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Samsung Portable SSD T3 With 2 TB In Review

Even though the Samsung Portable SSD T3 has been available for several months now, as they say so nicely: Better late than never – and here’s our review of the external SSD.

Why should you buy an external SSD at all? USB sticks are becoming cheaper and cheaper and are getting more and more memory. Of course, they don’t quite reach the capacity and speed of an SSD, but are mostly on the level of an HDD.

The Samsung Portable SSD T3 is available with four different capacities. It starts with 250 GB, over 500 GB and 1 TB up to 2 TB. It offers almost the speed of an internal SSD – Samsung talks of up to 450 MB/s. But the T3 is hardly bigger than a USB stick. This is made possible by Samsung’s space-saving 3D V-NAND, which is also used in all current Samsung SSDs.

In our test we decided to use the Samsung Portable T3 with 2 TB. You will find our results below.

Technical Data

Storage capacity nominally 250 GB 500 GB 1 TB 2 TB
Interface USB 3.1 Gen. 1 (USB 3.0)
Form factor External
Cell type Samsung 3D V-NAND
Speed (up to) 450 MB/s (read) /450 MB/s (write)
Model number MU-PT250B/EU MU-PT500B/EU MU-PT1T0B/EU MU-PT2T0B/EU
Dimensions 74 x 58 x 10.5 mm
Weight 51 g
Guarantee 3 years
Special features AES encryption, UASP support
Price (UVP) 139 Euro 229 Euro 429 Euro 849 Euro


The Samsung Portable SSD T3 comes in a stylish aluminum case. There is a little bit of plastic, but thanks to the soft-touch surface it feels very high-quality and pleasant. With a weight of only 51 grams, the case is very light. Thanks to its small size, it fits in any pocket and can also be carried in a trouser pocket.

The flash memory is very well protected inside the housing. In any case, flash memory is much less affected by crashes than standard HDDs. Falls from a height of 2 meters are no problem, so you can also drop the Portable SSD T3.

The T3 is connected to the end device via a USB 3.1 cable, a USB type C connector is located on the SSD side. So you don’t have to pay attention to how the plug gets in now.

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