Since today EPIC offers a new game for free every day!

It’s Christmas time! The EPIC Game Store has made a game available for download “for free” every week this year. Since Christmas is coming soon, there will be a game available for free download every day until the end of the year, starting now.

Build cities, action and role-playing games

Every day a game for free download in the EPIC Games Store, so the Christmas can come. The great thing about the free downloads is that can be played not only in the promotional period. After ordering or downloading the game, you own it, without any time limit. The first free game today is Cities: Skylines, a city-building simulator from 2015. Starting today, you can just start building as you please. Then every day another game will follow.

It remains exciting to see which games EPIC Games will come up with. But there are already rumors. Among the free downloads in the coming days will be titles like “Far Cry 5”, “Fallout 4”, “Monster Hunter World”, “Tropico 5”, “Dragon Age Inqusition”, “Metal Gear Solid V”, “Dying Light”, “The Witcher 3”, “Borderlands 3”, “Jurassic World Evolution”, “Hitman 2”, “Resident Evil 7”, “Assassins Creed Origins” and “Ghost Recon Breakpoint”. There’s something for everyone there. Whether the rumors are actually true remains to be seen. It’s best to take a look yourself every day!

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