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Wavemaster Cube Mini Neo in review: Speakers with a great price-performance ratio?

Fans of the Wavemaster brand will know the name of the new 2.0 speakers. Already recently, the Cube Mini came on the market and convinced as solid speakers with a good price-performance ratio. The Cube Mini Neo represents a revision of the same. Wavemaster has not only worked on sound optimization and an expansion of the connection possibilities. Furthermore, buyers can now choose between three colours. The test will show whether the Wavemaster Cube Mini Neo can also convince in terms of sound despite its low price.

The carton is labeled with a discreet turquoise color.

Scope of delivery: Wavemaster is generous

For its Cube Mini Neo, Wavemaster relies on a rather discreet packaging. Only a turquoise font and a picture of the two loudspeakers adorn the box. A glance inside the box reveals the accessories in a practical packaging. These include the remote control (incl. 2x AAA batteries), the loudspeaker cables, the power cable, a 2x cinch to jack cable, a 3.5 mm jack cable and a slim user manual. Wavemaster is particularly generous with the included cables. You can’t necessarily expect this with Bluetooth loudspeakers. If you now lift the cardboard cover, the two speakers appear.

The scope of delivery of the Cube Mini Neo is quite impressive.

Design: Wavemaster goes for understatement

As soon as you remove the protective foil of the speakers, you immediately notice the amazingly good workmanship. We had the versions in the color “Bamboo” available for testing. The buyer has a total of three different colors to choose from. Apart from our version, the Cube Mini Neo is also available in classic black or white. The name “Mini” shouldn’t be taken too seriously in the loudspeakers. The two cubes aren’t that small. With dimensions of 150 mm x 209 mm x 180 mm (WxHxD) not every desk will be able to offer enough space for the Cube Mini Neo. However, if you take a look at the classic Cube Neo, the Minis actually look a lot smaller.

Wavemaster delivers a no-frills design for the Cube Mini Neo.

With the Cube Mini Neo, Wavemaster focuses on understatement in terms of design. A glance at the two speakers reveals a clean look that pleases. Only the controls on the right speaker are eye-catching. Apart from that, Wavemaster rightly relies on the high-quality bamboo look. This is a clear improvement over its bigger siblings. Thus, the Cube Neo was also adorned with a large “Wavemaster” logo. Fortunately this is now a thing of the past. All in all I like the boxes optically very well. Especially the bamboo look is impressive. So grey computer corners can get a natural and relaxed touch.

The bamboo color is all around. One looks for processing errors in vain.
The practical foam feet not only protect the surface but also ensure a solid stand.

Design: Solid workmanship

At first glance, there is no cause for complaint during processing. Wavemaster uses stable MDF, which gives the boxes a weight of 2.5 kg each. The wood has no real corners due to slight roundings. This not only benefits the design but also the handling. All around the processing leaves hardly any wishes. Everything seems to be from one piece. Only the hole around the IR-receiver looks a little bit uncleanly sawn out. What is particularly noticeable is the stability of the housing. Even though we haven’t subjected it to any endurance test, it makes a very stable impression.

Technology: The most important data

total capacity 18 watts
frequency range 55 Hz to 22,000 Hz
Tweeter 25 mm
midrange and bass drivers 106 mm
construction 2 ways (rear bass reflex)
Connection possibilities RCA, jack, optical Toslink, Bluetooth
dimensions 150 mm x 209 mm x 180 mm
weight 5.5 kg

Technology: Space for lots of technology

The size does not come by accident. After all, Wavemaster has to fit a mid-bass driver into the Cube Mini Neo, which is a proud 4 inch tall. This is supported by a 25 mm tweeter. To ensure that the drivers are adequately protected, Wavemaster relies on reliable protective grilles made of metal. In contrast to a fabric covering, this provides the visual impression of exposed membranes.

Tweeter and midrange / bass driver are protected by a metal grille.

Technology: Clearly arranged controls on the loudspeaker

With the Cube Mini Neo, each of the two speakers has a task. As the active speaker, the right one sets the beat. Accordingly, it is also the one that is equipped with the necessary controls. As mentioned above, Wavemaster uses as few controls as possible. In a balanced arrangement, volume controls and IR receiver are located on the front of the active speaker. The volume control is a universal tool. While turning it to the right or left to adjust the volume, pressing the knob changes the input.

The status LED above the volume control indicates which input is finally selected:

Blue = Bluetooth

Green = Line 1 (jack)

White = Line 2 (Cinch)

Orange = Toslink

In addition, the LED provides information about the current status of the speakers. If it pulses red, for example, the Cube Mini Neo is in standby mode. This switches on automatically as soon as no or only a very quiet signal is received for 10 minutes. If a signal is received again, the speakers will automatically wake up from their sleep. However, there is no need to worry that the speakers will go into standby mode when music is quiet. Only when hardly anything could be heard did the speakers switch off after ten minutes. However, you can also wake the loudspeakers from standby manually by pressing a button. Unfortunately, the automatic standby mode is not optional. The Cube Mini Neo doesn’t offer a switch-off function. If the speakers are turned off properly, the status LED glows red constantly.

The right box represents the active one and the left one acts as passive.

There are also no controls on the rear panel. Only the power switch is located here. But what is sufficiently available are connections. Aside from stereo cinch, there is a 3.5 mm jack as well as a Toslink connection. Furthermore, a subwoofer out is available for bass lovers. The left speaker can be connected to its active counterpart thanks to the included terminal connections and speaker cables. A closer look reveals the bass reflex port in the upper section of the rear. This is lined with a high-quality plastic. When choosing the Toslink connection the listener benefits from the built-in DAC. Here a digital-analogue conversion takes place, which ensures a high quality of music reproduction.

Technology: Convenient control thanks to remote control

Wavemaster includes a handy remote control with the Cube Mini Neos. This allows the speakers to be controlled from the comfort of your couch at home. Many will even prefer the remote control. After all, it offers more control elements than the active speaker. At first glance, the remote control looks very simple. It is made entirely of plastic and is very light in the hand. But appearances are deceptive. As soon as you press the first buttons, you notice the remote control’s extremely pleasant pressure point. Here it is fun to control the speakers. But the most important thing is that it worked reliably at all times during the test. Every input was immediately put into action. If the input reaches the speaker, the status LED gives a short feedback in form of a red blinking.

The speakers can be controlled with the remote control.

In addition to controlling the volume, the remote control can be used to adjust much more. It not only offers a classic On/Off switch. It also has a mute button. The fine adjustment options are particularly practical. This allows the user to amplify or minimize the bass. The same applies to treble and treble. Once you’ve lost track, pressing the “zero button” can restore the default sound settings. Since sound perception is a subjective matter, the Cube Mini Neo offers a profile function. The “Tone-Defeat” button allows you to toggle between the factory settings and your personal changes. Particularly praiseworthy is the fact that sound changes are retained even after disconnection from the power circuit.

Technology: The connections

Those who have the choice are spoilt for choice. With the Cube Mini Neo the user can choose between different entrances. However, the test has shown that different quality levels are recognisable here. For example, there was a slight background noise on the analogue inputs, which is particularly disturbing in situations of absolute silence. However, it is only noticeable if you pay meticulous attention to it. In contrast to cinch and jack, the digital inputs do a perfect job. So there is absolutely no background noise when you choose Bluetooth or Toslink. Furthermore, the digital inputs offer DAC. Here you get perfect listening pleasure.

The Cube Mini Neo offers both analog and digital connection options.

If you switch on the Cube Mini Neo for the first time, you should not be frightened. This way they appear extremely bass-heavy at the beginning. This is because Wavemaster has activated the Loudness mode ex works. This amplifies the bass. If you switch this mode off, the Cube Mini Neo convince with a pleasantly neutral sound image. Thus, they are perfectly suited as multimedia loudspeakers. All in all, the Cube Mini Neo create a good sound experience. A booming bass or disturbing trebles were not noticeable. Wavemaster succeeds in ensuring that every area has its right to exist.


It goes without saying that sound is always a subjective assessment. For this reason, it should be mentioned first of all that “listening to yourself” is always the best way to find the right speakers. In the following, however, I have tried to describe which sonic refinements I liked or disliked in the Cube Mini Neo.

Sound: Low frequency

When it comes to low frequencies, the two speakers are anything but mini. Thanks to the built-in 4 inch drivers they produce a remarkable low frequency. However, whether or not this is really shown to advantage also depends on the position of the Cube Mini Neo. Placing the speakers close to a wall will get the most out of them. However, if you decide to place the two speakers freely in the room, you won’t notice too much of the bass. The bass will be considerably attenuated. In this case the “Loudness Mode” is all the more praiseworthy. This way the speakers can also provide a convincing low frequency response when freestanding.

Even if the low frequencies benefit from a wall, this should not be exaggerated. During the test I noticed that placing the speakers in a corner is rather counterproductive. There was an unpleasant droning from time to time. In an optimal position the Cube Mini Neo achieves crisp bass. However, these will not be enough for everyone. Especially music listeners with a slight fetish for genres with a good “punch” shouldn’t be more than satisfied. They then have the option of connecting an additional subwoofer.

The bass reflex port at the back provides a decent bass.

Sound: Midrange

Wavemaster does not experiment with the middles. The Cube Mini Neo presents them very clearly. Especially the cleanliness of the mids convinced me. Although they are very present and clear, they offer a certain warmth that I really liked. One notices that the mids were kept more discreet compared to the tweeter and bass. However, this doesn’t have a negative effect on their sound. On the contrary – the midrange is always convincing. The substance of the mids is best maintained by turning off the loudness function of the speakers. Otherwise, it could happen that the basses flow into the midrange. As a consequence, an undifferentiated sound image may be the result. However, if you follow this advice, the mids provide a great deal of listening pleasure, especially when listening to handmade music.

Sound: Treble

With the Cube Mini Neo, Wavemaster wanted to introduce some improvements – also in sound. In my opinion, this is most evident in the treble range. The trebles of the speakers are razor sharp. Some people might find this annoying as it sometimes produces a very aggressive sound. If you want to reduce the treble a bit, a small adjustment with the Treble button is sufficient. Apart from the sharpness, the trebles are convincing with numerous details and brilliance.

The entire sound image

After having been exposed to the Wavemaster Cube Mini Neo for hours, the verdict is positive. They are sonic all-rounders. This makes them perfect as multimedia speakers. Of course, one should not expect miracles here. Due to their size, the speakers miss lower frequency ranges, especially when playing bass-heavy music. Should you wish for more bass, Wavemaster fortunately comes along with the appropriate connection for an additional subwoofer.

The two cubes are ideal for classical, pop, rock, but also oldies from days gone by. I as a fan of handmade rock music definitely had my fun with the Cube Mini Neo. When gaming, the speakers convince as optimal PC speakers. Especially the good location surprised me. But also here is valid: If you are looking for a good punch for your action movie or first person shooter, you can’t avoid a suitable subwoofer.


Congratulations Wavemaster! With the new edition of the Cube Mini, the German sound expert has succeeded in creating a big highlight. After all, they have managed to improve on the already good predecessor even further. Especially in terms of sound, the two speakers were able to convince me. So for a really fair price of currently € 129.00 * you get a real all-rounder. All those who don’t need too much bass should be happy with the sound of these speakers. The introduction of the optical Toslink connection ensures an even better sound compared to its predecessor thanks to DAC.

The speakers also convinced me in terms of design. The bamboo wood provides a beautiful natural look. Wavemaster has obviously worked according to the motto “less is more”. The symmetry of the individual speakers and the avoidance of unnecessary embellishments makes for an appealing overall picture. Even on closer inspection the positive impression is not spoiled. Thus, the loudspeakers convince with a high-quality workmanship. The few input options on the active loudspeaker may at first seem daunting to some people. During the test I noticed that I increasingly resorted to the remote control. Now, I think that I prefer the few controls on the loudspeaker in favour of the better look.

Wavemaster Cube Mini Neo

Sound Quality
Value for Money

Great sound at a fair price!

With a timeless design, high-quality workmanship and great all-round sound, the Wavemaster Cube Mini Neo provides high-quality listening pleasure.

wavemaster CUBE MINI NEO bamboo - Regallautsprecher-System (36 Watt) mit Bluetooth-Streaming, Digitalanschluss und IR-Fernbedienung, Aktiv-Boxen, Nutzung für TV/Tablet/Smartphone, Bambus (66372) price comparison

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