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Trust GXT 980 REDEX – The wireless gaming mouse in test

With the GXT 980 REDEX, the manufacturer Trust introduces a new wireless gaming mouse in the budget range. With an MSRP of €39.99, the spec sheet promises a lot. Key features include RGB lighting, 1000 Hz polling rate and six programmable buttons. To customize the gaming mouse to its needs, Trust even supplies software specifically designed for the REDEX. Sounds like a dream in this price segment? Yes, we think so too, which is why we took a closer look at the new Trust GXT 980 REDEX in our test. You can find out how it performs in the following test report.

Technical data

Handle type: palm, claw, finger
Dimensions (L x W x H): 112 x 54 x 39 mm
Weight: 86 g
Sensor: Model: PMW3325
Technology: optical
Acceleration: 20 G
Speed: 100 ips
Polling rate: 125 – 1000 Hz
DPI range: 200 – 10000 dpi
Lighting: RGB
Connection: Wireless, USB-A-2.0
Power source: Battery, USB
Buttons: 6
Price: € 30.93 *

Scope of delivery

At first glance, the scope of delivery seems very sparse. But to be precise, everything you need is included. In addition to the mouse itself, a USB-A to USB-C cable is included. It is used to charge the REDEX or generally to create a wired connection to the PC or laptop. The black cable is sheathed in braiding and is sufficiently long with a length of 160 cm. The sheathing is easy to touch and feels very soft. Even after unfolding, the cable doesn’t make any big bends. Hidden inside the mouse is the USB micro-receiver, which has a normal USB-A port. Rounding out the contents of the box is a user guide.

Design and workmanship

The design of the Trust GXT 980 REDEX is kept rather simple and without a lot of frills. It comes with a curved shape and relies on a conventional design. The three additional buttons are kept in glossy black, just like the area around the mouse wheel. One of the three buttons is located on the mouse, just behind the mouse wheel. The remaining two buttons are found on the left side of the mouse. The mouse wheel is made of transparent plastic and for the right grip, the wheel has been given a rubberized surface, with additional nubs.

The surface of the matte black gaming mouse is very easy to touch. With a length of 112 mm, the REDEX is one of the more massive gaming mice. The interaction of length, height and symmetry give the GXT 980 a classic and noble look.

In addition to the black, transparent parts can also be found on the Trust GXT 980 REDEX. These include the mouse wheel, the lettering on the back of the mouse and a bar on the bottom. These transparent areas are illuminated during use.

Overall, the workmanship doesn’t allow for any blunders and the Trust GXT 980 stands up very well. Of course, you can’t expect miracles in the choice of materials, and that’s how it is with the REDEX. Trust relies completely on plastic and a lot of free space inside, so you can clearly see the savings on the material here. But hey, a wireless gaming mouse that is also illuminated, has its own software and other features for gamers, and that at an MSRP of €39.99. This point of criticism fades into the background, because the overall picture of the Trust GXT 980 is just right.

If you look at the Trust GXT 980 from below, you immediately notice the generously sized glide pads. They ensure that the gaming mouse glides smoothly over the surface. In addition to the gliding pads, you will also find two switches that can be used to adjust the polling rate and illumination, or turn them on and off.


Inside the REDEX, the USB receiver keeps itself hidden. It can be accessed via the magnetically secured mouse back, which can be conveniently pulled off towards the back, giving you a view of the inside. If you plug the receiver into the desired device, the connection to the mouse is established and you can start right away. The REDEX is connected to the receiver via a 2.4 GHz RF signal. The connection works without any problems and in daily use we could not detect any connection interruptions or other problems.

For a wired connection, the REDEX comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable. This guarantees continued use while charging and simply plugs into the USB-C port in the front.

Practicality and ergonomics

The integrated battery of the Trust GXT 980 REDEX allows up to 50 hours of pure gaming time. Of course, this value is highly dependent on the lighting and the rest of the performance settings. Apart from the battery life, the REDEX also does a lot right in terms of daily use and the associated ergonomics. With a weight of 86 g, the GXT 980 is no lightweight, but it doesn’t stand out in comparison with gaming mice from other manufacturers. In our opinion, the weight distribution is mostly in the back part of the palm during use, which we really liked. The shape covers all three grip types (palm, claw, fingertip) in our opinion, so everyone gets their money’s worth here. The glide pads also make a very good impression in our practical test. The mouse glides smoothly and without jerks over the mouse pad. But they also do their job very reliably away from a coated desktop and guarantee a problem-free use of the gaming mouse here as well.

The sound of the mouse clicks is rather brighter in nature and not very muffled. The same applies to the mouse wheel. Scrolling also produces an undamped sound, but this depends very much on the scrolling speed. During “normal” scrolling, however, the volume stays within a normal range and doesn’t seem annoying at all. Even though the sound of the mouse clicks seemed brighter and more unmuffled to us than other products in the higher price segment, we can claim that the volume of the clicks hardly differs from other gaming mice.

Lighting of the Trust GXT 980 REDEX

The lighting of the Trust GXT 980 REDEX is divided into three zones. Starting with the mouse wheel, to the lettering on the back of the mouse, to the bar at the rear of the mouse. When turned on and during use, each of the individual zones glows in the color of the set lighting effect. The colors could use a bit more saturation. In our opinion, this impression is created because the LEDs are sometimes far away from the actually illuminated zone. The LED that is responsible for illuminating the lettering has been placed in the bottom of the mouse. This is certainly due to the construction, but it creates less illuminated areas of the lettering depending on the viewing angle. We also noticed a similar phenomenon with the mouse wheel. Here, an LED was placed inside the mouse wheel, which mostly shines upwards, resulting in less illuminated areas here as well. All in all, the REDEX doesn’t make a bad impression here either, because the overall package at an MSRP of 39.99 € is right!


The software for the Trust GXT 980 REDEX surprised us very positively. It is largely self-explanatory and you can find your way around directly. Once you have an overview, you will find various tabs for the individual settings. The first tab is the key assignment, where each key can be assigned a different command. The second tab includes the DPI settings, which can then be accessed via the button behind the mouse wheel. The third tab contains all settings for the illumination, including the effect selection and the individualizations within the individual effects. The fourth and last tab contains the macro settings. It is also possible to create different profiles and save them as desired.

Summary of the Trust GXT 980 REDEX review

In our test, the Trust GXT 980 REDEX was able to convince. Even if we could find small points of criticism here and there, the newly released gaming mouse forms a sensible addition in the budget range. Despite an MSRP of €39.99, the wireless gaming mouse has a few features that will make gamers’ hearts beat faster. Among them 1000 Hz polling rate, a DPI range from 200 to 10,000 and RGB lighting with selectable effects. Lots of useful features that nibble a bit at the material selection and build.

Overall, the REDEX stands up very well and joins our recommendations of gaming mice in the budget range.

Trust GXT 980 REDEX

Value for money


Many useful features and a solid overall image form the basis for a recommendation in the budget range of gaming mice.

Trust Gaming GXT 980 Redex price comparison

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With the GXT 980 REDEX, the manufacturer Trust introduces a new wireless gaming mouse in the budget range. With an MSRP of €39.99, the spec sheet promises a lot. Key features include RGB lighting, 1000 Hz polling rate and six programmable buttons. To customize the gaming mouse to its needs, Trust even supplies software specifically … (Weiterlesen...)

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