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Sea of Solitude Review – Sunken in the Dark Sea

As deep as you want

One aspect that I particularly liked is the fact that it’s up to each player to decide how much they want to see in the story.

In the course of her journey, Kay encounters other people who have become monsters. Each of them carries his own form of loneliness around with him, of which I’m sure every player knows at least one.
Whether you simply accept the stories and fates of the individual characters and let them sprinkle you with them, or whether you want to start thinking about them yourself and take a message with you is up to you. Sea of Solitude can be enjoyed in both ways.

It’s also not necessary to think about how much symbolism there is in the different aspects of the game. You can, because there’s a lot to it, but the game is also so beautiful.


With Sea of Solitude EA has added another wonderful title to its indie program. The world and atmosphere are fantastic, just like the story itself. Unfortunately the game is a bit short with about four hours playing time and a bit expensive at the moment for about 20€.

Nevertheless, there is little to complain about the quality of the game. The main aspect of the game is its story, which it tells in a wonderful way.

+ Emotionally and beautifully told
+ characters develop appropriately
– Relative short
+ Variety
+ save score often automatically – Little challenge
+ Simple, intuitive control
Graphic & Sound
+ Pleasant soundtrack
+ Matching sound effects
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