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Vertagear SL5000SE – premium look with quality comfort?

Vertagear – A brand under which gamers and engineers create products for the entire gaming community. Externally, this is particularly well demonstrated by the numerous collaborations with ESports teams and other gaming brands. The focus here is on design, comfort, functionality and quality, true to the motto: “Ingenuity never ends and neither do we”.

To test this, we took a closer look at the SL5000SE and want to present our findings in this post. The SL5000SE is a special edition from the SL5000 series, which catches the eye with its bold midnight blue colors paired with yellow stitching. The shape of the gaming chair is again classically based on racing chairs. Find out now how well the gaming chair from Vertagear’s S-Line does in everyday gaming.


Model VG-SL5000
Colors Black / Red / Blue / Green / White / Midnight Blue
Support capacity 150 kg
Recommended height
Up to 120 kg
Recommended weight
Up to 193 cm
Materials Steel (frame), UPHR foam, PUC leather, aluminum alloy (base)
Package Dimension 83 x 72 x 37.5 cm
Total height (including base)
1235-1335 mm
Backrest width (shoulder)
490 mm
Backrest width (lumbar) 520 mm
Seat width 575 mm
Seat depth 480 mm
Net weight
27.5 kg
Gross weight 28 kg
Price € 435.34 *

Scope of delivery & assembly

Delivered the gaming chair in a 28 kg and very large brown cardboard box. From the outside, the company logo and the product name of the chair were lifted in black. After opening the box, you can take a first look at the individual elements. Here everything was packed and secured in a classic way with plastic wrap and plastic foam. The elements most susceptible to damage, such as the armrests, the base and the hinges on the seat for the backrest, have been specially provided for. Once all the plastic has been removed, the assembly process continues in no time.

For the assembly, Vertagear provides assembly instructions and assembly material consisting of 4 slightly larger screws and an Allen wrench with handle – after assembly, this can be used for other setups. The four screws supplied are used to attach the backrest to the seat. The screws needed for the tilting mechanism are already pre-assembled on the underside of the seat, so these must be loosened to attach the tilting mechanism. The armrests are also pre-assembled directly on the seat, which saves a lot of additional time.

Total scope of delivery

The next step is to mount the individual rollers to the base. Here, the usual slide-in mechanism is used to recall. After a few seconds, the base stands on the ground together with the rollers. Now, after removing the red safety cap, the gas spring must be inserted into the hole in the base and then the seat positioned on it. Somewhat unusually, there is no real feedback as to whether the gas spring is correctly inserted into the tilt mechanism. However, after a first test sitting, everything was firmly in place. The penultimate step is to attach the seat to the backrest – the rails go into the backrest, which we personally liked. The rather annoying jiggling until everything is in the right place is thus again saved and facilitates especially the assembly when you are alone.

Now the backrest is tightened with the screws and the last thing to do is to stretch the cushions on the finished SL5000SE. Overall, the whole assembly was very easy and went stress-free. The whole thing was reflected in the setup time. In about 20 minutes, with a somewhat practiced hand, you can manage the assembly all by yourself without any problems. Here, thought was given to how to make the assembly as uncomplicated as possible – and Vertagear succeeded in doing just that. All elements of the gaming chair fit together, as they should, and thus offer a superior quality.

Design & workmanship

So now that the setup has been successfully completed, we can look at the design with the inbound processing. To do this, the first place we’ll start is with the backrest – From top to bottom, we couldn’t find any flaws in the quality of workmanship here. None of the seams are loose, so the PUC faux leather locks together perfectly. The fabric feels very supple against the skin, conveying a comfortable feel. In combination with the artificial leather, a high-quality look is created on the entire chair, which particularly convinces us. The only not quite perfect point we find on the side, or rather on the screws again. Here, they do not completely close with the leather, creating a small edge that catches the eye of every perfectionist. Optionally, the backrest can be spruced up a bit – with an RGB kit, which has to be purchased additionally, the upper holes can be made to glow.

A little lower, we continue with the seat. Basically, there are no processing errors, everything fits as it should – which brings us directly to the topic at hand. For the seat and the backrest, we decided to use our own UPHR foam. Compared to standard foams with a load limit of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot, this is supposed to withstand 62% more. This is said to ensure an extended service life, which is ultimately demonstrated in practice. At the same time, the foam has memory foam properties and is said to protect against deformities. To support the arms, there are also the adjustable 4D armrests. These operate surprisingly well and fluidly, and then snap back into place steadfastly.

Lastly, let’s take a closer look at the base along with the casters. The 5-star base is made of aluminum with a black matte finish. Unfortunately, this came to us with clearly visible scratches on one of the feet – We hope this is only the case with our tested product. As with the backrest, there is an optional RGB kit available for purchase for the base. Apart from that, there is of course a class 4 gas spring in the middle, which can then be used to variably adjust the height of the chair with a small lever on the right side. Strangely enough, a plastic cover was omitted here, which leaves the lift including the grease open. The Penta RS1 Caster wheels look very nice and resemble classic sports rims. With the help of a polyurethane coating, the casters move very smoothly over surfaces – the likes of which we have never experienced before.

Sitting Comfort & Ergonomics

Finally, what about the seating comfort? First and foremost, this is very good and comfortable – Both short and long gaming sessions, can easily be endured on the SL5000SE. The foam used is a bit harder and cozier, and thus has a longer durability. In addition, the foam adapts well to your body shape after a while, thanks to the built-in memory foam properties. For all elements of the chair, except for the steel frame, there is a comparatively small manufacturer’s warranty of two years. The only exception is the steel frame – here the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.

While we’re on the subject of the steel skeleton, things could get a little tighter here for one person or another. Due to the design, which is based on a racing chair, the seat has turned out smaller than usual. The seat edges are comparatively high, so you literally get the feeling of a racing cockpit. People with wider thighs might feel a bit cramped here. Apart from that, the SL5000SE has an enormous stability. The gas pressure spring of class 4 is stable for up to 120 kg and cushions pleasantly when sitting – Nevertheless, it is somewhat unusual that a plastic cover has been omitted here. The lubrication of the spring is thus open in the air and collects more dirt than it should.

The backrest of the SL5000SE is designed for people up to a height of 193 cm and can be reclined to 140°. The whole thing is fully sufficient to lean back and rest after in or after a long gaming session. In addition, the height and hardness of the head and lordosis cushions fit very well – although the lordosis cushion could have been made a bit thinner. In our case, we did not succeed in finding a comfortable sitting position with both cushions. In most cases, some unpleasant tension appeared in the neck area when leaning back. However, if you do without one or both of the cushions, the chair is once again a lot more comfortable. Overall, however, the quality and ergonomics of the SL5000SE convinced us in a positive sense.


Does the Vertagear SL5000SE have a premium look with quality comfort now then? In conclusion, Vertagear have built an all-around solid gaming chair with the SL5000SE. Probably the most convincing thing by far is the quality of the workmanship and the materials used – The look not only looks premium at first glance, but in addition to that on every single following. The fabric is pleasant on the skin, the comfort is neatly good. It is a bit of a shame that we have to make some deductions for the cushions as well as the scratches. Nevertheless, sitting and rolling on the Vertagear SL5000SE is very good.

For around € 435.34* (MSRP: $399.99) the gaming chair is currently available in its classy look. It’s a pretty fair price for what you get. For anyone who wants to have some racing cockpit feeling in their gaming sessions, the SL5000SE is definitely suitable. We therefore give it a well-deserved Silver Award and a buy recommendation with a clear conscience!

Vertagear SL5000SE

Value for money


Vertagear has built an all-around solid gaming chair with a classy look, with pleasant comfort and with a solid quality with the SL5000SE.

VERTAGEAR SL5000SE price comparison

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