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Tesoro Zone X F750 Gaming Chair Review

Those who like to sit long in front of their PC at home will be able to sing a song about how unpleasant most conventional PC chairs are. Neck and headaches are part of everyday life for many gamers and people who work in the office. Comfortable gaming chairs that not only guarantee a wonderful seat, but also freedom from pain are a remedy. One of the best known manufacturers of such chairs is Tesoro. Tesoro regularly presents new models that are visually and technically always a little different from their predecessors – such as the F750. We have subjected this F750 model to extensive practical testing. You can find out in our report whether the chair can deliver what it promises.


frame construction Metal
Material of the reference PU imitation leather
Adjustable armrests 4D
Backrest type High backrest
Backrest can be tilted up to 135°
Dimensions 59 x 60 cm
Roller function 25°
gas pressure spring Class 4
Basis 700 mm; painted steel
Rolls Size & Material Nylon Racing Wheels (6 cm)
Maximum load 150 kg
Weight Package 28 kg
Weight of stool 26 kg
Price Price not available * (Black/Gold)
Tesoro Zone X Schwarz/Gold Gaming Stuhl F750 Gamin
This product is currently unavailable.

Assembly: Quite simple

The chair is delivered disassembled, just like almost all gaming chairs. However, there is an easy to understand layout sketch. In addition to the chair parts, an Allen key, all necessary screws and washers are included. Screws and washers were even available some more than needed.

If possible, the assembly should be done by two people, because especially the assembly of the backrest is not easy alone. But this is still possible. Alone the assembly took about 25 minutes. In any case a cordless screwdriver with suitable bit is recommendable, so that one does not have to screw in the screws laboriously by hand.

Design and Workmanship

Tesoro uses high quality PU artificial leather as cover. All components of the chair appear robust due to the steel frame. The base is also completely made of metal, which is where inexpensive chairs often save money. Tesoro can therefore guarantee a load of up to 150 kg.

Only the armrests don’t seem quite as robust. They are each screwed to the steel plate on the underside with three screws, but still wobble quite strongly. Many gaming chairs have this problem, even the higher priced ones.

In principle, the sewing of the artificial leather upholstery can be described as in order. The fabric feels comfortable and the stitchings are also neatly applied. When unpacked, it does not even smell particularly strong or long, the smell disappears very quickly. However, the cover is unfortunately not ideally fastened. Some distortions can be seen, especially in the centre front of the seat. The cover can also be grasped here, we know this better from other gaming chairs such as those from Nitro Concepts. Since we also noticed this distortion in the photos of other testers, we don’t assume an individual case, but if it really bothers you, you can certainly try to make an exchange.

Optically the Tesoro Zone X F750 is a real highlight. It looks really noble and you sit down with anticipation, which is not disappointed.


Once you have taken a seat on Zone X, you hardly want to get up. The padding is pleasantly soft. In comparison to noble chairs, where the padding is criticized by some as too hard, you almost sink here – but not too much, as it attracts negative attention. So the upholstery is really well chosen. Whether it still looks like this after 1-2 years, we can’t determine in the context of our test. However, experience has shown that soft padding is less suitable for long-term use.

Tesoro has given the Zone X numerous ergonomic functions. The height of the chair can be adjusted by up to ten centimetres, while the backrest can be tilted by 45 degrees to 135 degrees. In addition, there is the rocking mechanism of the seat – here there is room for 25 degrees. Of course, the seat can also be fixed, but the tension spring can also be adjusted so that it becomes easier or more difficult to tilt, depending on what you prefer and your own weight.

The armrests can also be adjusted. The well-known 4D armrests offer numerous adjustment options. They can be adjusted in height, pushed forwards or backwards and rotated. They can also be pushed outwards or inwards.

With a width of 39.5 centimetres, the seat surface allows various variations of the sitting position – this is very praiseworthy from an ergonomic point of view and ensures that even longer gaming sessions can be comfortably sat down. The wide seat is of course also advantageous for slightly wider persons. Due to the side bolsters, however, you can still feel a little cramped here. This could be especially disadvantageous for taller people.

As an extra Tesoro delivers two cushions. The neck pillow makes sense in our eyes. Not everyone will use the lumbar cushion, but we were a bit confused by the concept. The lumbar cushion, like the neck cushion, offers an elastic band for attachment, but there is no possibility to attach it to the backrest in order to use it. The cushion padding is nevertheless just as pleasant as the chair padding.

We are very satisfied with the ergonomic possibilities of the chair. They contribute enormously to sitting comfort and make the chair very attractive in our eyes.


All in all, Tesoro presents a visually appealing, well crafted and extremely comfortable gaming chair that met our expectations. Despite the small flaws, we can therefore recommend it to others. Even if some of you will disagree here: You can’t expect a perfect chair for the price. It’s not for nothing that there are chairs for several thousand Euros.

Tesoro Zone X F750

Seating Comfort
Stability & Workmanship
Value for Money

A good and affordable gaming chair.

Tesoro Zone X Schwarz/Gold Gaming Stuhl F750 Gamin
This product is currently unavailable.

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