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Sharkoon 1337 v2 Gaming Mat (RGB) – Mouse pad relaunch under test

Sharkoon has been represented on the market since 2003 with gaming products “Designed in Germany” – primarily known for their cases, peripherals and power supplies.  With the new logo and reworked features, Sharkoon is now rolling out the 1337 mouse pad in a new form, as the 1337 “v2”. In addition to the new design, the price has also been adjusted downwards – especially the RGB version slides into attractive price regions.

Whether the product can maintain the positive test result of our old report on the 1337 XXL, you’ll find out here in the test – again with the XXL versions.


1337 v2 RGB 1337 v2
Surface: textile
Available sizes: 360 (360 x 270 x 3 mm)
800 (800 x 300 x 3 mm)
900 (900 x 425 x 3 mm)
M (280 x 195 x 1.4 mm)
L (355 x 255 x 1.4 mm)
XL (444 x 355 x 2.4 mm)
XXL (900 x 400 x 2.4 mm)
Height: 3 mm 1.4 mm (M,L), 2.4 mm (XL, XXL)
Features: non-slip rubber underside, water-repellent surface
Illumination: yes no
Sewing: “Durable-Stitch” laser cut edges

Design and workmanship

Basically, the appearance is just as you expect it to be. The mouse pad is kept in plain black, the RGB version carries the Sharkoon lettering on the RGB connector, the plain version carries this lettering including the new logo on the lower left side.

The second visible difference is that the RGB version has a kind of “LED tube” sewn into it. Both mouse pads have a non-slip underside, so that a firm hold on the desk is guaranteed. This is taken from the previous version of the series and is one of the features that no good mouse pad should be without. The connection cable is sleeved, looks and feels high-quality.

The edges of the non-RGB version are laser-cut and these are also cleanly workmanship. With a thickness of 1,4 – 3mm the mouse pads belong to the thinner ones on the market and therefore provide a relatively even feeling on the desk.

Sharkoon has made several changes, especially to the version with lighting. The power cable is now removable, and a normal micro-USB plug is used as the connection. If necessary, one would thus have the option of changing the cable. In addition, the 800 version has a new size – it’s narrower and less deep – so there is also a version for users of smaller desks who still don’t want to miss the feeling of an “XXL” mouse pad.

At this point, as with the first version of the product, we have nothing to complain about.

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1337 RGB V2 Gaming Mat 900, Gaming-Mauspad price comparison

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