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Sharkoon RUSH ER30 – Clean sound for little money?

The RUSH ER30 promises a comprehensive gaming experience where the most important thing is on board. Sharkoon’s new gaming headset, is a headset which at first glance doesn’t seem particularly innovative. The sound and tone of the microphone should be solid enough to satisfy the needs of a gamer. How well does the RUSH ER30 perform in practical tests – much more importantly, how well can the affordable headset deliver on the most important points?


Type: stereo headset, enclosing the ear
Connection and cable length: USB, 220 cm
Lighting: RGB
Weight (without cable): 320 g
Impedance (headphones): 32 Ohm
Frequency range (headphones): 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Impedance (microphone): 2.2 Kilo Ohm
Sensitivity (microphone): -42 dB ± 3 dB
Frequency range (microphone): 100 Hz – 10.000 Hz
Package content: RUSH ER30, extra fabric ear pads, instructions

Packing and scope of delivery

The RUSH ER30 arrives in a simple and small package that fits perfectly. As with any packaging, the outside of the box has a very attractive product image, as well as a few details and specifications. At first glance, the striking RBG lighting is immediately noticeable, which looks promising even on the packaging.

Let’s open the package and take a look inside. The headset is lying on a paper stand, whereby the upper leatherette of the headband has been packed separately with plastic protection. The USB cable of the headphones is located in the black paper stand, where you can also find the included manual. Between the headphones and the paper stand there are also some spare ear pads, which are made of breathable fabric, unlike the leatherette ear pads that are already on the headphones. So you have two pairs that you can change at will. The fabric earpads are suitable for the warmer seasons.


Let’s go into detail and look at the workmanship of the RUSH ER30. On first closer inspection, the headset is very well made for its price range. The leatherette ear pads are flush when viewed from the outside and also without cracks. On the inside they have a thin fabric, which can be a bit susceptible to cracks after a while. Also the fabric earpads have been sufficiently well workmanship. One of them had a piece of thread sticking out after unpacking – but that is nothing bad for the price. In addition, the fabric and the leatherette can be removed, because it is not glued directly to the plastic. So you can replace the material after long and extensive wearing of the headphones.

The headgear is made of hard plastic, with four imitation leather pads for comfort. The headset is also adjustable to several heights. The splint consists of a thin aluminium plate and hard plastic. The carrier is easily adjustable and also snaps in well. Unfortunately, the carrier has a little too much play and can be easily moved left and right.

On the left ear there are two buttons to adjust the volume and mute the microphone. These are cheap, but they serve their purpose quite reliably. It’s a pity that the headphones have their own volume mode and do not use the Windows volume. So you have to manage two settings, which is a little bit more effort.

The microphone is fixed to the headset and cannot be folded down. The microphone can be moved in different directions and the workmanship is good. There is also no play with which you can accidentally pull off the microphone. Unfortunately we find that the length of the microphone is a bit too long. You can learn more about this in our video, which you can find in the section about microphone quality.

The whole headset has been built solidly. Even when the headset is bent slightly, it does not crack and shows a successful and stable workmanship.


The design of the RUSH ER30 is well thought-out and classic like other headsets in its price range. The plastic is an eye-catcher due to the variance of shiny and matt plastic. On the top side you can see a design aspect that is particularly successful. There you can see Sharkoon lettering in the shiny plastic, which looks quite chic when viewed from below.

The illumination of the RUSH ER30 is kept simple and effective. On the sides you can see the Sharkoon logo, which shines in RGB. This also looks very successful – through the grille it has a special extra. Due to the lack of software for the RBG lighting, the lighting cannot be changed. So you always have to be satisfied with the vine arch colors. In addition to the Sharkoon logo, the microphone also lights up with a white LED. At this point one could have saved oneself this LED, since it doesn’t quite fit into the overall picture. In addition, this LED cannot be turned off separately.

Wear comfort

How can the RUSH ER30 be worn? Does it flatter the ears, or is it rather considered disturbing? In our practical test, we wore the headset for a total of four hours at a stretch. We didn’t notice anything particularly bad in the process. The headset fits snugly against the head so that the ears don’t hurt either. In addition, the ears are completely enclosed, so you can enjoy the full sound of the headset. The headband is also quite comfortable, even if it can not be adapted directly to the head shape. But if you adjust the headphones, you can easily find a proper position where everything fits very well and comfortably. The scalp is also not pulled too much, as with other headphones in the price range. Here, everything was successful, which had to succeed.

Sound quality

Sharkoon promises us on the manufacturer side a rich sound with a powerful 50 millimeter driver suitable for gaming experiences. In addition, a powerful sound that should make you almost feel the bass. But how are these points in reality, can the RUSH ER30 convince with its sound?

After our practical test, it can be stated that Sharkoon has done a very good job of sufficient sound. For the headsets in the price range, the sound is definitely successful. You get a headset that makes a good impression especially in the mid frequencies – the rich sound is thus confirmed from our side. But the headset makes compromises in the high frequencies and unfortunately also in the low frequencies. Unfortunately, the highs are hardly audible and get lost. Also the lows, unfortunately different than expected, are hardly or not at all audible. A bass is present, but also not noticeable at all. The headset cannot keep up at these places, was clear from the beginning. At maximum volume you also hear a slight overdrive.

Microphone quality

Finally, let’s take another look at the microphone quality. We have prepared a small video for you.

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How well does the RUSH ER30 perform now? Considering all the aspects listed above, it can be said that the headset is a sufficiently good headset that can score with its neat design. For those who expect a very good sound, this low-cost headset is not a good choice. The sound is not breathtaking and also not very good. But the microphone has its strengths. Here the headset can score. So for the small price you can’t do much wrong. The headset is well suited for beginners in the gaming scene, who do not want to spend a lot of money yet. For this achievement, we give a bronze award.

Sharkoon RUSH ER30

Wearing comfort
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


An entry level headset from Sharkoon with decent sound and a good microphone.

RUSH ER30, Gaming-Headset
This product is currently unavailable.

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