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Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric in review: Low price, high performance?

Sharkoon has been on the market since 2003 and is often associated with a very good value for money. Besides hardware and other peripherals, the manufacturer also has a few gaming chairs up its sleeve. Currently, the German company carries 11 different models in its lineup, covering a wide variance at an affordable price. Among them is the new Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric, which we want to take a closer look at for you. But one thing in advance, we were really pleasantly surprised.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric: First impression

The gaming chair was delivered in a package weighing around 22 kg, which is about the standard weight for common models. The cardboard box, in which the chair is sent on the shipping route, is very stable, even if it may not look so at first moment, because this has nevertheless got some Katscher and dents during the transport. Subsequently, after assembly, however, we actually had trouble breaking this down into barrel-sized morsels for disposal. On the packaging itself, the manufacturer gives the most important information about the product. So does the color, which is accordingly marked by a colored dot. Our Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric should have the shade blue-black. Additionally, the sporty Duo-Tone model is available in each case in the base color black with an accent (orange, gray or red).

After we carefully opened the box, the contents were hidden by an extra layer of cardboard. Removing this revealed the individual parts, which were arranged almost Tetris-style. On top were important documents, such as the instructions, warnings, but also a sticker sheet with some cool stickers. After all, who doesn’t enjoy gimmicks? Well, we did. All components were individually and carefully packed, so transport damages are most likely rather rare in nature.

Quality control of the individual parts

We carefully unveiled each individually packaged item and found that there were no complaints about quality defects or anything like that. Every component appeared to be of high quality and well-made – from the rollers to the pillow. Even after a meticulous inspection, we could not identify any deformations, casting defects or the like.

The only thing is that the tool that the manufacturer includes with the assembly does not fit into the screw heads provided for it on the cross side. So here we had to use our own toolbox – but a Phillips screwdriver should not fail.

Instruction and details about the construction

To start with, we can say that the assembly of the Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 is relatively intuitive. However, those who prefer to refer to the manual at this point will not be disappointed with it either. Every single step is well explained and illustrated, so that the assembly is child’s play. We can judge that because we had to look up a somewhat tricky step and found out how to do it within seconds. You’ll also find safety information in the instructions about what not to do with the chair to avoid hurting yourself and preserve its longevity.

However, there is a small downer at this point for any savvy hobbyists: the seat cushion and armrests are already pre-assembled, so a lot of the work is already removed.

All in all, it can be said that the assembly can be accomplished within half an hour (or even faster) without further ado. If possible, have another person help you – this is also recommended by the manufacturer itself. Some steps are simply easier to perform in a team.

Design and details

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric relies on an ergonomic design, which is achieved by the additional head cushion that can be attached to the chair at head height and a loose lumbar support that leans against the backrest. The latter is firm and keeps its shape, and the former is fluffy soft. After a few days of test sitting, we found that the back is adequately supported. Covered in the same fabric as the seat shell, the two elements are a great match for the look.

Speaking of visuals, the prop is emblazoned with SKILLER, the name of the model’s series, and the pillow is emblazoned with the shark fin, the manufacturer’s logo. Both elements were embroidered with high quality. Just like all the other embroidery found on the seat shell, such as another shark fin at the height of the pillow, the Sharkoon lettering next to it, the model name in the middle of the backrest and the lettering including the logo on the back. The gaming chair’s sporty duo-tone design is rounded out by slightly raised side bolsters, hinted shoulder cups, and v-shaped parallel stitched decorative seams.

Furthermore, the Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric is also technically impressive. Thus, it impresses with 3D armrests, which are made of soft-touch material, as well as a wider seat of 55 cm. It is also equipped with a comfort rocker mechanism and the backrest is adjustable with an angle of inclination of up to 160°. Regarding the latter, it can be said that the SGS20 keeps its balance even when the angle is fully utilized. So you can simply lean back between matches or after a strenuous raid and relax with your favorite series, for example.

Details at a glance: Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric

Frame construction: Steel
Cover material: Breathable fabric cover
Weight: 20.9 kg
Seat: Width: 550 mm
Depth: 505 mm
Thickness: 110 mm
Backrest: Width at shoulder: 550 mm
Height: 800 mm
Thickness: 80 mm
Armrests: 3D, height from floor: min: 630 mm, max: 795 mm
Ergonomics: Backrest tiltable, height adjustable, armrests adjustable, lumbar support, neck pillow
Gas pressure spring: Class 4
Maximum load: 120 kg
Price: € 219.00 *

Floor assembly at a glance

Even the bottom assembly of the Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 is well thought out and of good quality. Starting with the braked 60mm safety dual casters, which compared to the rest of the base assembly – watch out, whining at the very highest level! – actually don’t quite belong to the crème de la crème, via the solid steel star base to the class 4 gas pressure spring (maximum load 120 kg according to the manufacturer), there is absolutely nothing to complain about.

On the contrary, even the base plate looks solid and stable. What is additional to mention here is that this is screwed in such a way that there are felt gliders between the plate and the seat cushion, so that annoying creaking and squeaking is prevented.

Seat shell and frame construction

First, let’s get to the seat of the Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20. This is padded with a high-density molded foam, so it retains its shape even after sitting for long periods of time. This means that the seat always returns to its original shape and thus doesn’t flatten too quickly. The same applies to the backrest. This not only ensures sufficient comfort, but also durability. Everything is supported by a stable steel frame construction. The seat even remains elastic, because on the lower side of this, wide rubber strands are located.

A special feature of the SKILLER SGS20 is, is the width of the seat. With 55 centimeters, even wider-built people can take a seat comfortably and do not have to accept any losses. Despite this feature, the seat shell looks sporty and dignified.

Adjustability of the armrests

The pre-assembled armrests can be adjusted in 3 directions: up and down, forward and backward, as well as folding away laterally in steps inward and outward. The mechanisms are relatively smooth-running, but still firm, so you don’t have to worry if it gets hot in battle that they will adjust at the crucial moment. Up and down is only possible when you use the small lever mechanism. To do this, you simply pull the small lever upwards. This releases the blockage and you can choose between 7 different heights (engagement points). Otherwise, the armrests are made of a sturdy but supple plastic material, so you can rest your arms comfortably on the soft-touch surface.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 bottom line

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 is a solid and quite affordable model, which is definitely not just for people looking for an affordable gaming chair. Since Sharkoon’s variance appeals to almost all target groups, this model in particular is suitable for taller people, since the height of the backrest (80 cm) and the seat has a depth of 50.5 centimeters. However, you should make sure that the lumbar support takes up about 5 centimeters of the depth, so the chair is definitely suitable for smaller people. The seat width of 55 centimeters, however, suggests that the SGS20 was primarily developed for wider gamers. Of course, people who like it cozy are not excluded here.

With its design, the all-rounder not only fulfills important ergonomic features, but is also nice to look at. Even functions and mechanisms can easily keep up with much more expensive models.

Beyond that, we could not find any flaws or manufacturing defects. Instead, every single component looks valuable and well thought-out. Thus, we calmly come to the conclusion that the SKILLER SGS20 is a real price-performance winner – just a real surprise.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS20 Fabric



Affordable, chic and value - a real price-performance winner.

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