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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

Samsung‘s Galaxy smartphones are ranked among the most successful and popular models on the market by the bank away. Every product release is eagerly awaited, as high-class smartphones generally represent an inexpensive alternative to Apple‘s latest iPhone. Due to the great interest in smartphones alone, we feel it is almost our duty to devote ourselves to them in great detail. We did the same with the Galaxy S10. In this article you can find out how it performed in our practical test, what we think of it and whether we can recommend it.

Design and processing: More screen can hardly be

If you hold the smartphone in your hands, you’ll soon notice that it’s dominated by the huge display we’re going to look at in the next section. It covers almost the entire front side and thus becomes the defining design aspect. Compared to the S9, the phone has grown by a few millimetres in both length and width. This space is consistently used for the display, which now measures 6.1 inches in diagonal.

Since the display covers almost the entire front, there is no room for a conventional front camera. Samsung relies on a tiny opening in the upper right area, surrounded by the display – this allows photos to be taken. This small camera aperture takes up less space than the typical Notch and is therefore certainly advantageous from a space-saving point of view.

Otherwise, the Galaxy S10 doesn’t come up with any surprises. It is – like all other Galaxy models – excellently finished and relies on high-quality materials. So it lies well in the hand, feels high-quality and makes an overall very good impression. The device is available in four colour variants – white, black, blue and green.

As a supplement we tried the LED cover. Unfortunately, we didn’t like this so much. The interface is very vulnerable and notifications about calls, messages, alarms and battery status are not really practical. The light effects, such as the smiley visible on the photos, are automatically deactivated after a short time.

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