with other image filters such as clear, film or black and white.

Picture and sound quality of the OBSBOT Tiny 2

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 has a 1/1.5-inch CMOS sensor with 50 megapixels and an aperture of f/1.9. Maximum recordings are possible in 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) at 30 fps or in 1080p at 60 fps. And optionally with or without HDR.

That alone is pretty impressive considering the extremely compact dimensions of the camera.

Click here to display content from www.youtube.com

Two omnidirectional microphones are also installed, which feature noise suppression that can be adjusted in several stages and automatic gain control. For webcam microphones, these deliver a really good sound that also clearly reproduces multiple voices in group recordings.

The image quality of the Tiny 2 is simply outstanding. Recordings are made with convincing image sharpness, excellent illumination and convincing color reproduction. The dynamic range is slightly behind other high-priced webcams with HDR deactivated, but provides no cause for criticism with HDR activated.

However, it should be noted that activating the high dynamic range limits the maximum frame rate to 30 fps. So if you want to record in 1080/60, you can only do so without HDR.

I was particularly impressed by how the OBSBOT Tiny 2 copes with different lighting situations. Even with almost no ambient light, the webcam still delivers pleasantly detailed and sharp images.

The autofocus works extremely reliably and captures people or focused objects in sharp focus. However, if the focus slips, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 takes a little longer to find the focus again than other premium webcams. However, it always succeeds and still does so quite quickly.

As far as the general picture quality is concerned, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is really very good. However, other competitors such as the Elgato Facecam Pro or Razer Kiyo Ultra deliver an even more detailed image – but at the expense of the gimbal and the compact design, which of course makes the Tiny 2 much more versatile.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review: Conclusion

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 lives up to its name with its tiny dimensions and low weight, making it an excellent companion for on the go. Nevertheless, the webcam also cuts an excellent figure in stationary use and scores with very good image quality, smooth and very accurate tracking and unique AI features including a practical gimbal design.

Only the dynamic range could be a little wider with HDR deactivated, while the autofocus is accurate but not necessarily one of the fastest. There is also a slight point deduction for the lack of Windows Hello support and the rather high price.

However, if you don’t mind, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is a truly excellent webcam with unique functions that masters pretty much all the demands placed on it without any problems.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Test: Gold Award


Image Quality
Audio Quality
Value For Money


Incredibly compact and lightweight 4K webcam with strong image and audio quality and excellent AI capabilities. The autofocus should work a little faster and Windows Hello support is missing.

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