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Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Sennheiser, one of the country’s best-known audio specialists, recently unveiled its first wireless gaming headset. The expectations placed on the headset are, of course, huge. So far, Sennheiser has stood for the highest quality, the best sound and an all-round outstanding experience. The pressure to meet the high demands even with the first wireless headset is correspondingly high. We wanted to know whether Sennheiser had succeeded in making the leap into the new area and tested the device.

Scope of Delivery: No Surprises

We tore the carton open with excitement – and didn’t experience any surprises. Wireless-headsets hardly differ from their wired relatives. Only the dongle in the product package is added. In addition to the headset and the dongle, which bears the designation “GSA 70”, the product box also contains a USB cable for charging and an instruction manual. There is nothing more, the software has to be purchased online.

Design and Workmanship: Restrained and Good

Once removed from the packaging, the GSP 670 makes a good impression. It is made of black plastic throughout, feels high-quality and looks quite noble. The hinges are made of metal, which is likely to make them durable. Since Sennheiser only uses matt black, the headset has a high-quality look.

Overall, the design can be described as inconspicuous. It is by no means extroverted, it is not subject to any trend and it is not particularly noticeable. This may sound boring, but it could also be described positively as a timeless design or charmingly reserved.

We definitely liked the design of the headset and were also satisfied with the workmanship. Those who lift the device will quickly notice that high-quality materials and batteries are not lightweights – it weighs 398 grams.

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