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Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung DeX Reviewed

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung has launched the new generation of its extremely popular Galaxy series with the Galaxy S8. Whether Samsung has succeeded with the big litter, I clarify in this test.

Design and Workmanship

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 differs greatly from its predecessors S7 and S7 Edge. Although the display size has increased by 0.7 inches, the S8 is narrower than its predecessor. This makes it very handy, despite the huge display. Of course there is no more room for hardware buttons in the frameless design – they are implemented as software buttons. The Home button offers additional tactile feedback. All other components on the front are located in a narrow bar above the screen.

The back, like the front, is made of durable gorilla glass and does not differ greatly from its predecessors. Only the fingerprint sensor has moved to the back. Other manufacturers have been doing this for years, but almost always in the middle of the device. Here, however, the camera lens is located on the S8, the sensor is located to the right of it. As a result, the camera lens is often caught instead of the sensor. Many people have already gotten echauffiert about this problem, but I could get used to the position relatively quickly. Nevertheless, a localization under the camera lens would certainly have been nicer.

The workmanship of the Galaxy S8 is, as usual for Samsung, very good. Both the gap dimensions and the processed materials are convincing. Also the weight is very pleasant. In general, the device lies very well in the hand and feels pleasant and elegant. The rounded edges make the device feel thinner than it actually is. Even small hands shouldn’t have any problems with the handling of the S8, despite the display size.

Scope of Delivery

In addition to the device itself, the scope of delivery includes a QuickCharge charger, a USB-C cable, sim card tool, adapter from microUSB or USB A to USB C, as well as high-quality AKG in-ear headphones.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone (5,8 Zoll (14,7 cm) Touch-Display, 64GB interner Speicher, Android OS) orchid grey price comparison

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