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PowerA Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller review

Just in time for the release of the new Series X and Series S consoles, PowerA also presented matching accessories in the form of the Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller. The wired controller was created in close cooperation with the Xbox team and is officially licensed. PowerA promises a major overhaul of the old controller, now offering a diamond texture for better grip, two programmable buttons for advanced gaming features, dual rumble motors, and a volume control wheel.

We’ll find out whether the Enhanced Wired Controller is a good alternative to the controllers from Microsoft in our review. The controller is available in 11 different colors, from simple black or white to camo designs. We have it in the Seafoam Fade color.


Weight 205g
Dimensions 15.6cm x 10.7cm x 6.5cm (W x H x D)
Cable length 3m
Compatibility Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC
Price € 37.82 *

Scope of delivery

The controller comes in a compact package, which in terms of style and size, resembles the packaging of Microsoft controllers. However, the front can be opened here, so that you have a direct view of the controller, which of course has its advantages, especially in local stores. In addition to the controller, there is a 3 meter USB cable including Velcro and a quick start guide in the box.


The controller is made entirely of plastic, feels very good in the hand and has a quality feel to it. Except for the additional buttons, one is oriented exactly to the original and, apart from the significantly lower weight, because the controller is still 77g lighter than Microsoft’s Wireless Controller with 213g, feels no difference to the original.

Parts of the controller are also textured so that it fits better in the hand. A middle ground between the old Microsoft One and the new Microsoft Series controller has been chosen. A diamond structure is used on the grip, but the rear buttons and triggers have been left out. The sticks, the 8-way directional pad and the buttons can also convince us. Only the buttons on the back rattled a bit when touched lightly. Furthermore, the triggers, which are barely audible on the Microsoft controller, are clearly audible here.

The cable is sufficiently long at 3 meters, not too thin and thus makes a stable impression. We also like the fact that PowerA has thought of a Velcro fastener, with which the cable can be quickly and easily shortened to the optimal length or also better stowed away.

Connection and compatibility

Whether on the console or on the PC, connecting is very simple, as with most wired controllers, and worked without any problems in the test. Immediately after plugging it in on the console, the controller was ready for use. The process also only took a few seconds on the PC. A manual driver or software installation is not necessary and the controller is correctly recognized as Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller in the control panel.


As mentioned at the beginning, the controller is significantly lighter than the Microsoft Wireless Controller. For us personally, it was almost too light in the first few minutes, but after a bit of time we were able to get used to it. Of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to weight. Some like it as light as possible, while others like it a bit heavier and want to feel the controller in their hands. Apart from the low weight, it lies just as well in the hand as the Microsoft version, thanks to the identical size and almost identical design.

The sticks, the control pad and the buttons are very precise, we also liked the pressure point very much. No matter if sports games, racing games, shooters or other, we were convinced everywhere and couldn’t find anything negative here. The buttons on the back and the triggers worked similarly well, only the aforementioned slight rattling and the volume of the triggers bothered us a bit.

Like the current Microsoft controller, the PowerA controller has a third central button. Screenshots and videos can be created with the help of this share button. Furthermore, also on the front of the controller is a switch for the connected headset. A small movement to the left or right controls the volume, and pressing it mutes the microphone. When the microphone is muted, a red LED also lights up. In practice, this all worked very well. The switch is a bit cumbersome, but that didn’t bother us much, since it’s rarely needed anyway.

The highlight of the Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller from PowerA is clearly the two buttons on the bottom of the controller. These are freely assignable and can be easily operated with both middle fingers without having to reach around. You don’t need a menu for this, but press the third additional button in the game, which is in the middle, also on the bottom. Then you press the key whose action you want to use, e.g. A or B, and finally the left or right additional key, depending on which you want to assign. Now you have assigned an action twice and can thus perform more different actions ingame without having to leave the two sticks with the thumbs, for example. We often found the additional keys very useful in RPGs or shooters, but less so in racing games or arcade games, for example, since you usually only need a few keys there anyway. So, the usefulness strongly depends on which games you personally play.


Overall, we like the controller a lot. It is very much based on the Microsoft controller that is popular with many, and the workmanship is also on its high level for the most part. The diamond structure ensured that the controller felt good in the hand at all times and especially the additional freely assignable buttons on the bottom offer a great added value. For a fair price of €39.99, you don’t get a perfect controller here, but a good one that differs from the standard with well thought-out features and could even be the better choice for some gamers as a result.

PowerA Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller

Value for money


Recommendable wired alternative to the Microsoft controller that scores with well thought-out extras and a good value for money.

PowerA Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller (Seafoam Fade) price comparison

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