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Tesoro Alphaeon S3 – gaming chair with premium look in test

Tesoro is a gaming brand with German representation in Hamburg, which has made a name for itself in the gaming chair market and does convincing work here. The Alphaeon series has another competitor since February, which brings a breath of fresh air. The F720 Alphaeon S3 gaming chair has been revised in a few places compared to its predecessors and now offers a luxurious look and some improved features. Does the Alphaeon S3 hide a rather unknown treasure? In this following article, we will get to the bottom of this very question.


Frame color Black
Frame construction Metal
Cover material PU faux leather
Material of upholstery Cold foam
Adjustable head pad Yes
Type of backrest High backrest (80 cm)
Latching function (backrest) Yes
Gas pressure spring class: 4
Adjustable lumbar cushion: Yes
Rolls PU Racing casters (6 cm)
Cover color Black-Red
Adjustable armrests 3D
Load capacity 130 kg
Rocker function (seat+back) 15°
Seat surface 58-63 cm x 58 cm
Product type F720
Shipping weight 27 kg
Price Price not available *
Tesoro Alphaeon S3
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of delivery & assembly

The Alphaeon S3, weighing around 27 kg, was delivered in a plain brown cardboard box. Thereby, the product name and the most important specifications are on the top of the carton. If you cut open the box, you get a good look at how the individual elements of the gaming chair are secured. Here you can already see how much effort has been put into it – the elements have been packed in an adapted way, depending on the needs of securing them. In this case, the leather elements are coated with a simple protective film, the armrests of harder plastic with bubble wrap and the metal elements with foam film. Damage during delivery can by no means occur thanks to the securing and packaging method.

Apart from the seat, backrest and metal base, there are two other small boxes in the package. In one of these is the lockable tilt mechanism, if you can put it that way. The rod, with which you can later change the height of the chair, looks out of the side of the box. The second box contains the five casters, the gas spring, plastic covers and assembly material. Again, everything was packed appropriately and well secured.

After everything was freed from its packaging, we could immediately begin with the assembly. This took about 20 minutes for the Alphaeon S3, which is due to the pre-assembled 3D armrests. The quality and workmanship of the individual elements also made the assembly easier. A small playlist with good music on the side and the gaming chair is there in its full glory. The individual elements fit together perfectly and can be screwed together perfectly when needed.

The casters of the chair are simply inserted into the metal base, and the class 4 gas spring is inserted into the hole from above – so the base is ready to go. The backrest is screwed to the rails of the seat with two screws on each side and then covered with the plastic caps. Finally, you just put the two parts together and you’re almost done. The lumbar cushion is clipped to the backrest with a clip system and the neck cushion is clamped through the top hole of the backrest with a plastic circle.

Design & Workmanship

As already mentioned, the workmanship of the holes and the screws on the Alphaeon S3 is very well done and the chair could already score quite a few points here – the entire design felt coherent and thus convinced us. But there are more points we want to talk about in this chapter.

The Alphaeon S3 has been designed to provide additional comfort and luxury in numerous places. The workmanship of the surface and the foam underneath plays a key role. The surface is made of PU synthetic leather, which hardly differs from real leather, both visually and haptically. Every single piece of leather is connected with good-looking and discreet red threads. This “discreet design”, which is inspired by luxury sports cars, can be found on the entire gaming chair. Other red highlighted accents can be found in the center of the seat as well as in the center of the backrest. In addition, the head cushion features red Tesoro lettering to round out the overall package. In the middle areas of the seat, the leather is perforated for better ventilation of the main zones that are prone to sweat.

Under the leather we find something unusual again. Instead of one type of foam used for the entire chair, the Alphaeon S3 has a total of four different types of foam with varying degrees of hardness. You can easily notice the difference by pressing lightly into the foam at different points. This feature is supposed to promote the perfect relief of the back and thus increase the seating comfort. You’ll find out how well this was achieved in the next chapter. The leather and the selected foams already show at this point what all is in the Alphaeon S3.

Tesoro is also focusing on new features in the S3. One of these features is the “Seat Xtension” feature: a three-stage seat extension of up to 5 cm. With a simple handle under the seat, the seat can be extended forward. The functionality here is again very simple due to the very good workmanship of the rail. What’s all the fun for? The adjustability of the seat surface relieves more pressure on the thighs, which helps against fatigue and stiff legs. This makes the Alphaeon S3 suitable not only for gaming rooms, but also finds its use in offices. All in all, it can be stated that Tesoro have done their job properly and can thus also convince in this chapter.

Sitting comfort & Ergonomics

The last thing to get right is the seating comfort – the first few seconds of sitting must feel as right as the first few seconds at a job interview, where you want to convince people of yourself. After sitting on the Alphaeon S3 for the first time, its comfort is convincing in all measures. The foam adapts very well to one’s own body shape and thus literally flatters one’s own body – it was exactly the right decision to use different degrees of hardness for different areas of the gaming chair. However, this is not the only thing that is important to mention.

Quite a few configuration options every gaming chair has to offer nowadays. Therefore, the implementation of them is very important. The Alphaeon S3 is based on the “standard”, but implemented excellently with good quality. The 3D armrests can be moved upwards, forwards and backwards. Everything clicks into place pleasantly and can also be moved smoothly at the same time. Of course, the chair can also be adjusted in height – as usual, there is a small lever on the right side. This can be pushed in a little further and pulled out. A maximum height of 44 cm and a minimum of 36 cm can be reached. Somewhat taller people, like our testers, sit higher and much more comfortably on the Alphaeon S3.

Another adjustment option is the backrest. This can be moved up to 150° away from the back, giving the chair a total length of 102 cm. Anyone who wants to put their feet up in a relaxed manner while watching a YouTube video will be pleased with the function of the Alphaeon S3. People who are a bit wider also sit very well on the gaming chair. The reason for this is the width of the seat and backrest. With a maximum weight of 130 kg, every gamer can jump into the next game on the seat cushioned by a class 4 gas spring.


The Alphaeon S3 was made by Tesoro with excellence and that is exactly what is reflected in our test. It is very comfortable to sit on the chair, thanks to foams with different degrees of hardness. This technology makes the Tesoro stand out from the competition. When you sit on the Alphaeon S3, you literally feel like you’re sitting on clouds. The foam adapts wonderfully to your body shape. On top of that, the ventilation of the most important touch points is very good. In addition, the high-quality gaming chair has everything you would expect from a gaming chair in this price range.

Of course, we can’t say how the Alphaeon S3 will perform in the long run after our test. However, according to the manufacturer, the durability of the gaming chair is supposed to be significantly higher than most. In addition, the Alphaeon S3 with its simple look is suitable for every office and gaming room. In the end, we can state that Tesoro’s Alphaeon S3 is worthwhile and a nice little treasure. Therefore, we give it a buy recommendation and a platinum award!

Tesoro Alphaeon S3

Value for money


The Tesoro Alphaeon S3 is a solid upper-class gaming chair at a fair price. The seating comfort is outstanding, thanks to the new features brought along!

Tesoro Alphaeon S3
This product is currently unavailable.

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