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SPC Gear GK630K: Mechanical TKL keyboard review

We have already tested some peripherals from the Polish manufacturer SPC Gear. As the gaming division of SilentiumPC, SPC Gear has quite a diversified portfolio. Now we have the GK630K, a TKL keyboard with Kailh Brown switches. The SPC Gear GK630K promises to be an affordable but high-quality gaming keyboard, and we’ll find out for you.


Dimensions 400 x 190 x 50 mm
Weight 915 g
Case Aluminum plastic case
Connection Cable tied
Switches Kailh Brown
Key Rollover Full key rollover
Multimedia keys Separate multimedia keys
Lighting One RGB LED per button
Extras Free programmable buttons
Lifetime 70 million keystrokes
Price € 54.90 *

Packaging and contents

SPC Gear doesn’t care much about packaging, keeping the GK630K a budget keyboard – and that’s fine. The keyboard comes in a cardboard box printed from the outside, and has the 1.8-meter detachable cable along with the obligatory paperwork and keycap remover.

The cable is sleeved, i.e. covered with braided fabric, which again makes the keyboard look more premium. The length of the cable also speaks for itself, as does the USB-C port. That’s right, the SPC Gear GK630K has a USB-C cable included.

Design and workmanship

Practical instead of high-end or fancy design. The GK630K is just plain and that’s fine, it’s meant to function as a gaming keyboard, not win any beauty awards. Nevertheless, the keyboard has an aluminum case on the front, which firstly gives it more weight and secondly a more premium feel. The keycaps on the Kailh switches are, of course, made of plastic and have a slightly curved surface so that fingers can rest in them better. Otherwise, the keyboard is largely restrained and logo-free. There is only a lettering on the right side.

However, the TKL (TenKeyLess) design means that some sacrifices have to be made. Dedicated multimedia keys are not found on the GK630K, but can be freely configured via the software and the function key. This is common for notebooks, for example.

The underside is equipped with rubber pads for a secure stand. These are also found under the fold-out feet. Since the keyboard is only slightly tilted towards the user, the feet are also necessary. Due to the high keys, the hands can rest better on the keyboard with the feet folded out.

Kailh Switches

The GK630K comes with three different switches, all from Kaihuna. Probably the best known manufacturer of switches is Cherry, but there are many different ones floating around on the market. Kaihuna is one of them and it produces the Kailh switches. The red, brown or black switches are based on Cherry’s, which is a good thing. If you already had Cherry switches before, you can use them as a guide.

In our tested model of the GK630K, the brown version of the Kailh switches is installed. The advantage is the tactile feedback and a good mix between gaming and typing. However, we will miss the usual “click” here. Since these are high-quality replicas of the Cherry MX Brown, they are especially characterized by the high longevity of 70 million key confirmations.

Typing on the Kailh Brown switches feels really good due to the fairly low resistance. The tactile feedback also contributes to a more pleasant typing experience. A feature that every gaming keyboard should actually have is full key rollover. No matter how many keys are pressed simultaneously, every keystroke is recognized.

Software and On-The-Fly Operation

SPC Gear also has software ready for the GK630K. We can find this on the manufacturer’s site. The existing RGB lighting can be adjusted via it. Unfortunately, not every LED can be controlled individually, there are only predefined effects, but a lot of them.

We can also create macros in the software. Since the SPC Gear GK630K does not have any dedicated macro and multimedia keys, we have to resort to the function key to operate the macros. Alternatively, the existing keys can be assigned completely freely.

The software is easy to use and the internal memory also stores up to three created profiles including macros directly on the keyboard.

Alternatively, the lighting can also be changed via FN keys and the numbers 1 to 10, i.e. without software. Macros can also be created in this way. So the software for the GK630K is not mandatory, but makes the operation much easier.


A Tournament Edition of a keyboard doesn’t have to deliver more than its performance. The SPC Gear GK630K is just such a keyboard. It’s a very compact keyboard, so it’s a TKL variant that also cost very little.

SPC Gear focuses on high quality, as well as good functionality. The aluminum covered case makes the keyboard very sturdy and adds the necessary weight to the tabletop. Dedicated multimedia keys aren’t present, but as with a notebook, they are available via function key, just as macros can be stored.

The topic of RGB illumination will probably always remain a vexed topic, but it has simply become part of it. In this case, it is not freely customizable, but still offers many effects.

SPC Gear seems to be an inconspicuous manufacturer of gaming peripherals, but it can convince us in the test. For around 50 Euros you get a mechanical keyboard with good switches and good quality.

SPC Gear GK630K

Value for money


Compact keyboard with very good workmanship. The biggest point of criticism is the software.

GK630K Tournament Kailh Brown RGB, Gaming-Tastatur price comparison

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