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Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Wearing Comfort: Excellent

Anyone approaching the headset with a more technical eye will soon find out that the joint mechanism is comparatively ingenious. Sennheiser relies on a two-axle mechanism, which is also equipped with a return spring. This construction helps to maintain the individually selected position, which should be comfortable to wear.

The length of the headset can be adjusted using the headband. The length of the extendable hanger really surprised us. The headset is therefore also suitable for people with particularly wide skulls. The bracket can be adjusted in several steps. Reaching a level is noticeable by a click noise. If you want to remember the selected setting, you have to listen particularly carefully, as there are no markings on the bracket – which is a pity. The inside of the hanger is covered with fabric to cushion pressure. It did well in the test.

What is particularly positive is the fact that the contact pressure of the headset can be freely selected. Especially spectacle wearers who suffer from very tight-fitting headsets benefit from this possibility. With this, Sennheiser has come up with an extremely clever solution that we like very much.

The ear pads are made of fabric, imitation leather and plastic and can be removed without problems. The inside of the upholstery is made of fabric and dampens, which not only improves wearing comfort, but also the sound experience – more on this in the next section. Overall, we were very satisfied with the wearing comfort. The GSP 670 offers many options for influencing the seat and can thus be adapted to a wide variety of head shapes. In the test it could convince with it.

Sound: Virtual Surround Sound

Before we consider the results of the sound test, we would like to point out that the device is explicitly labelled as a gaming headset. It is therefore also and above all tailored to the needs of gamers and not primarily to those of music lovers with regard to the tonal conditions. This circumstance will of course be taken into account in our evaluation.

Our subjective hearing impression is quite positive in the first practical test. We didn’t notice any latencies. All in all, the sound can be compared with the corresponding wired Sennheiser headsets. In this respect, Sennheiser has thus managed to meet the high demands.

A special highlight is the virtual surround sound, which can be activated in the software. If this sound option is activated, a spatial sound is simulated. Of course we have also tested this function.

Especially in shooters and similar games, where opponents can approach from all sides, the surround sound is extremely advantageous. In fact, he has helped us to locate sneaking enemies spatially quite unerringly. In case of doubt this can be decisive for the game.

When listening to music, the headphones perform on average. Here the bass is good, while the midtones can’t really get through. When it comes to gaming, the headphones are absolutely ingenious. If you want to use the Sennheiser GSP 670 more for listening to music, you can also use the equalizer to set an almost neutral sound image.

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