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Sharkoon TG5 Pro RGB – The classic gets an upgrade

Internal impression

When looking at the interior, connoisseurs will immediately notice that it is identical to many other Sharkoon cases. The manufacturer relies on a popular two-chamber system consisting of a main chamber and a power supply chamber. The main chamber can accommodate the mainboard and expansion cards. The mainboard tray is completely closed, with the exception of a cutout for CPU cooler backplates and several cable management openings. This makes the tower very torsion resistant even without side panels.

The three pre-installed fans in the front can, due to the absence of HDD slides, transport cold air into the interior without hindrance. The excess pressure created by this can be dissipated by the fourth pre-installed fan in the rear and the open cover. The lid opening has offset mounting rails for radiators, but due to the small distance to the motherboard, it could collide with the RAM or the VRM coolers.

The two areas are separated by a power supply cover. This cover is almost completely closed and was provided with the manufacturer’s logo. This improves the appearance by hiding the power supply, cables and the hard drive cage completely. In addition, the cover has a further opening for cables and in the front area a cutout for larger front radiators. Last but not least, it also serves as a holding point for two SSD frames.

Since there is nothing more to say about the front, we now turn to the back. Here you’ll find various mounting points for cable ties and two potential mounting points for 2.5″ SSD frames. Behind the mainboard tray there is up to 28 millimeters of space for cables. In the area underneath the cover, the power supply finds room on four square rubber buffers. The manufacturer has attached the modular hard disk cage next to it.

As always at the end of this chapter, we will say a few words about the possible capacities for data carriers. The Sharkoon TG5 Pro RGB can potentially accommodate seven data storage devices, but only five ex factory. Possibilities are provided by two frames for SSDs above and a cage with two caddies for two 3.5″ or 2.5″ data carriers below the power supply cover. If you don’t want to present your SSDs on the front, the brackets could also be attached to the back of the mainboard tray. Only the mounting of 3.5″ data carriers is done without tools and decoupled. If one doesn’t need the HDD cage, it can be removed if necessary. But even then, a single 3.5″ HDD can still be installed via six rubber rings in the case bottom.

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