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Sony DualSense Edge review: Great pro controller with weak battery life

After Razer with the Wolverine V2 Pro, SCUF Gaming and many other manufacturers, Now Sony also releases a professional controller for the PlayStation 5. Sony provided us with a review copy with pre-launch access for the test. In the DualSense Edge Test, the gamepad reveals many, partly unexpected, strengths. However, the controller is not free of criticism.

Technical data

Size (width x height) 160 mm x 119.7 mm
Weight 328 g
Colors Black and white
Cable USB-C to USB-A (3 meters)
Compatibility PlayStation 5, PC
Features Removable analog sticks, replaceable stick caps, replaceable backpaddles, trigger stop, FN menu
Scope of delivery
Controller; braided USB-A to USB-C cable; 2 standard caps; 2 caps with high round cap; 2 caps with low round cap; 2 half round back buttons; 2 lever back buttons; connector case; carrying case; instructions
price Price not available *
Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
This product is currently unavailable.

DualSense Edge review: scope of delivery and design

  • Convincing scope of delivery with accessories in different variants
  • Practical carrying case included
  • (Finally) Long USB cable included

The new DualSense Edge Wireless controller, which is the full name of the new professional gamepad, comes in a manufacturer-typical blue and white packaging. Inside, the controller rests securely packed in a practical white hard case.

But not only the gamepad finds a secure hold inside. The manufacturer includes a lot of practical accessories with the DualSense Edge, which make the gamepad something special.

These include, for example, two variants of backpaddles, i.e. additional buttons for the back of the controller – each in two versions. In addition to semi-circular back buttons, two elongated lever back buttons can also be attached if desired.

In addition to the pre-installed analog stickcaps known from the original DualSense, there are two other variations that are slightly higher or lower than the original ones.

A connector housing that is supposed to prevent the USB cable from slipping out and a fabric-covered USB-A to USB-C charging cable with a length of three meters round off the scope of delivery, alongside the obligatory instructions and warranty information.

Design and feel: improved in nuances

  • High-quality, chic design
  • Comfortable haptics thanks to non-slip surfaces
  • Middle area quite vulnerable due to piano lacquer

At first glance, the DualSense Edge Controller looks almost like the original PS5 gamepad. The design and size are identical, but the new model shows accentuated colors, because the action buttons and the digi-pad are now – just like the central touchpad – in black.

The shape, number and size of the keys or triggers, however, are the same. However, there is a difference on the scales. With a weight of 328 grams (without any accessories), the Edge is considerably heavier than the original, which weighed 282 grams. Depending on the type of backpaddles selected, another seven or eight grams of additional weight are added.

DualSense Edge vs DualSense
The DualSense Edge shares shape and size with the original. Weight and details differ, however.

The increased weight makes the DualSense Edge feel much more premium than the original. This impression is confirmed by improved haptics. The back of the grip horns now come across as more structured and ensure a secure grip in the hand. The L2 and R2 triggers also now feature texturing with the four PlayStation symbols (X, square, triangle, and circle), which also ensures a secure grip.

The matte-black area around the DualSense analog sticks has given way to a glossy piano finish on the new Edge model. Which one you like better is of course a matter of taste. However, the new version is much more susceptible to dirt and fingerprints.

DualSense Edge Design
The design looks classy and high-quality, but the piano lacquer is susceptible

And yet: the DualSense Edge improves the design of the original in nuances and feels much better in the hand thanks to its higher weight as well as the pleasantly grippy surface. The build quality also offers no reason for criticism and ranks on a very high level.

How good are the special features of the DualSense Edge?

  • Practical, versatile backpaddles
  • Removable analog stick modules
  • Useful trigger stop function for shooters

Like the other pro controllers for PlayStation or Xbox consoles that are in the same vein, the DualSense Edge features versatile additional functions and customization options.

Besides the already mentioned option to add two different variants of backpaddles to the gamepad, the controller can be customized in other ways. For example, the analog sticks can be easily removed in just a few steps.

Replacement modules are available in Sony’s store for around 25 Euros per analog stick. This is very practical in case of wear and tear or problems with stick drift. The analog sticks can also be equipped with three different stick caps.

In addition to the standard version, the gamepad comes with two caps that are curved outwards. One with a shorter path and a height of one centimeter and one with a height of 1.5 cm. On the other hand, it’s a shame that Sony doesn’t include concave, i.e. inwardly curved, analog stick caps.

The third customization option of the DualSense Edge is housed in a switch on the back and sets the pro gamepad apart from those of many competitors. With the help of the controller, you can shorten the path of the triggers and thus, on the shortest setting, achieve a tactile trigger path that is reminiscent of gaming mice from the PC sector.

DualSense Edge Trigger-Stop
With the three-stage trigger stop, triggering is reminiscent of a mouse click

Of course, this is especially useful in shooters and action titles for firing weapons faster. In racing games like Gran Turismo 7, on the other hand, the long setting is still recommended, as only here can the adaptive triggers – after all, an exclusive feature of the PS5 controllers that is also inherent in the Edge – do their job.

Practical test: Convincing in gaming

I quickly came to love the trigger stops and backpaddles in particular during the practical test. While the former provides an invaluable advantage in shooters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as semi-automatic weapons can be fired faster, for example, the backpaddles offer various application possibilities.

Whether for shifting up and down the manual gearbox in Gran Turismo 7 or using the L3 and R3 buttons in Horizon Forbidden West, commands and inputs can be accessed via the back without having to reach around on the controller.

In the latter open-world game, for example, functions on the digi-pad can also be used conveniently via the back. The use of the heal function, for example. Especially since the backpaddles score with a high-quality workmanship made of metal and also implement inputs accurately.

Setting and operation: advantage for the Sony controller

  • Simple, intuitive setting options
  • Direct integration with the PS5’s menu
  • Detailed settings and convenient FN menu

Especially in the usability and in the setting options, the DualSense Edge Wireless controller plays its advantages. Because Sony is the manufacturer, the setting options are directly integrated into the menu of the PlayStation 5.

When the Edge is connected to the console for the first time, an introduction is automatically started, which makes the full range of functions easy to understand even for laymen. The submenus also offer clearly understandable help and detailed information – which is pleasing.

The settings also go into great detail. You can create up to four custom profiles in which you can set everything from the button assignment to the dead zone of the triggers and analog sticks and their release curve with pinpoint accuracy. I have never seen this in such detail on PlayStation consoles.

Conveniently, the previously defined profiles can also be called up via the FN button, which is located on the controller below the analog sticks. This makes it possible to switch quickly from one game to the next – without having to go to the menu.

DualSense Edge FN button
The FN buttons can be used to quickly switch between profiles, among other things

Above all, how Sony has integrated the DualSense Edge functions into the PS5 interface is unique. In combination with the detailed setting options around sensitivity curves or deadzones, the controller allows for in-depth fine-tuning, as you are normally only used to from gaming mice.

Battery Life of the DualSense Edge

  • Disappointing battery life of 7 hours max
  • Can also be used wirelessly (or with cable) on the PC

However, the biggest criticism of the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller could become a real dealbreaker for some. The battery life is even shorter than that of the original DualSense, which only offers comparatively short runtimes of up to ten hours anyway.

However, you also have to keep in mind the unique features (speakers, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback) that the PS5 gamepad offers. And how many more features are inherent in the Edge.

Unfortunately, Sony missed out on giving the pro controller a bigger battery. Conversely, this means that the gamepad runs out of steam after an average of five to seven hours, depending on the game and the intensity of the mentioned features.

Sony itself recommends using the gamepad with the included cable. This would also prevent radio interference for professional gamers. However, this can certainly only be rated as an emergency solution.

DualSense Edge Test
The battery life turns out to be rather meager at around 5-7 hours

Especially when you consider that the Microsoft counterpart in the form of the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has a battery life of up to 40 hours. However, it does not offer adaptive triggers or haptic feedback.

By the way, the DualSense Edge can also be used on a PC and notebook if desired. The connection is either wired or wireless via Bluetooth. Both work flawlessly in practice.

DualSense Edge review: Conclusion

With the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller, Sony delivers the best professional controller for the PlayStation 5 so far. However, it also has its price. Nevertheless, no competitor can hold a candle to the Edge in terms of features, workmanship and especially the integration into the user interface of the PS5 console.

I particularly like the grippy surface of the gamepad and the practical backpaddles. There are only two of them, instead of four like most competitors, but I can choose between different shapes.

The fact that the analog sticks can be easily replaced is definitely good for the longevity. The trigger stops are also a noticeable advantage, especially in shooters. Apart from the disappointing battery life and the rather high price, there is hardly anything to complain about.

If you don’t mind playing with the cable connected more often (or most of the time), you’ll get an outstanding and versatile customizable gamepad for the PlayStation 5 with the DualSense Edge, which also cuts an excellent figure on the PC.

DualSense Edge review: gold award

Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

Value for money


Thanks to a wide range of customization options, excellent haptics and first-class system integration, Sony's DualSense Edge is the best pro controller for the PS5. However, the meager battery life and the high price are annoying.

Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
This product is currently unavailable.

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