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Speedlink Audis Pro – Affordable USB microphone in test

If you no longer want to rely on a simple headset microphone, then there is a large selection of USB microphones available as an alternative. One of these is the Speedlink Audis Pro, which is currently offered for € 43.90 * [review time: €53].

For this price, Speedlink promises, among other things, the use of a 14-mm recording diaphragm with a cardioid characteristic and audio quality suitable for podcasts and streams. Whether this is actually true, and what impression the Audis Pro left with us, we clarify in the following test report.

Technical details

Connection: USB-B 2.0
Microphone membrane: 14 mm (electret condenser)
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Noise power: < 16 dBA
Sampling rate: 176 kHz / 24 bit
Directivity: cardioid
Impedance: 1.2 kΩ
Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 1 kHz
SNR: 60 dB
Maximum sound pressure level: 110 dB
Dimensions (microphone): 47 x 52 x 141 mm
Dimensions (including tripod): 173 x 170 x 290 mm
Weight: 335 g
Price: € 43.90 *

Scope of delivery

The Speedlink Audis Pro comes in a colorful printed cardboard box. In addition to the microphone itself, it also comes with instructions, a two-piece stand, the 1.5-meter USB connection cable, and two windscreens at once. The first is one of the usual foam covers, whereas the second is made of sheet metal. The foam pop shield is delivered bent, but a few days after putting it on, the resulting dents disappear almost completely.

Design & Workmanship

The basic design of the Audis Pro is similar to many other USB microphones. The microphone spider is screwed onto the three-legged, retractable stand, and the microphone is in turn screwed into it. The foam pop shield can then be attached over this, whereas the metal pop shield can simply be slid onto the outer edge of the spider at any point.

The Audis Pro also offers a joint between the stand and the spider, which allows the microphone to be tilted. The tilt is gradual, but if necessary, the microphone can also be fixed between two levels and thus at any angle. In addition, the spider can also be mounted on any other tripod with 3/8″ thread, if necessary. However, due to the built-in plastic thread, it is probably recommended not to modify the spider too often.

To prevent the microphone from slipping away, the ends of the three stand feet are rubberized. The stand feet are very smoothly mounted, so that they immediately collapse when the microphone is lifted. Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage depends on the intended use: when moving the microphone, this solution requires one more handle, when packing it away, one less.

The Audis Pro is mainly made of black plastic and metal. The former is used for the joint on the stand, the microphone spider and the case of the Audis Pro. Metal, on the other hand, is used for the stand itself and the protective grille around the microphone diaphragm. There is also a rubber mount that decouples the microphone from the frame of the spider. This prevents vibration transmission from the table surface to the microphone diaphragm.

The microphone itself also has a USB-B connector on the bottom and a volume control with a snap-in in the center. On the other hand, an operating LED and a mute function are omitted. At least the latter can easily be replaced by the built-in volume control.

The build quality of the Audis Pro is okay. All components make a stable impression and are haptically flawless. However, a closer look reveals slight imperfections at the casing transitions at the stand joint as well as at the microphone spider. However, this is not too unusual for the price segment of the Audis Pro.

Practice & Recording Quality

Getting the Speedlink Audis Pro up and running is as easy as can be: the microphone is simply connected via USB. A further driver or software installation is then no longer necessary – the microphone sets itself up under Windows and then works directly. With the exception of the volume and the usual Windows functions, nothing can be adjusted on the microphone.

However, further settings should not be necessary for most users anyway. Instead, the sound quality is more important, and here the Audis Pro can convince in our eyes. The microphone records voices very faithfully and in high quality – nothing stands in the way of using it for podcasts or streams. As with all microphones with a cardioid characteristic, it should be noted that noise, such as loud mechanical keyboards, is also picked up. Therefore, loud noises in the environment should be avoided and the microphone should be placed as close as possible to the sound source.

The vibration decoupling and the two pop guards also do a good job. The former successfully dampens vibrations of the base so that there is no strong noise on the recording. The pop guards also successfully prevent noise caused by air movements. Even the (weakly set) airflow of a hairdryer did not lead to distortions due to the two pop screens, so this should be ruled out in practice.

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For the price of € 43.90 * [review time: €53], Speedlink’s Audis Pro aims to be an affordable microphone streamer and podcaster. The audio quality should be sufficient for this purpose without any problems: Voices are recorded clearly, and the vibration decoupling and the two built-in pop protectors do a good job.

Beyond that, the Audis Pro only offers a volume control – a signal LED and other settings are missing. It might depend on the situation whether this is a disadvantage or an advantage. Many users might simply want a microphone that sounds good, functions simply and is easy to use. The Audis Pro fulfills exactly these qualities. Thus, it is definitely worth a second look in our eyes.

This is also true if you have a little more budget than you need for the Audis Pro. Because as with almost all podcast microphones, at best you should not only invest money in the recording device, but also a few euros in the room acoustics to get optimal results.

Speedlink Audis Pro

Recording quality
Value for money


An inexpensive microphone with good sound quality and few adjustment options.

SPEEDLINK Audis PRO price comparison

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If you no longer want to rely on a simple headset microphone, then there is a large selection of USB microphones available as an alternative. One of these is the Speedlink Audis Pro, which is currently offered for [review time: €53]. For this price, Speedlink promises, among other things, the use of a 14-mm recording … (Weiterlesen...)

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