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The MSI MAG CH120 I under the magnifying glass – What is the budget gaming chair good for?

MSI has been a respected name in PC hardware for decades. For a few years now, they have also been launching gaming chairs that are almost always convincing in terms of price-performance. Today, we take a look at the MAG CH120 I – the elegant model of MSI’s gaming chair series – released at the end of 2020.

In our review, we look at all the features of the chair as well as important factors like comfort, durability, workmanship and materials. With a list price of 299 Euros, the MAG CH120 I belongs to the mid-range price category and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years. We can already reveal as much at this point: The chair is definitely worth its price.

The market for gaming chairs has grown rapidly over the past few years and many manufacturers try to convince with new technologies and features, so the CH120 I also brings novelties that were not available in MSI’s pioneer models and are also not offered by the competition at the same price.

And besides the more general features, it is exactly these novelties that we want to explain in detail in this review.

Technical data

Color Black & Gray
Dimensions 68 x 66 x 130 cm
Weight 27 kg
Model name MAG CH120 I
Covering material PVC leather
Frame material Steel
Caster diameter 75 mm
Size seat 52 x 52.5 cm
Max. Seat height 55 cm
Min. seat height 47.5 cm
Max. Armrest height 37.5 cm
Min. armrest height 30.5 cm
Backrest height 80 cm
Shoulder width backrest 55 cm
Packing size 80 x 66 x 33 cm
Adjustment angle backrest 90 – 180 degrees
Foam type EVA foam
Tilt lock available? Yes
Max. Load weight 150 kg
Price € 485.61 *

Looks and workmanship

If the computer is the heart of the gaming room, the desk and chair are arguably the lungs and kidneys and should provide a harmonious whole, which are welcome to be eye-catchers. MSI seems to be aware of this as well and has convincingly mastered the task of developing a suitable chair.

The MAG CH120 I does without flashy, colorful elements and convinces with a rich, black look with a lot of attention to detail. Embroidered elements and high-quality workmanship provide a noble finish with a lasting impression. The material used itself is also impressive and is of the highest quality, some of which has the TÜV seal of approval.

The chair comes compactly packed and with assembly instructions. The assembly here is child’s play and those who do have problems can find a quick guide on YouTube. However, the included paper instructions could be a bit clearer, as the different screws are not clearly explained.

With a weight of about 27 kg, the CH120 I is no lightweight, but it can be transported – if necessary – both assembled and disassembled over shorter distances. Still, you should be at home when the chair arrives – no one wants to heave 27 kg from the post office to their home.

The swivel castors of the CH120 I are mounted on a solid steel frame and the hydraulics are regulated by a certified class 4 gas pressure piston. This brings with it both the highest safety standards and a long service life.

The rest of the materials used in the chair are also high quality, durable and safe.

Ergonomic features: increased comfort at all levels – even in 4D!

First and foremost, a gaming chair should always serve one main function: long-lasting, increased seating comfort. This coupled with a much healthier sitting posture are some of the main selling points of most buyers who switch from classic models to gaming chairs. We took a closer look at the features installed by MSI that provide comfort and ergonomics – and were pleasantly surprised.

The backrest of the MAG CH120 I has a tilt angle of 90 to 180°. Thus, the chair can be perfectly adjusted for long gaming sessions and can also be used as a lounger for a break in between. The desired tilt angle is fixed via a lever on the right side of the seat by a simple lift & release function.

The 4D-adjustable armrests of the MAG CH120 I are an absolute eye-catcher – the armrests can be adjusted in height, width and depth. If you have the problem with another model that the desired seat height does not go well with the height of the armrests, you have to make a compromise. In the new chair from MSI, this problem is no more.

A strap system makes both the headrest and the lumbar pillow very easy to adjust. They effectively reduce pressure on the neck and lumbar area for an ergonomic seating experience. The high-quality materials also guarantee comfort and can withstand nights of stress à la gaming sessions.

On the bottom of the chair there is also a mechanism for tilting the seat so that you can lean back. There is no synchronous mechanism, but the adjustable suspension of the tilting function is very good, because it can be adjusted extremely strongly, so that even bulkier people do not simply tilt back if the seat is not fixed.

Materials: Highest quality – also confirmed by TÜV Süd

Resilience and durability are two of the most important elements of a gaming chair. MSI obviously thought this through very well when designing the MAG CH120 I, because the installed materials not only convinced us, but were also awarded the TÜV Süd seal of approval.

The frame of the MAG CH120 I is made of painted steel. In addition to the long service life, it is also very resistant to rust and ensures long enjoyment of the chair. Comfort is provided by the PVE molded foam used in the upholstery material. This adapts perfectly to the respective gamer and always ensures a comfortable, healthy and upright sitting posture.

The gas pressure piston responsible for the hydraulics of the MAG CH120 I has also been awarded the TÜV Süd seal of approval. The hydraulics in particular become susceptible to damage over the years in many models, and in the case of the MAG CH120 I this has been turned from a common weak point into another strength. Also, the operation of the hydraulics works very easily via a lever, just as you know it from other chairs.

The swivel castors of the MAG CH120 I have a diameter of 75 mm. In addition to high-quality workmanship, each individual caster has the function of being fixed via a lever on the caster itself. This ensures a secure stand that is ideally suited for eventful gaming rounds. The star-shaped base, to which the casters are attached, is made of sturdy steel and promises a long service life.

The base and steel frame allow the chair to withstand a maximum load of up to 150 kg, making it suitable for tall people – and short ones, of course.


The MSI MAG CH120 I strongly convinced us in terms of looks, functionality and price-performance. With a price of 299 euros, it can definitely be called a bargain, considering what’s underneath the faux leather. The whole thing paired with a rich, black look makes the MAG CH120 I a real eye-catcher in every gaming room.

We could only find a few cons, but one of them would be the somewhat short manufacturer’s warranty of two years compared to other models. However, this number is still average in the mid-range.

In short, the chair not only delivers what it promises, but also offers a whole range of additional and also useful features, is suitable for small and large gamers, and can be assembled and ready for use in no time.

In terms of performance, however, the gaming chair from the Taiwanese manufacturer is on an absolute top level and can also keep up with competitors beyond the 400 euro mark. If we put all these details together, we can recommend the MSI MAG CH120 I with a clear conscience.


Design & workmanship
Seating comfort
Value for money


Top gaming chair at a comparatively low price with the best workmanship, functionality and appearance. If you are thinking about switching from a classic PC chair to a gaming chair for the first time, you will get an entry-level model here that partly comes close to high-end models in terms of performance. For us, the MAG CH120 I is definitely worth a recommendation.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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MSI has been a respected name in PC hardware for decades. For a few years now, they have also been launching gaming chairs that are almost always convincing in terms of price-performance. Today, we take a look at the MAG CH120 I – the elegant model of MSI’s gaming chair series – released at the … (Weiterlesen...)

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