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Trust GXT 712 Resto Pro gaming chair in test – Royal comfort from Trust

Last winter, Trust launched some new gaming products. Besides a gaming table as well as a new USB microphone, there was additionally a new gaming chair under the motto “Play your game”. The GXT 712 Resto Pro gaming chair only had one mention in a news post from us until today – we want to change that now! In the following review, we took a closer look at the chair and analyzed its strengths and weaknesses. Can the GXT 712 Resto Pro gaming chair keep up with the competition?


Model GXT 712 Resto Pro
Materials PU leather, plastic, metal, black suede
Gas pressure spring Class 4
Weight 24000 g
Height 13600 mm
Width 750 mm
Depth 690 mm
Seat width 59 cm
Seat depth 51 cm
Height of the backrest 85 cm
Adjustable armrests 4D armrests
Adjustable seat height 47 / 57 cm
Adjustable seat angle 90 – 115°
Adjustable backrest angle 90 – 180°
Min/max body height 150 cm – 200 cm
Price € 284.99*

Scope of delivery & assembly

Delivered the gaming chair in a brown cardboard box with black print on the outside. Pictured is the assembled GXT 712 Resto Pro as well as basic features of the gaming chair. Something special about the packaging is an outer sticker, which once again presents the chair in color and we particularly like it. Inside the packaging it looks usual – all individual elements have been securely packed with plastic film and foam sheet.

Freed from the packaging material, we can take a first look at the entire scope of delivery. This consists of a backrest, a seat, two separate armrests, a class 4 gas pressure spring, a tilting mechanism, a 5-star base with 5 castors and finally assembly material with assembly instructions. After initial closer inspection, we were also unable to find any workmanship flaws or damage.

The next step, of course, is to assemble the chair. There are a total of four steps to assemble the GXT 712 Resto Pro. First, the casters are snapped into the base and then the gas spring is put into the holder. Everything sits very tightly here and doesn’t have any wiggle room. Then you prepare the seat by attaching the tilt mechanism and the two 4D armrests there. To do this, you need the screws provided as well as the Allen wrench.

By now, it is somewhat uncommon to have to assemble the two armrests to the seat, as many manufacturers do this directly from the factory, making it no trouble to deliver and pack. Therefore, you should make sure to assemble the two armrests first, because otherwise it can be a bit tight.

But again, all the screws fit confidently into their threads and are convincing with their hold. Now the backrest has to be connected to the seat. To do this, the backrest is inserted from above into two rails on the seat surface. In our copy, this was a bit tighter, which meant we had to be all the more careful not to damage the leather – other manufacturers such as Vertagear have worked out a better concept for this system. Finally, all that is left to do is to put the plastic trims on it, screw them tight with the respective screws and cover them with small plastic caps.

Now just place the tilt mechanism correctly on the gas spring and the assembly is done. Optionally, the supplied cushions can now be attached. With click fasteners, these are attached to the chair. Due to the additional effort of mounting the armrests, we needed about 30 minutes for the entire assembly – all still within reasonable limits. There were also no particular difficulties.

Design & workmanship

The assembly is done, now it’s time for the design and the processing. For this, we first take a look at the entire seat. This consists of PU leather in suede look, which has been designed in laterally elongated pentagons. It is noticeable here that the leather has not been properly stretched in some places and is a bit wavy. They are separated by golden seams, which make a noble and high-quality impression. If you take a closer look at the golden stitching, you won’t see any protruding threads. The black suede on the edges to delineate the seat is especially nice. The texture is super gentle on the skin and feels very comfortable when walking across. Finally, on the headrest is a gold trust gaming logo.

Next, we look at the 4D armrests – comparable armrests can also be found on the Vertagear SL5000SE gaming chair or MSI MAG CH120 I again. Accordingly, they work well and sometimes a bit jammed. All adjustment knobs are easy to reach and operate, but the side widening on the left armrest is more cumbersome than the right side. All other adjustments on the chair, such as the backrest with 90° to 180°, the seat angle with 90 to 115° and the seat height from 47 to 57 cm, can be regulated without further problems.

Underneath the seat we see all familiar – the class 4 gas spring, which is known to do a reliable and durable job. The gaming chair also impresses with its 150 kg load capacity paired with the metal base and durable 65 mm casters. The individual casters are based on the standard and make a solid impression after the first roll. After all, Trust wants you to feel like a king or queen on the chair. You’ll find out how well this was achieved in the next chapter. Overall, the design and workmanship makes a decent impression and could satisfy us.

Sitting comfort & ergonomics

Comfort is the most important thing in a successful gaming chair. In everyday life, it is not only important to be able to sit comfortably, but also that the most important zones are properly supported – we are referring to the two cushions for the head and lordosis. After the first test sitting, the cushions convinced us directly. Due to the rather longer shape in height with a slightly lower depth of the lordosis cushion, we were able to sit surprisingly comfortably on the GXT 712 Resto Pro. Mostly, these cushions are dispensed with because they are invented as annoying. Trust has put a lot of effort into the cushions and created something cozy. Simple clip fasteners are used to mount the cushions, which have to be passed around the backrest once.

However, there are a few deductions in seating comfort due to the foam used and the metal base frame of the GXT 712 Resto Pro. While the frame is spacious and thus offers quite a bit of room for taller people, which is great in itself, it is comparatively thin and thus hard at the edges. Depending on the seating position, this can be a bit annoying on the back or thighs. The foam on the seat, on the other hand, is of course much softer, but still hard enough not to be immediately soggy. On the subject of standing firm – the total of five wheels roll very well over all surfaces, whether carpet or laminate.

To add to the longevity once again, the gaming chair offers some features that will be beneficial for some clumsy gamers. According to Trust, the entire chair has a low maintenance requirement in that it is stain resistant and splash proof. The usual crevice on the sides of the seat, where some dirt often hides, still exists, but is closed at the bottom and easy to clean with a cloth. The only problem we see is with the black suede, which after some time will not be so gentle. At the same time, this fabric requires special care to remain in decent condition after a long time.


The GXT 712 Resto Pro from Trust is a gaming chair, which can be seen. Its build quality is on a decent level, and the stitching and fabric have been solidly finished. Somewhat annoying about the well-done black and gold look of the gaming chair, could be the PU leather that is not properly stretched at one point or another. Apart from that, all functions and the seating comfort are very pleasant and could convince us in the test. For a price of 380 € (current: € 284.99*) the GXT 712 Resto Pro is available – a decent price, which is nevertheless justifiable in terms of price performance.

Trust GXT 712 Resto Pro

Value for money


Extensive adjustment options and an extra-wide seat ensure comfortable gaming sessions on the GXT 712 Resto Pro.

Trust Gaming GXT 712 Resto Pro price comparison

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