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Samsung C49HG90 Review: 49-inch Monitor in 32:9 Format

The strongly curved C49HG90 from Samsung is a screen that will remain in your memory. With a width of 1.20 metres, it is extremely large. But not only this measurement is striking – the comparatively low height of only 53 centimeters also ensures that the impression of the Samsung screen burns itself into the memory. But can the device do more than just look impressive? We wanted to know and tested the screen. The results can be found in the following lines.

Design and workmanship

Reference should first be made to the introductory words: The screen is impressive. Its size and the unusual dimensions, even in relation to each other, distinguish it clearly from other monitors on the market. The widescreen format of 32:9 corresponds to two 27-inch monitors placed side by side. So the sight is unusual at first.

With regard to the design, however, the South Korean manufacturer can certainly be complimented. Samsung knows how to stage the unusual dimensions well. In spite of the enormous width, the monitor appears quite reserved. The design thus stands in strong contrast to the dimensions of the device, which leads to an overall very positive first impression.

As expected, the workmanship of the device is impeccable. Samsung uses high-quality materials and processes them very well. The screen has a high-quality appearance and is surprisingly easy to set up despite its high weight. After the screws have been turned into the monitor arm, the huge screen stands securely. The stand can then be adjusted as required. The cable routing integrated in the stand and the headset holder also integrated in this stand also stand out positively.

All in all, the first impression is positive. Samsung has created an elegantly designed, eye-catching and at the same time simple and very well manufactured device, which stands out from other monitors due to its extraordinary dimensions.

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Samsung C49HG90 124.2 cm 49 Zoll Display Gaming Monitor Bildschirm Curved price comparison

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